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Chapter 2653: 2653

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Chapter 2653 Not Gentle At All (2)

“Illusion… I see.” Ye Qingtang nodded slightly.

“Ah Yao, why did you bring me into this illusion?” Ye Qingtang changed the topic.

“Miss Ye Yue, I created this place a few years ago. It’s called the Temple of Paragon. Since you and I are going to become sworn sisters, we have to return to the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain for the ceremony.” The Paragon smiled.

Ye Qingtang was deep in thought after hearing what the Paragon said.

Ye Qingtang had earlier said that she was from the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain too. Therefore, they should return to the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain for the ceremony to become sworn sisters.

“Both of us came from the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain. It’s a little inappropriate to become sworn sisters in the Divine Venerate Domain. Miss Ye Yue should be able to understand,” the Paragon said.

“Of course.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

This was probably the rule of this era. Ye Qingtang was not clear about it but did not have any objections.

It had to be said that even Ye Qingtang could not tell if this illusion was real or fake.

“Actually, the martial arts culture of the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain is indeed a little inferior to the Divine Venerate Domain. Our hometown is not as prosperous as the Divine Venerate Domain. I only hope that there will be a period of time in the future when we can be on equal footing,” the Paragon said slowly as she looked around the divine hall.

“I believe that with your martial art skills, you can definitely accomplish what you want,” Ye Qingtang said.

The Paragon just smiled and said, “Miss Ye Yue, to be honest, even from a young age, outsiders have called me a martial arts fanatic. I don’t usually like to talk and I’m reluctant to make friends. It’s just that seeing Miss Ye Yue today, I seem to have become more relaxed and can’t help but become more talkative.”

Before Ye Qingtang could say anything, the Paragon continued, “Miss Ye Yue, let me show you my Temple of Paragon.” “Alright,” Ye Qingtang agreed. This Temple of Paragon was not much different from the one in Ye Qingtang’s memories. However, as it was an illusion, there was no one inside. Directly ahead was a secret room. Ye Qingtang had seen this secret room in the Temple of Paragon in the previous era. However, only the Paragon could open this secret room. “Miss Ye Yue, I’ve hidden some secrets in this secret room. If I were to die in the Divine Venerate Domain one day, Miss Ye Yue can head back to the Temple of Paragon in the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain and open this secret room on my behalf.”

The Paragon tossed a token to Ye Qingtang.


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Ye Qingtang was surprised at receiving the token. “Ah Yao, you trust me so much?”

This was just the first time she and the Paragon were meeting.

The Paragon gave a faint smile. “It’s indeed a little strange. Even I find it unbelievable. It’s clearly our first time meeting, but I feel that… there’s something between us that can’t be cut off. Could we really be twins?”

Without waiting for Ye Qingtang to speak, the Paragon continued, “However, this is no longer important. Anyway, you and I will become sworn sisters. In the future, you will treat me as your biological sister and I will treat you as my biological sister. Alright?”


“Alright… Ah Yao, you are the one who said it. An Immortal Emperor can’t go back on her word.” Ye Qingtang smiled.

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