Pursuit of the Truth - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

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A person would experience great things and shortcomings in his life. He would also experience days of glory and days where he would stumble and fall. These were all things that Su Ming did not understand. The only thing he understood was that he had to do this. The tribe was his home.

The moment he swung his fist, banging sounds appeared from Su Ming’s right hand. That was the sound signalling that his bones could not bear with the force and his flesh and bone had torn apart. The moment he swung his fist against the door, a thunderous roar shook through heaven and earth. It was as if it could change the weather and make the snowstorm stop.

The door was crumbling quickly, turning into a countless number of shards. It was like a huge gust of wind had appeared and blown sideward, lifting them outwards like leaves.

Thunderous roars echoed in Su Ming’s surroundings. The moment the door completely crumbled, numerous cracks also appeared on the snow statue outside, but it did not crumble and break apart like the door.

At that moment, there was no door before Su Ming, only wooden shards that filled the entire ground. Yet between him and the outside world was the snow statue filled with cracks. It continued floating in the air as it let out a gentle light, which turned into an invisible screen of light that never once crumbled.

It was as if the door had borne the weight of the invisible light screen on it, which was the reason why it was so difficult to break open. Now that the door had shattered, the true seal was revealed!

Yet the light was neither bright nor dim, a clear sign that it was still powerful.

Su Ming was not surprised. He had guessed since a long time ago that the elder’s seal would not be so easily broken. The moment the door shattered and the screen of light appeared before his eyes, he took a step forward. The one blood vein on his body was still giving off a piercing blood red light. As Su Ming moved, the blood red light instantly brightened like an explosion, and he swung his fist again.

That fist seemed to have landed on thin air, but in truth, it landed on the invisible light screen. It trembled, but remained shining against the sky.

Su Ming’s eyes were red. He continued ramming his fist into the screen. After a while, when the light screen became so dim it seemed to have reached its limit, Su Ming took a few steps backward, and a trickle of blood ran down the corner of his lips. He stared at the screen, then abruptly raised his right hand and sliced down towards the space to his right!

Execution of the Three Evils!

This was one of the more powerful Berserker Arts in Dark Mountain Tribe. It was rumoured that it was passed down from the true Dark Mountain Tribe from hundreds of years ago!

Practice was not the key in casting this Art. In truth, training this Art was incredibly simple. Su Ming had been visualizing the Art in his head since a long time ago. Yet, since he did not have 200 blood veins, he had been unable to cast it.

The difficult part of the Art lay in the number of blood veins required. Only those who had 200 blood veins could use the first slash! Now that Su Ming had 243 veins and had arrived at the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm, for the first time, he cast the Execution of Three Evils, which had long resided in his head!

Execution of Three Evils, an Art which could even kill Tai Sui¹! The three evils were also known as the three murders!

Between heaven and earth, there were three forces - Sever, Beginning, and Nurture. Sever was known as the evil of theft, Beginning was known as the evil of disaster, and Nurture was the evil of time! They were also known as the murders of theft, disaster, and time!

A long time ago, Dark Mountain Tribe had obtained this Art from an unknown place. After probing into the Art, the entire tribe was shocked. The three evils had always existed in the world, but they had no form. No one could see them, neither could anyone touch them. Perhaps they existed, perhaps… they did not.

Yet when the powerful Dark Mountain Tribe studied the Art, they began to discover patterns. At different hours of the day, the formless three evils would appear in different locations. That was how the incredible Dark Mountain Art that shocked the region appeared – Execution of Three Evils!

The wise men in Dark Mountain Tribe believed that there was a pattern between heaven and earth. The three evils were just a part of an existing pattern. All forms of power existed within the pattern. Once the pattern was broken, then an unimaginable amount of force would erupt forth.

Yet even Dark Mountain Tribe did not manage to discover the specific amount of force that would appear.

The Art itself was also very enigmatic. Sometimes the force would be shocking, while other times it would release only a normal amount of force However, even if it was just a normal amount, it was still enough to kill someone!

That was why the Execution of Three Evils passed down was rather rough around the edges. Anyone with enough blood veins could cast it, but there was almost no one who managed to discover the true form of the Art.

This was a form of power that Dark Mountain Tribe did not understand. They could only use it, but not master it. There was even an Elder in Dark Mountain Tribe who once said that whosoever managed to truly control the three evils would be able to control the entire pattern of the world!

Su Ming could only use the Art at that moment. As for why he decided to slice his right hand towards his right, it was because it was midnight then, and according to the principles behind Execution of Three Evils, the location of the three evils in the pattern of heaven and earth at that moment was to the north!

North was to Su Ming’s right! The moment he swung his right hand down in a slicing motion, the blood veins that had stacked together on his body let out a piercing blood-red light. The blood veins moved strangely according to the Art Su Ming had obtained under the blood-red light, twisting around his right arm nine times, then escaping his body through his arm.

That was also why 200 veins were required to cast Execution of Three Evils. That was because the Art itself was strange. The caster’s blood veins would leave his body for a moment. Without enough Qi, it was difficult to execute the Art properly.

The moment his blood veins left his body, Su Ming had a strange feeling. It was as if the empty space to his right completely disappeared and turned into a desolate area. The moment he sliced to his right, his blood veins turned into a sharp blade and sliced into the empty space. He felt like he was slicing through mud.

It was a strange experience. He did not understand why it had happened. He only knew how to cast the Art!

The moment he cut into the space, the strange feeling disappeared. Everything returned to normal. Yet at that moment, the dim screen of light before Su Ming trembled furiously. If anyone looked closely at it, they could see clearly that the screen of light was not the only thing that trembled. Everything around Su Ming was shaking.

Yet even so, even after the light screen trembled furiously, it still remained there. It was as if all the actions Su Ming took did not have much effect on it. After all, this was a seal created by the elder. The strength of the seal was not something that Su Ming could break through by just taking herbs and Berserker Blood!

Su Ming’s body trembled. This was the first time he had casted the Execution of the Three Evils. With his current level of power, he could only cast the first slash. The strange power made his heart tremble, but when he saw the screen of light, despair gradually appeared on his face. He had already executed all the plans he could think of, but that screen of light was like a ravine connecting heaven and earth. Everyone could see it, but no one could pass through it.

Su Ming’s face was pale. He staggered backward as if all the strength had been drained from his body.

The moment Su Ming staggered backward, his face changed suddenly. He could clearly feel the ground beneath his feet moving.

At that moment, outside Wind Stream Tribe, within the sealed Wind Stream Mountain located on the plains, the roar of a wild beast appeared from within the black mist. The roar was filled with fury. The moment it spread out, the place, which was completely sealed tight, suddenly trembled furiously. A gigantic crack abruptly appeared out of thin air with a loud crash and revealed the hidden Wind Stream Mountain that reached the skies.

"In the end, I still managed to break through it from within!"

As the beast roared, a ghastly voice travelled from within.

The moment the mountain was revealed and the space between heaven and earth was torn apart because of the seal being stirred up, Wind Stream City, which was located not too far away, shook.

There was a strange connection between the location of the mudstone city and the seal on Wind Stream Mountain. The moment the seal on the mountain was forcefully broken apart, the connection was activated, causing tremors to shake the mudstone city. The citizens’ hearts trembled along with it.

As the mudstone city trembled, Su Ming could feel the tremors becoming stronger where he stood. By the end, it was as if the entire earth was rolling like waves. He immediately noticed the elder’s seal becoming dimmer for the first time!

His spirits was lifted. He let out a low growl. As he growled, the shadow of the moon appeared gradually in his eyes. Due to the snowstorm outside, there was no moon in the sky, yet the shadow of the moon became even more distinct in Su Ming’s eyes.

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The moment the shadow of the moon appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, he quickly rushed forward towards the screen of light. He rammed his body into the screen continuously. As the ground trembled, the screen light became dimmer and dimmer.

After a while, when the earth’s trembles reached its peak and the entire mudstone city seemed to be on the verge of falling apart, half of the light screen shattered onto the ground. The light of the screen had become completely dark. By the looks of it, it was about to crumble at any moment. At that moment, an empty feeling spread through Su Ming’s body, but very soon, a red flash appeared to his left. A string of red light appeared out of nowhere and crawled into his right hand. The one blood vein that was formed by stacking 243 veins returned once again to his body.

Blood Scales, which had been hidden within his right arm, also appeared, turning into a gigantic blood red eagle that rushed towards the light screen with a screech.

Terrifying roars thundered through the sky. The light screen trembled as the giant eagle charged against it and shattered completely, shattering into numerous broken fragments. The snow statue also seemed to completely collapse, turning into snow that scattered everywhere before the wind raised it up once more. It knocked into the snow falling from the sky and created strings of roaring sounds that echoed continuously.

Su Ming broke through the seal!

He trembled and coughed out a mouthful of blood. The blood fell on the ground, creating a terrifying sight. The blood red light from the 243 veins that were stacked together also became dimmer. It was as if they could no longer remain stable and scattered away before returning into Su Ming’s body.

Su Ming’s face was weary, his entire body was covered in blood and his hair was a mess. Yet his eyes were flashing brilliantly. The flash within his eyes was his determination and resolution!

‘I got out! I’ll have to return to the tribe with the fastest speed possible!’ Su Ming took a deep breath. He knew that the main reason why he managed to get out was due to the strange tremors. Yet he had no time to think about it. He moved forward so quickly that he looked like he had turned into a long arc speeding down the road.

Su Ming’s speed was his best feature. Before he was even a Berserker, he had been agile. Now that he was a Berserker at the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm, his speed had reached a shocking state.

He rushed out of Dark Mountain Tribe’s lodgings, past the streets, and jumped over the walls of the mudstone city. At that moment, the anxiety in his heart was like a burning fire, causing him to only think about going faster!

The continuous bursts of speed, his previous absorption of the drop of the Berserker, and the unbelievable amount of Cloud Gauze juice caused the disguising Art the elder had previously cast on him to crack slightly, making the force of his power to blast forth like a tidal wave breaking through ice. He could no longer hide his power completely.

The snow falling from the sky had become lighter. It now fell down in bits and pieces. It was as if the heavy snowfall was nearing its end, in turn causing the moon in the sky to be on the verge of appearing completely.

The land was colored silver. However, during that night, the silver glow was not beautiful. Instead, it let out a murderous air…

There was a faint line of white in the distance. A new day was about to arrive.

Yet it was a wonder that the darkness before dawn could be broken.

The entire mudstone city was in a ruckus. A lot of tribe members had come out of their houses with expressions of fear and bewilderment. They did not know what had happened. There were even houses that had collapsed, as if the end of the world had arrived.

Su Ming did not care about that. He walked forward quickly, and just as he was about to leap over the mudstone walls, he sensed danger.

A cold voice travelled towards him. "You cannot leave!"

The moment Su Ming paused in his footsteps, a person walked out from the darkness behind him.

He wore red, and his presence alone seemed to hold a fire that could scorch those around him. His face was aloof, and there was a prideful air around him that seemed to be coming from his soul. It was Ye Wang!

"By the orders of the Elder, no outsider is allowed to leave Wind Stream City tonight! You’re strong, but your Qi is chaotic. This area is within my jurisdiction. You… cannot hope to win against me," Ye Wang looked at Su Ming calmly and spoke slowly.

Su Ming turned around abruptly and stared at Ye Wang. His eyes were bloodshot, and within them, there was viciousness and madness.

When Ye Wang saw his eyes, his heart trembled. Somehow, there was a sense of familiarity within those eyes…

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¹ Tai Sui: Chinese term for stars directly opposite Jupiter. They are also treated as deities

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