Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

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"CaPella, I know this is a lot to ask of you, but I'm counting on you."

"...... Yes, sir."

After Capella and Zack finished meeting with Reiner and Rid, they moved into their office in the guest house.

They are now sitting across the table from each other, conversing.

In the middle of the conversation, Zack muttered with a slightly frustrated look on his face.

"Rid, boy, still can't be underestimated. I never thought he' d make me pledge allegiance to him."

Zack nodded quietly at his words, "I'm sure your allegiance will be a bit of a problem for future assignments, but I doubt it will have that much of an impact."

Zack nodded quietly at his words.

It was Zack who advised Elias that Capella should be Rid's squire.

Originally, Capella was to be Lacis' shadow and Zack's successor in the future.

However, Zack thought that sending Capella as Rid's shadow would lead to the prosperity of the country and the Riverton family.

If Rid marries Farah and grows up, will even Renaloute's position change in some way in the future? 

He was a child prodigy and a qilin child.

"...... But I don't doubt that Rid-dono is a child prodigy, but why is it that the head of the house is so in favor of him?"

Capella asked with a blank expression.

To make him a follower of another country would also mean to reduce the strength of his own country.

Rid must have that much charm, but he didn't think he was that good a person.

Seeing his dubious look, Zack smiled and said.

'That is, of course, if you admire the painting of Eltia, who is of my blood, and if you care for Fara, that's good enough for you, isn't it?"

'...... head, please don't make a fool out of me, ......."

Capella complained with a blank expression.

At this Zack began to explain in a frightened manner, "Oh dear.

"Well, that's okay. The reason I'm so in favor of him is simple. If he continues to grow as he is now, the sweetness will eventually disappear. When that happens, I expect him to be a deterrent to Renalute with regard to the empire and Barsto, as well as other countries."

"...... He is only person from empire . Will he move at a moment of danger for us dark elves?"

(I understand what Zack is saying.)

But Capella was skeptical that Rid would take action for the Dark Elves when the time came.

When Zack realized what Capella was trying to say, he smiled and said

'Don't worry about that,' His mother is ill and he himself is desperately searching for a cure. If his love for his family are that strong, then after the marriage he will actively participate in any problems that involved with Fara......Well, that how i see that "

The expression on Zack's face after he finished saying this was cool-headed, as befitting the head of an intelligence organization .

Capella knew what was being said to him.

Capella knew what he was being told to do.

It was the same as what Norris had done to Lacis.

But it is more about sinking it into the root.

And, he wanted him to be brainwashed in a way that neither he nor those around him would be aware of.

Capella pondered and then muttered.

.".....Are you sure about the 'spell ' he showed back then?"

"It's just a side effect. Instead, you should put priority on getting Fara and Rid on the same path. If the two of them can be put in a better position, we will naturally benefit from it. Well, I guess you could call it an up-front investment."

Capella was inwardly surprised while keeping his face blank.

The magic that Rid showed was quite powerful.

Even that, he said, was a side benefit.

(Zack must be watching to see if Rid is going to do something even more amazing in the future.)

"I understand. I will try to make arrangements so that the two of them, Master Rid and Princess Fara, will get along well together. By the way, how would you like to know more about the Bardia family?"

"That is the least I need to know. Your goal is to gain the trust and confidence of Rid and the Bardia family. If you give out information under the watchful eyes of the Bardia family and it is exposed, you will lose your worth. Instead, be a squire. If you want to gain the trust of the Bardia family, you can tell them about the Ninja if they ask you."

As one would expect, Capella did not think that he would be allowed to talk about the " Ninja ."

The reason is that the " Ninja " can only be talked about with those who are recognized by Zack.

He raised his eyebrows a little before replying.

"I will do my best to gain Master Rid's 'trust and confidence'."

'Umm, I ask for your kind attention. ...... But from now on, you will serve the Bardia family, right? You should exercise your facial expressions a little bit."

Zack complained bitterly to Capella, who conversed without expression.

He gave a confused and troubled air, then said, "...... like this?" He smiled awkwardly.

Zack saw the look on his face and, after an unusual pout, coughed.

"I think this might be a good opportunity for you too, ....... You should practice smiling a little more."

'...... Gyoi.'

Capella, a shadow of a man of great ability, began to practice smiling desperately from this day until he served Rid.

To those who knew him, it was a very ridiculous look, and once seen, it was a look that could not be forgot. ......
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