Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

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We are now at the front courtyard of the palace.

This is where I was  led when I first came here.

Yesterday, after too many events, I ended up being very angry with my father.

After that, I went to my room and lay down on my bed.

When I awoke, it was morning, and Deanna woke me up.

She, too, had been upset by father yesterday, but she seemed to have already switched her attitude.

As I was " dazed" in my sleep, I received a report from Elias that my father and I had been called to the main palace, so we hurriedly got ready and moved to the main palace.

And here we are now.

The three members of the Bardia family who were invited were my father, myself, and Deanna.

When we were shown into the room, Ertia, Fara, and Asuna were already waiting for us.

However, there was some tension between Fara and Eltia.

Asuna was standing quietly beside Fara.

I was concerned about their situation and greeted them lightly, then bowed my head and waited for Elias to enter the room.

At that moment, a soldier let out a loud, high-pitched voice.

'His Majesty Elias has arrived "

As the soldier's words echoed, the sliding door opened and the sound of footsteps could be heard, followed by the faint sound of a chair being sat down.

After a short pause, a voice with dignity rang out.

'No bother, raise your head.'

We raised our heads slowly after the voice.

Elias looked at us, his stern face breaking into a smile.

"I have heard that you are feeling better now, Master Rid,"

'Yes, I am. There are no particular problems. Thank you for your concern."

When I finished, I bowed to him.

When I finished, I bowed right there.

Elias saw this and said, "Good, ," and continued his speech.

"I should apologize to you. What Norris did was probably unforgivable for you. We cannot forgive Norris for what he has done, and we will condemn him soon. I am sure that Mister Rid must have been offended by what a nobleman of our country did. I am truly sorry."

Elias looked at each of my father and I and then bowed his head.

His appearance drew a buzz around us.

It is not usual for the king of a country to bow his head.

The father cleared his throat and then said to Elias,

"Your Majesty Elias, please raise your head. If you will 'condemn' Norris, then we have nothing to say to you."

"I cannot forgive him either, but if you have decided to 'condemn' him, I, like my father, have nothing to say."

Hearing our words, Elias looked up and said with a smile.

"I am glad to hear you say so. We will be conducting his "exoneration" as soon as your visit is over. I'll let you know the details as soon as I can."

'By the way, is the Norris case the reason we were invited here today?"

Father replied, then asked about the main topic with a dubious look on his face.

I don't think Norris is the main topic either.

If it was only about Norris, there would be no need for Fara, Asuna, or Eltia to be here.

What are we talking about? I thought Elias glanced at me and smiled.

' Of course, the main topic is something else. The main topic is the marriage between Fara and Mister Rid. "

Hearing Elias' words, Farah's face turned a little red and she turned her head down.

Her ears moved up and down a little.

Elias glanced at Fara, cleared his throat, and continued his words.

" Although ...... Rid is still a 'candidate', our country would very much like him to marry Fara,". The two are connected by a national bond, so we cannot make a final decision on this matter here, but we will ask the Magnolia Empire to proceed with the marriage with the House of Bardia."

"Thank you for your kind words, Your Majesty Elias. When I return to my country, I will immediately inform the imperial capital to that affect. I am sure that our emperor will be pleased."

The father bowed as he politely responded to Elias's words with his approval.

I bowed in the same way.

At that moment, I glanced at Fara and saw that she was looking down with her face bright red and her ears moving up and down.

Was she pleased? I was so happy to think so that I felt my own face broke into a little smile.

At that moment, Eltia, who had been silent until then, suddenly opened her mouth.

, "...... Your Majesty Elias, may I?"

"Yes? What's the matter, Eltia?"

Elias looked at Ertia with a dubious expression, but she remained unmoved and said while looking at me with sharp eyes.

"Fara is the 'princess' of the Renalute Kingdom. However, since she is related to our royal family, I would like you to announce here that you are prepared to marry the princess."

"'He ......?"

I was taken aback by Eltia's statement.

The people around me were also half stunned by Ertia's words.

Elias coughed and then continued

I know how you feel, Eltia, but I have received an offer directly from Rid to marry Fara, and I have heard the reasons for it. . Isn't that enough?"

"...... Only His Majesty Elias has told me that. And besides, the countries are going to work on the assumption that they are going to marry, right? I would like you to declare again here the offer you have made to His Majesty, and I believe that the link will be strengthened if those present bear witness to it."

Eltia said politely and with fluency, and bowed to Elias.

Hearing her words, Elias looked thoughtful.

Then he looked at me with a wicked smile on his face.

"Hm, surely if the nations are going to move toward intermarriage, there is no harm in having the words that Master Rid said to me the other day declared here ...... Master Rid, I am sorry, but could you please declare again here the words you said to me at that time?"

I'm convinced that unfair . 

The smiling face Elias made after he finished saying it almost made me want to kill him.

Suddenly, when I looked around, my eyes met with Fara.

She was moving her ears up and down as her face turned bright red.

There seemed to be great anticipation and some anxiety in her eyes.

Asuna, standing beside her, was smiling at Fara.

Rid, as long as His Majesty Elias has said it, there is no problem with you speaking out here, right? If your words will help strengthen the connection between our two nations, then you should speak up and declare it. ......"

Father looked at me and spoke to me as if gently admonishing me.

And I could clearly see in his eyes that he was telling me to give up.

Incidentally, I had already told my father what I had said to Elias.

He was convinced that there would be no problem with my declaration.

I looked down and resigned myself to the situation, and then I stood up with determination.

I felt the attention of everyone in the room on me, and I looked at the Farra and said in a high voice,

"I fell in love with her the moment I met her. Please become my wife and I will make you happy.'

Hearing my words, Fara looked as if smoke was about to come out of her face

After that, the first one to open her mouth was Eltia.

She looked at me with a clearing of her throat and said.

'I have only received the words of the Lord Rid ....... Lady Fara, do not be a fool and take this opportunity to declare what you said to me the other day, or was that a lie? '

At Eltia's words, Farah looked at her with a "huh" look.

What dod she mean by the other day? 

While I was looking at her with a dubious expression, Fara took a deep breath and stood up.

Looking at me as she stepped forward a little.

I also love you, master . Rid. ...... If we could get married, I would be more than happy to do so. ...... ."

At Farah's words, this time I said, "Wow," and my face turned red and I felt like I was about to smoke.

At this time I was feeling that I would never forget this day with my face bright red.
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