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Chapter 287: 287 Lousy Tea Leaves?

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287 Lousy Tea Leaves?
Seeing this…

Many people present began to discuss in low voices.

Although Hu Nanshan was not a greedy person, at this moment, he could not help but frown.

From the actions of his granddaughter, Hu Tian, Lin Fan should be the boyfriend she was talking about.

Hu Tian’s boyfriend, his future grandson-in-law… bought a box of tea leaves from a roadside stall as a birthday gift to him?

Was he not taking him too lightly?

With so many guests present, was it not laughable?

At this moment, an Audi A6 drove over from afar and stopped steadily in front of the courtyard.

Then, a middle-aged man with slightly white hair who looked to be about 50 years old walked over with his head held high.

When everyone saw him, they immediately revealed a hint of admiration and exclaimed.

“Commander Liu!”

“That’s right, Commander Liu is here!”

Hu Nanshan frowned slightly and went up to Liu Qiming personally.

Liu Qiming quickened his pace and handed over a gift. “I wish Old Master Hu good fortune and longevity!

“This is the gift my father chose for you. Originally, he wanted to come personally to congratulate you on your birthday, but it’s a little inconvenient with his body. He could only let me do it on his behalf. I hope you won’t blame him.”

“Why would I blame him?” Hu Nanshan’s face was flushed. “Elder Liu’s health is more important. If he really did come, I’m afraid there’d be no peace at my birthday banquet.”

If the surviving elders of Hua Nation were to be arranged in a seating order, Elder Liu might not even be able to sit in the first row.

However, he would definitely have a seat in the second row.

It was definitely a rare thing for Elder Liu to personally choose a birthday gift and ask Liu Qiming to visit him.

Hu Nanshan and Liu Qiming chatted as they walked, occasionally letting out peals of hearty laughter.

When Liu Qiming passed by Lin Fan, he stopped in his tracks, and his face was filled with shock.

He was all too familiar with Lin Fan.

However, the leader suddenly received a phone call saying that Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian had arrived in Jiangbei City.

Therefore, the leader brought him to meet the two old men.

Liu Qiming remembered clearly how Qin Weiming praised Lin Fan before he arrived.

At that time, he was extremely curious about Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan made Old Master Zhang Jian drink a bottle of the solution and made him stand up, Liu Qiming was deeply impressed by Old Master Zhang Jian’s happy expression.

Liu Qiming also knew that Lin Fan was a member of the Dragon Division and that he had saved the life of Qin Weiming’s grandson.

At the same time, he was the benefactor of Old Master Qin Weiming and Old Master Zhang Jian… Lin Fan’s future was definitely limitless.

Liu Qiming had always wanted to befriend Lin Fan, but he did not have the chance.

He did not expect to meet him here.

Hu Nanshan did not notice the change in Liu Qiming’s expression. He said to him, “There’s still some time before the banquet. Let’s sit down and have some tea first.”

Speaking of tea, Liu Qiming could not help but think of the Spirit Tea that Lin Fan had given Old Master Qin Weiming and Old Master Zhang Jian.

Just thinking about the taste of Spirit Tea, he seemed to have smelled that unique fragrance. His entire person could not help but feel much more comfortable.

“Shaodong, go and get the Da Hong Pao tea and the purple clay teapot from my room,” continued Hu Nanshan.

“Okay, Grandpa,” Hu Shaodong said.

The short and thin man standing at the side took the opportunity to shout, “Why is this box of trash tea still here? It’s an eyesore. Throw it aside quickly.”

As the short man spoke, Liu Qiming finally noticed the large box of green tea leaves in front of Lin Fan.

Seeing this…

Liu Qiming’s pupils constricted. Spirit Tea!

That was right!

After drinking it, his entire body… No! His entire soul was cleansed!

No wonder he seemed to have smelled the fragrance of Spirit Tea just now!

It was not an illusion!

Old Master Qin Weiming and Old Master Zhang Jian became like two children, constantly quarreling over the two small bags of Spirit Tea…

Here… there was a whole box!



If Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian were here, what would their expressions be?

At this moment, Liu Qiming suddenly noticed the short and thin man. He was about to kick the Spirit Tea aside like a piece of trash.

Kicking the Spirit Tea?

He wanted to kick the Spirit Tea that Old Master Qin and Old Master Zhang Jian treated as a treasure?

“What are you doing?!” Liu Qiming shouted.

On the one hand, Liu Qiming did have a strong family background.

However, the most important reason was that he had excellent personal ability.

He was strict and iron-blooded!

He alone could suppress hundreds of warriors, making them fear him.

Now, Liu Qiming was shouting at the short and thin man. One could imagine how powerful he was.

At this moment…

The short and thin man seemed to have shrunk into an ant.

Meanwhile, Liu Qiming turned into a roaring lion.

The lion king roared, making everyone tremble.

The short and thin man felt his entire body go limp as cold sweat rolled down his back.

He stammered, “I… I… I… It’s not a big deal to throw lousy tea leaves…”

He stammered for a long time before finally speaking.

It was fine if he did not say anything. After he said it, it angered Liu Qiming again.

“Hmph!” A muffled groan sounded out. It was extremely vicious, causing the short and skinny man to feel a chill down his spine.

At this moment, another army green Jeep sped over.

Then, Yue Zixiao strode over.

When Lin Fan caught sight of him, his face revealed a look of surprise.

That was because Yue Zixiao had always been by Qin Weiming’s side. In Lin Fan’s impression, Yue Zixiao seemed to only leave Qin Weiming’s side when he drove him home.

He did not expect him to come to Sha City.

When the crowd saw Yue Zixiao, there was another round of discussion.

In contrast to the doubts of many people, Hu Nanshan’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly went up to him.

Yue Zixiao was also a commander!

More importantly, he was the head guard of Qin Weiming.

Old Master Qin Weiming could sit in the first row.

To a certain extent, Yue Zixiao could represent Old Master Qin Weiming.

How could Hu Nanshan not be excited?

Yue Zixiao’s words surprised Hu Nanshan even more.


“Old Leader Qin Weiming and Old Leader Zhang Jian asked me to wish Old Master Hu a happy birthday and good health!”
Not only Old Master Qin Weiming, but even Old Master Zhang Jian wanted to congratulate him?!

When Hu Nanshan heard Yue Zixiao’s words, he was so happy that his face turned red, and his breathing became rapid.

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