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Chapter 1804: 1804

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Chapter 1804: What Is He Upset About?

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Alice also understood why Ye Chu had lied. She was almost angered to the point where she nearly laughed. “When Sister was young, I did not understand things, and I had indeed hated you. But Sister has never thought of not acknowledging you. I have my own difficulties. Mom did not die in peace back then. The little castle also did not catch on fire by accident. Someone had the intention to kill. I have been sending people to investigate in the dark regarding the past matter. However, there have been no results. Someone has been placing obstacles in the way. I don’t want to act rashly and alert the enemy.”

Ye Chu could still accept this reason. It was only that her heart was still somewhat upset. Her memories were not coherent. She also could not recall everything in the past. Her memory of the little castle catching fire was very blurred.

She was asleep that day. Following that, she felt very warm. The little castle was on fire. The little castle was an ancient building. Besides being on fire due to someone’s deliberate action, it was not easy to catch fire in general. However, the fire was extremely intense. She could smell gasoline. She had lived a pampered life back then and did not know what the smell of gasoline was. Now, she had lived on the sea for so many years. It was indeed done by someone who had the intention to murder as she could identify the smell back then within a short while.

The doors and windows were sealed up. When she wanted to escape, her nanny kicked her inside. Following that, her mom and adoptive father came. Thereafter, she did not know what had happened. It was the first time Alice heard of Ye Chu’s adoptive father.

When Ye Wen was young, she rebelled against orthodoxy. She had many male friends and lived more freely. She was not someone who was faithful to her late husband. It was not surprising for a man to appear.

Alice was not willing to let Ye Chu get implicated in matters of the past. “Ah Chu, the reason for the little castle catching fire was not that simple. Even if you lent your nanny a lot of guts, she also wouldn’t dare to murder you. She was someone who did not study much. She would not be able to bring about such a thorough plan. There has to be a secret that someone wants to hide. Why did Emma become an imposter? This is a mystery. The Tang En family…”

It is fine that you don’t acknowledge me.

These words were very cruel to Ye Chu. Alice did not say them. These words were fatal to her as an orphan who was roaming about outside for more than 10 years, longing for her family. Besides Ye Tingyun who was by her side, her sister actually had nowhere to go. The Tang En family was a big cage. Her foundation was unstable. Ye Tingyun also had an ambiguous relationship with Emma. What would happen to Ah Chu?

“Ah Chu, does Ye Tingyun know about you regaining your memory?” Luck brought wisdom. She suddenly thought of this matter. Ye Tingyun’s and Emma’s matter also came very strangely. If they liked each other, they would have already gone on dates together. There was no need to wait until now. It appeared a little intentional. Her concern caused chaos. Instead, her eyes had been blinded.

“I know.” Ye Chu also did not hide. “I let him go on a date with Emma.”

“Nonsense!” Alice reprimanded her. After all, she could not bear to be too reproachful. “Why did you do this?”

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“I’m happy.” Ye Chu spread her hands indifferently. “A friend of mine said that losing something that we have gotten again will make us feel the most miserable. There is hatred between me and Ye Tingyun. I originally wanted him to fall in love with me. Then, I’d kick him away. This plan cannot work now. Emma likes to be an imposter, right? Then let her act all the way. It’s also quite fun watching it.”

Alice thought, She’s really a little demon girl. If she has been brought up by my side since she was young, I’m afraid she will be undisciplined and out of control. No one can control her.

“By doing this, you are making others feel so sad. You push the person you like towards another woman. Aren’t you afraid that he will be sad and will not come back again?” Alice asked sincerely.

“Who? Ye Tingyun?” Ye Chu snorted lightly. “What is he sad about?”

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