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Chapter 286: 286 Fake; Congratulations!

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286 Fake; Congratulations!
Huang Tian listened to everyone’s greetings and nodded slightly. He then walked forward arrogantly and indifferently.

Not only did they not get angry, but they also followed behind Huang Tian like pugs.

In the next moment…

Huang Tian’s footsteps suddenly stopped. His hawk-like eyes narrowed slightly and locked onto Hu Tian and Lin Fan, who was holding onto her.

At this moment, a vigorous voice suddenly sounded from afar.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming to my birthday banquet.”

Then, an old man wearing a Tang suit with gray hair walked into the courtyard.

When everyone saw him, they cupped their fists and said, “Hello, Old Master Hu!”

“Greetings, Old Master Hu!”

Clearly, this old man was the birthday boy today and Hu Tian’s grandfather, Hu Nanshan!

A man in a suit carried a gift box and said, “I wish Old Master Hu good fortune and longevity!”

Hu Nanshan accepted the gift and smiled.

With the first person starting, the people behind also took out their gifts and said their blessings.

“I wish Old Master Hu a happy life!”

“I wish Old Master Hu a long and healthy life.”

“I wish Old Master Hu a long life, happiness, and health!”

Finally, Huang Tian took a step forward and said, “I wish Old Master Hu good luck and eternal health!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly walked forward with a beautifully packaged box that was about one meter long.

The short and skinny man who had been following behind Huang Tian like a pug said in surprise, “What gift is this? It’s actually so long…”

“I know that Old Master Hu likes to study calligraphy and painting,” Huang Tian said. “Not long ago, I happened to get an authentic painting by Tang Bohu, ‘Spring Tree Autumn Frost’. So, I brought it here to give it to Old Master Hu.”

Tang Bohu!

Spring Tree Autumn Frost!

It was simply too famous.

Therefore, even though everyone in the courtyard was either rich or noble, at this moment, they could not help but exclaim in admiration.

“It’s actually that painting!”

“As expected of Young Master Huang!”

“What a big deal!”

Just as Huang Tian had said, Hu Nanshan did like to study calligraphy and painting.

When he heard that this was Tang Bohu’s Spring Tree Autumn Frost, his turbid eyes could not help but light up.

Then, he laughed heartily and said, “Good, good! Hahaha! I’ve admired this painting for a long time. Today, I have to appreciate it properly!”

As he spoke, he opened the box and slowly unfolded the painting inside.

Everyone present raised their heads and looked at the painting with curiosity. Their eyes were filled with admiration.

Immediately, someone praised, “Green mountains, flowing springs… As expected of Tang Bohu’s authentic work, this painting is simply too good!”

“Not bad!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful painting!”

Hu Nanshan looked at the painting in his hands and nodded repeatedly, feeling extremely satisfied.

Lin Fan shook his head slightly, revealing a look of disdain.

This was normal…

That was because Lin Fan remembered very clearly that the real Spring Tree Autumn Frost was lying in his Coiling Dragon Villa.

If he had known that Teacher Tiantian’s grandfather liked calligraphy and paintings, he would have brought it along.

One had to know that Lin Fan had obtained Spring Tree Autumn Frost from a red packet. There was no way it was fake.

In that case, the painting in front of him was clearly fake.

Furthermore, Lin Fan still had the Eyes of True Sight.

Huang Tian saw Lin Fan’s actions and expressions.


Was he looking down on the painting that he had given the old master?

Huang Tian was already filled with hostility toward Lin Fan. At this moment, he finally exploded.

“What do you mean by shaking your head like this?” Huang Tian said coldly.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes were focused on Lin Fan.

When they saw Lin Fan and Hu Tian holding hands, they immediately understood something.

Facing so many gazes, Lin Fan’s expression was calm as he said, “Isn’t it normal to shake your head when a counterfeit item is being gifted?”

Everyone immediately started discussing.


“Is he talking about Spring Tree Autumn Frost?”

“It shouldn’t be… It can’t be.”

Huang Tian’s face sank as he shouted, “This is not a place for you to spout nonsense!”

“My greatest strength is telling the truth,” Lin Fan said.

Following that, he used the Eyes of True Sight on the painting and carefully examined it.

Instantly, Lin Fan could clearly see how this painting was copied, made old, and marked five years ago.

Lin Fan said, “Look carefully at the bottom left corner of this painting. Is there a small letter A?”

Everyone… Even Hu Nanshan could not help but follow Lin Fan’s words and look at the bottom left corner.

Soon, someone shouted, “There really is an A on the paper!”

“Yes, I think I see it!”

One had to know…

Tang Bohu was a talented scholar in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, there were no English letters at all.

The authenticity of this painting was immediately clear.

Huang Tian’s face instantly turned extremely ugly.

He had always thought that this was a real painting.


Otherwise, he would not have given it to Hu Nanshan as a birthday gift.
Huang Tian took a deep breath and tried his best to calm himself down before saying, “Old Master Hu, I didn’t investigate this matter properly. I’m sorry, I actually brought a fake…I’ll give you another birthday gift later.”

Hu Nanshan waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to apologize. You were also deceived by others. In addition, I like this painting very much. As for… It doesn’t matter if it’s the authentic work of Tang Bohu. or not”

Then, he slowly put the painting back into the gift box.

Although he said that, his attitude toward this painting was clearly not as enthusiastic as before.

The short and thin man who had been following behind Huang Tian rolled his eyes and said, “You’re my cousin’s friend, right? I wonder what gift you brought for the old master today?”

He had already made preparations. Everything would be fine as long as Lin Fan’s gift was a little lacking.

Then, he would attack crazily to please Huang Tian.

Lin Fan did not say much. He opened the Mercedes-Benz and took out a large box of tea leaves from the trunk.

“I wish Old Master Hu good fortune, good health, and a long life!”

Seeing this…

The short and thin man could not help but laugh out loud. “Tea leaves? What a big box! Moreover, there’s no packaging. Could it be that this tea was bought in bulk from a stall?”

“Cousin Hu Tian, this friend of yours… How generous! Haha!”

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