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Chapter 670: 670

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Mu Siyin looked at him in shock. “What exactly do you want?”

Jing Yang chuckled. “You’ll know when the time comes.”

Seeing that Jing Yang wasn’t willing to say anything more, Mu Siyin’s frown deepened. She thought for a while and probed, “Then… you want to take me away from this island?”

Jing Yang shook his head. “After I get what I want.”

Mu Siyin tightened her grip on the cutlery. This Jing Yang was really annoying!

Seeing Mu Siyin’s cold aura towards him, Jing Yang smiled disapprovingly. “Women can’t be angry. It’s easy for them to get old. When they get old, Shi Beiyu won’t like you, much less come to save you.”

Mu Siyin snorted. “It’s good that you don’t like me. Don’t even think about getting anything from him!”

With that, she put down her cutlery and stood up to leave.

Behind her, Jing Yang shook his head helplessly. “What’s so good about raising a woman? She’s arrogant and delicate, yet she’s still being threatened, tsk…”

At that moment, if Mu Siyin had a gun in her hand, she would definitely blow Jing Yang’s head off!

Mu Siyin returned to her room and closed the door before taking a deep breath.

Her hands were placed on her stomach as her heart tightened.

Her feeling shouldn’t be wrong. She must be pregnant.

Since that was the case, she must be careful. She must not let anything happen to the child.

She walked to the window and looked at the endless sea, feeling very frustrated.

After about half an hour, Jing Yang left. When it was almost dark, many men in black suddenly came to the island, each of them carrying guns, surrounding the entire building where she lived.

At that moment, Mu Siyin’s heart suddenly jumped to her throat!

Could it be that Shi Beiyu was coming?

After Shi Beiyu arrived in Xia Country, he received a message from Jing Yang, telling him to meet up at a small pier by the sea at 12 am, not to bring anyone with him.

“Young master, will that young madam still be on the island?”

Shi Beiyu thought for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Jing Yang has always been cunning. Before he gets what he wants, he probably won’t let me see Yin Yin.”

Yan Ze nodded. “Then let’s hurry to the island. He might be on his way to the pier right now.”

That’s right, it was already past eight. If Jing Yang didn’t bring Mu Siyin with him, then they could go to the island right now and save Mu Siyin.

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes and nodded, ordering in a deep voice, “Also get someone to keep an eye on Jing Yang’s figure at the pier. If you see him, you must capture him, no matter if he’s dead or Alive!”


Since Jing Yang dared to do so, Shi Beiyu would never let him live in this world again!

If he wanted to court death, then let him! !

Ever since she noticed that many men in black were suddenly stationed on the island, Mu Siyin had been keeping a close watch on her surroundings.

However, even after waiting for a long time, she didn’t hear any movement from outside. There were only waves and the occasional sound of seagulls.

She was really worried. She didn’t know if Shi Beiyu and Jing Yang had met yet.

After a long time, Mu Siyin couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on.

The injury on her forehead was almost healed, but there was still a faint pink mark. It wasn’t obvious if it was covered by her hair.

She took a deep breath and leaned back on the sofa, hugging the pillow worriedly.

Just then, the sound of a helicopter suddenly came from outside the window.

Her heart shook, and she immediately stood up from the sofa and ran to the window

Sure enough, there was a helicopter flying towards them in the night sky.

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