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Chapter 1600: 1600

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1600 Fight

Seeing that Little Xiaxia liked this flower, Bo Qingli’s fox-like eyes revealed a deeper smile. “When we finish filming the variety show, I’ll bring you over to pick it.”

“Okay.” Little Xiaxia smiled until her eyes curved into crescents, brighter than the spring sun.

[ Is this Bo Xiao’s son!! Oh my god, how many women will have their hearts stolen when he grows up? ]

[ Help, this child’s name is Bo Qingli, right? I actually have improper thoughts about an underage child. I’m guilty. I’ll face the wall and reflect. ]

[ I don’t have any thoughts about Bo Qingli. I especially have thoughts about Bo Qingli and Little Xiaxia. I really think they’re so compatible. If Bo Qingli doesn’t like Little Xiaxia, I’ll eat that upside down. ]

Just as everyone was shouting that Little Xiaxia and Bo Qingli were very compatible, another car slowly drove in from outside the manor.

“Hello, everyone.” A couple got out of the car. It was Best Actor Qin and his wife. Behind them was a very handsome young man.

The young man was wearing a white shirt. At a glance, one could tell that he must be the most perfect class type in the hearts of all high school girls.

Seeing Little Xiaxia, the corners of Qin Lang’s lips curled up. However, he still followed his parents and greeted Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan first.

After seeing all the adults, Qin Lang stood in front of Little Xiaxia. “Hello, Xiaxia. It’s been a while.”

Qin Lang had a good personality and was usually very patient with Little Xiaxia. Little Xiaxia was also very polite to him. “Hello, Brother Qin Lang. Didn’t you speak on the rostrum last week?? I saw you, but you didn’t see me.”

A smile appeared on Qin Lang’s handsome face. “The script I read last week wasn’t very good.”

“No, you always get full marks for your essay. Our teacher reads your essay to us every day.” Speaking of this, Little Xiaxia was a little worried. Her results were not bad, but the people around her were each more heaven-defying than the other, causing her to feel pressured.

“I’ll teach you.” Little Xiaxia looked especially lovable when she was worried. Qin Lang stopped his thoughts of rubbing Little Xiaxia’s head.


Little Xiaxia was about to agree when Bo Qingli suddenly stood between her and Qin Lang.

His fox-like eyes narrowed slightly. “Isn’t it just an essay? I’ll teach her.”

All the adults standing at the side could see through people’s hearts. Bo Qingli and Qin Lang’s actions were undoubtedly exposing their youthful feelings to everyone.

“Bo Qingli, come here,” An Rao shouted, pulling Bo Qingli back to her side and secretly reprimanding him. “Don’t mess around. You didn’t even pass your last essay.”

Bo Qingli listened to An Rao’s reprimand, but his gaze landed on Qin Lang with obvious hostility.

Little Xiaxia knew that Bo Qingli’s results had never been good. She thought that Bo Qingli was unhappy that she was talking to Qin Lang about this, so she shook her head. “No need. Brother Qingli bought me an essay last time. I’ll memorize it more.”

With that, Little Xiaxia leaned towards Bo Qingli and gently pulled his sleeve. “Brother Qingli, you’re my best friend. Don’t be jealous.”

Sensing a slight movement on his sleeve, Bo Qingli’s eyebrows twitched. “Ignore him during the recording of the show.”

Little Xiaxia cared a lot about Bo Qingli, but how could the sister raised by Jun Yin and Jun Jiajin be so insensible? She frowned slightly. “That’s rude. Brother Qin Lang treats me quite well.”

Bo Qingli exhaled deeply. “Then you’re not allowed to take the initiative to look for him. Is that okay?”

“Okay, I promise you.” Little Xiaxia smiled at Bo Qingli, revealing two shallow dimples. “Then will you still bring me to pick flowers?”

Bo Qingli laughed in anger and squeezed out, “Of course. The entire mountain is yours.”

Not far away, Qin Lang stood behind his parents and watched Bo Qingli and Little Xiaxia interact as if no one was around. A hint of bitterness appeared in his heart.


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