Reincarnation Paradise - Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

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R.P Chapter 207: Sneaking In

Three days later, in the fortress of the extreme north, inside a stone house.

Outside was a world full snow and ice, inside of the stone room was warm like spring, from the window, a female general was saying something, behind the female general was a map.

“The east and south lines must be attacked at the same time. Kaili and Hadi, you handle these two places.”

Esdeath was arranging tomorrow’s strategy, her injuries had almost recovered.


The two leaders accepted the order, their faces were full of confidence.

“Tomorrow the ‘Tonta’s fortress’ will be the main attack point, then I will lead people to attack the main entrance, Byakuya, you sneak into the enemy’s fortress tonight, waiting for the opportunity to assassinate Numa Seka.”

Su Xiao nodded, and Esdeath continued to arrange the strategy.

Su Xiao thought in his mind, this war would not last for a long time. Esdeath’s Teigu ‘Demon’s extract’ was very strong in the war, the army was only a cover. The main force was only Esdeath.

At the end of this war, Esdeath would definitely return to the capital of the empire. He was now Esdeath’s adjutant, he had more than 80% of chance to return together.

In the army, there was not only Su Xiao, an adjutant, but he also did not show his commanding power, Esdeath might not leave him in the army.

It was the most important thing to end the war and return to the capital of the empire as soon as possible. Some contractors messed up, now the capital of the empire should be chaotic.

The combat meeting soon ended, Su Xiao was left alone with Esdeath.

“This is the information of Numa Seka. This person easy to deal with. He does not like females and lives simple, but he has a weakness that is he likes to drink.”

Men in the extreme north, no one didn’t like to drink alcohol, which was caused by the cold weather.

“He will usually drink after 10 p.m., but it is not difficult to assassinate him at night. You can do it as you see fit.”


The meaning of Esdeath was obvious, finding ways to kill Numa Seka.

Boom, a purse was thrown at the conference table.

“There is a map here. Wey suit, high-calorie foods, and some tools that require when you sneak in, two signal shells, red means the mission fails requires rescue, green means you have succeeded, but you’re trapped in the enemy’s camp. “

Esdeath arranged well, Su Xiao was now one of her own, so Esdeath’s sadism attribute had disappeared.


Su, Xiao just nodded.

“You’re really distant, come back soon, remember, you are now the assassin of the army, not the dead.”


Su Xiao took out the winter clothes from the bag, the winter clothes were fit. It should be made by some dangerous species fur, which was excellent in cold resistance and was convenient to move.

“Come back soon.”

Esdeath concerned about her subordinates.


Su Xiao left the conference room. After he left, Esdeath found a signal shell at the conference table. It was the red signal shell that represented the failure of the action.

“He only accepts success but not a failure? This time, I really find the right person. He is strong, had a cold character, and doesn’t concern about other things besides the order. Which country trains this kind of excellent person.”

Esdeath sat at the conference table and handed on her chin with one hand, the other was playing the red signal shell.

“Take him back to the capital of the empire after the war, this kind of person is not suitable for the military.”


Esdeath put the red signal shell on the table. If someone unpacks the signal, the person will find out that the signal is empty!

The action of assassination failed was equal to death. How could they be rescued?


In the blizzard which was whistling, Su Xiao took a map and walked in the snowfield.

At this time there was no other person nearby. Su Xiao moved some stiff cheeks. It was not easy to face people without expressions. He felt that he could not even laugh.

“The shitty assassination.”

Su Xiao blamed, the three days of being arrogant ‘greatly’ could be described as being physically and mentally exhausted, he would not pretend to be an assassin next time.

“Numa Seka of tonite’s fortress?”

Looking at a portrait in hand carefully, that was a young man in the portrait.


On the low wall of Tonta’s fortress.

“Have you heard? They sent military power again. They have 500,000 this time.”

The extreme north army standing on the wall said, there were some concerns in the person’s sight.

“Shit, that will be useless. They sent 200,000 last time, and it was useless.”

“They just come for feeding the wolves, those assholes in the empire deserve to die.”

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A burst of laughter came, the extreme north army seemed to be disdainful to the empire army.

“It’s almost the time, why has the person who relieves the guard not come?”

A soldier began to be impatient.

“Who said no, the guys of the ‘Calibats’ have become more and more arrogant recently, they just win for few times and become very cocky.”

“I will go to ask them quicker.”

“I go with you.”

Several soldiers left, an older soldier shook his head. He didn’t want to offend people.

“Young people…oh!”

A groan, an old soldier fell down softly, Su Xiao turned over the wall, throwing the old soldier into the snow outside the city wall, he disappeared into the town of the fortress.

The night was dark, the strong winds in the extreme north rarely stopped, but the falling snowflakes never stopped.

There was no electricity in the town of the fortress, everyone rested early after making loves, the town was abnormally quiet.

Su Xiao walked through the building, he tried to find a remote location.

“The twenty-third on the left and seventy-three on the right.”

Su Xiao confirmed where did Numa Seka live, he quickly aimed at a stone house.

The stone house was not tall compared with other buildings in the fortress, the stone house could at least block the cold wind.

There was no guard in front of the door, Numa Seka himself was the strongest force in the extreme north, he did not need guards.

Su Xiao was close to the stone house with tiny sounds and perceived the situation inside the house. A young man was drinking in the room alone. The man in the room was Numa Seka.

“Martha, I will get my revenge for you, very soon.”

Numa Seka in the room was obviously drinking, looking from his face this alcohol was nothing to him.

Su Xiao waited outside the house. Now the timing was not good. He was not prepared to kill him forcibly. If the alarms too many people, he may be left here today.

As time went by, it was about one a.m., the temperature outside the house in the extreme north was even colder.

Numa Seka had fallen asleep, Su Xiao wouldn’t even be discovered by the super dangerous species after his breath became slow, don’t mention Numa Seka.

Slowly walked to the front of the door, Su Xiao held a test tube in his hand, the test tube contained off-white liquid.

Pouring the liquid into the gap below the door. The liquid vaporized quickly, an unintentional smoke spread out.

Su Xiao took out a gas mask and put it on his face. He was also uncomfortable after inhaling this thing.

Waiting for ten minutes at the door, Su Xiao pushed the door and got into the stone house.

A heat wave came, Numa Seka, the alien prince, was lying on the bed, his body was slightly trembling.

“How could it be like…this?”

At this time, the alien prince even could not speak clearly. Did not even think of getting up and fighting.

“Nothing is Impossible.”

The dragon flashes across on Numa Seka’s neck and the blade cut down.


A head was cut off, the alien prince was majestic in extreme north was easily killed.

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