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Chapter 2731: 2731

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The several policemen had heard about the Shengning Organization and Gu Ning, but they didn’t recognize her until An Guangyao made the introduction.

“Oh, you’re Miss Gu! I’m so sorry, Miss Gu, I’ve seen your photos, but this is the first time I’ve seen you in reality. I didn’t recognize you,” said Meng Fan excitedly. Gu Ning was his idol.

“Nice to see you, Officer Meng.” Gu Ning responded politely. “Please wait a while. I need to ask them about the situation.”

“Sure,” said Meng Fan.

After that, An Guangyao invited them to have a seat, but they turned it down.

Gu Ning then directly asked Lin Shiwei and the other two workers, “Lin Shiwei, is there anything you want to tell me about this accident?”

“Chairman Gu, this accident was caused by our dereliction of duty. We are very guilty. If you want to dismiss us, we won’t have any complaints,” Lin Shiwei said. Because of his guilty conscience, his voice was trembling.

“Is it just dereliction of duty?” Gu Ning asked. It was obvious that she wasn’t convinced so Lin Shiwei felt stressed.

Hearing Gu Ning’s question, Lin Shiwei and the other two realized that Gu Ning was suspicious of them. As a result, they became more anxious. However, they didn’t think she had evidence. As long as there wasn’t evidence, Gu Ning couldn’t do anything to them.

Therefore, Lin Shiwei and the other two workers became calmer.

“Yes, it’s our dereliction of duty,” Lin Shiwei said firmly, and the other two agreed.

“Do you think you can easily fool me?” Gu Ning sneered.

Lin Shiwei and the other two workers stiffened a little. It seemed that Gu Ning wasn’t just suspicious of them, she believed they were guilty.

“Chairman Gu, do you think we caused it?” Lin Shiwei asked. He sounded angry and aggrieved, as if he was innocent.

“Isn’t that the truth?” Gu Ning asked.

“Chairman Gu, if that’s your idea, show us your evidence. Otherwise it’s slander. We could also be suspicious of the company. You can’t hurl the blame on us just because we’re responsible for the work,” said Lin Shiwei in annoyance. He wasn’t sure whether Gu Ning had evidence, so he tried to feel it out.

“Are you so sure that I don’t have evidence?” Gu Ning looked at him and said meaningfully.

Lin Shiwei and the other two workers were surprised once more. Did Gu Ning really have evidence? Was she bluffing them into telling the truth?

“If you have evidence, just show us. You don’t need to ask so many questions!” said Lin Shiwei. He didn’t believe that Gu Ning really had evidence. Instead, he believed that she was trapping them into telling the truth.

“Alright. There is no need to waste so much time arguing with you. I just wanted to give you a chance, but you want to face it right now. Since you made that choice, let’s put the cards on the table,” said Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning was very honest, Lin Shiwei and the other two still refused to believe that she had evidence.

“Lin Shiwei, tell me what’s your relationship with Kong Lixuan,” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Lin Shiwei was shocked. How did Gu Ning manage to find out about Kong LIxuan?

In an instant, he lost all hope, but before Gu Ning showed him the evidence, he still tried to deny it. “He’s my schoolmate, so?”

Since Gu Ning knew Kong Lixuan, she must be aware of their relationship. Therefore, Lin Shiwei couldn’t deny it, otherwise it would become serious trouble.

“Kong Lixuan and you are schoolmates and he’s the deputy manager of the Human Resources Department of Chengfeng Real Estate. Two months ago, you accepted a bank card with four million yuan from him,” Gu Ning said meaningfully. She implied that Kong Lixuan gave him the four million yuan for a purpose.

Lin Shiwei was startled. He didn’t expect Gu Ning to know that.

He couldn’t help but avoid meeting Gu Ning’s eyes and his body even trembled a little. However, he couldn’t admit it. “So what? I encountered trouble, so I borrowed money from my schoolmate.”

He admitted that he accepted four million yuan from Kong Lixuan.

“If you borrowed money from your schoolmate to solve problems, that’s normal. But why did you share the money with them? Soon after you took the money, the accident happened. Don’t you need to explain that?” asked Gu Ning.

Lin Shiwei suddenly realized that he was trapped by Gu Ning and didn’t know what to say, because Gu Ning knew that he shared the money with the other two workers.

The two workers were even more scared than Lin Shiwei. If their secret was exposed, they could be put in jail.

However, they didn’t know what they could do right now, so they turned to Lin Shiwei for a solution.

“What? Why don’t you explain it now? Do you feel guilty?” Gu Ning waited for a while, but didn’t receive a reply from Lin Shiwei. Obviously, he was guilty.

“I borrowed money for them as well. Is that wrong?” Lin Shiwei said. He was struggling, but lacked confidence.

“Oh, what difficulties do you have? Why do you need so much money? According to what I know, you need a lot of money because your son has leukemia and needs treatment. How about you two then? Your parents, wife and children are living a good life. You don’t lack money. Your salaries are enough to repay your mortgage and help you live a good life…” Gu Ning said. Because these two people were accomplices, K had also collected information about their families.

Lin Shiwei was shocked. Gu Ning was also aware of his son’s leukemia, but it wasn’t strange because Gu Ning knew nearly all of the details.

Precisely because of that, Lin Shiwei started to feel hopeless. He couldn’t believe his dirty secret was so easily exposed.

Gu Ning was too powerful!

Lin Shiwei’s two accomplices lowered their heads and said nothing, because they couldn’t think of a good reason.

Seeing that, Meng Fan and the others figured it out. It had to be because of business competition, causing Chengfeng Real Estate to scheme against Gu Ning’s company.

However, they said nothing for the time being and waited for Gu Ning to finish first.

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