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Chapter 14

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The man’s remarks became the trigger.

People jumped out of their seats, heading to where the king was been seated.

Seeing that, the king and the prime minister paled.

There was quite a large distance to the king’s spectating room from the audience seats but that would only be a matter of time.

It was already too late when the king had finished his preparation for his escape.

The sharper ones had already destroyed the king’s carriage beforehand.

Now it was impossible to escape the town.

The king had tried to hide inside the sturdiest room inside the colosseum but a few of the citizens had eventually discovered him.


「He was here!!」

「Kill ‘em!!」

「For my daughter!!」


Soldiers from the Royal Guards held back the citizens, creating some time for the king and his aides to escape into the room.

They locked the door from the inside and further created a barricade with the chairs and tables.

Even still, the citizens forcibly tried to open the doors and started blasting magic from the outside.


A hole was soon created from the released magic and even more magic was shot through the door.

Compared to the Royal Guards, every single magic fired was weaker but it would be a different with this amount of people.

The Royal Guards were pushed back despite their efforts of resistance.

And at last, the magic shot from the populace had landed a direct hit on the king’s abdomen.

Blood flows out as the king collapsed.

The minister drew closer to the king and took off his clothes to start the treatment.

And a truth came to light.


「My king!! Why! Why?! Why isn’t there any magic resistance endowed upon these clothes!? 」


To the tearful minister, the king replied even as blood gushed out.


「O minister… Do you know… how much the…. Magic endowed clothes cost?」

「Rather than buying those clothes… we should use that money… to give the people a bit more food… as a king… that’s my duty…」


Those were the king’s last words.

The minister ordered the surrounding guards to perform healing on the king but they no longer had any magic power to spare.

With no way to stop the blood, the king left the minister and became cold.

The king who had loved his citizens more than anyone else was killed by the hatred of the citizen’s whom he had loved.



A while later, the king’s corpse was dragged out from the colosseum.

It wasn’t only the king.

The minister’s as well as the corpse of the royal guards. They were dragged out and tossed into the country’s most spacious plaza as though they were rubbish.

A temporary stand was created at the centre of the plaza where the corpses were lined up, where the man then stood, giving out orders to the people.


「Destroy the statues of the royal family this instant! Don’t just shatter them! Utterly demolish them until they’re just dust particles!!」

「What is this!! The statue next to the king!! Is that not the miko of healing!?」

「This is!! This country!! Baring it’s fangs at the Goddess! Is this not the country where that foolish and vulgar miko was born!! 」

「Utterly demolish that woman just like the royals!! Dump the dust into the sewers!! Let them be covered in excrements!!」


As according to the instructions of the man, the statues of the king and the miko of healing were destroyed within that day.

And the man wandered around the country, continuing to hand out orders.


The broken down shrine was rebuilt even more luxurious and gorgeous than even before.

A large statue of the Goddess was built at the centre of the plaza to encourage the restoration of faith.

Daily prayers were established and life passed by just as dictated by the holy bible.


The man’s commands were the 「commands of the Goddess」 itself, leaving no room for refusal.


It was extremely difficult to build the magnificent shrine during this time of financial crisis but they had no choice.

The huge statue of the Goddess stood oppressively out in the marketplace and would probably cause the citizens much agony but there was no choice.

The long times of the prayers would probably impede the efficiency of the country’s economic activity but there was no choice.


The man then rewrote the burnt bible.

But as there were parts that were inconsistent with the old one, the man mixed in some of his own ideas into the bible, giving orders to hand them out to the people as the New Testament of the bible.


After that, the man spent one month in the country continuing to revive the Goddess’ religion.

At the same time he also began to look for anyone who had just like him, received protection from the Goddess.

The faith within this country has already been restored.

In that case, perhaps the Goddess may have bestowed her protection upon even more people.

Thinking that, the man began to appraise people inside the colosseum using the demons that were kept there.

He surveyed their reactions as he had one person stand in front of the demons that were kept inside cages.

For the most of the people, the demons would try and attack but for a minority of people, there would be no signs of aggression seen.

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Continuing to gather these people, he continued the test.

The man had thought that ‘maybe the reason for the lack of aggression being that the demons were too tired and had fell asleep.’

When he gathered some new demons and redid the test, just as he expected, the only reason the demons did not attack was because they had been asleep.

But he did find some people who had been granted her protection.


He was satisfied with that.

Because by finding new people with protection signifies that the Goddess still has not abandoned mankind.

The new people who had discovered their own bestowed power had said:


「Ohhhh! The power!! I feel the power from the Goddess! This!! This is the protection’s power!! 」

「I can hear it!! I can hear the voice of the Goddess!! The voice telling me to correct this world! 」

「I can hear it too! The Goddess! I can feel her by our sides!! 」


As they cried from their overflowing emotions.

The man spoke out to them.


「I, and the Goddess, both welcome you all.」

「But this is not the end. It is the beginning.」

「Now, we must head to the other various countries, and open everyone’s eyes. 」

「This is the duty of those who has been blessed, and also a holy mission」

「From now on, there will be many difficulties awaiting us but we mustn’t give up! We mustn’t lose! 」

「Your lives from now on is no longer yours.」

「It is the future humanity’s, and most of all, the Goddess’s.」

「Now! We do not have any more time! Immediately begin you preparations for departure! 」


「「「YES SIR!」」」



And a few hours later, the group of people who had received the Goddess’s blessing advanced through the main road with the man in lead.

Contrary to when the man came, the road was filled with people’s cheers.


The main road was directly connected to the large gates but they had instead climbed up the stairs located next to the gates.

Those stairs where used when climbing up to the giant walls.

At the end of those stairs were a few horses tied up, already prepared for the journey.

And behind the horses was a large wooden elevator made to extend to outside the country.

The men would leave using this elevator since there was a chance demons would flood in had they opened the gates.

Those who had been blessed wouldn’t think much of it but those without the blessing would get killed by the demons.

This method of using an elevator to leave the country was thought up of by the man to prevent such a situation.


The guards stationed at the walls saluted the man.

The men got on their horses and headed to the elevator.

After confirming that they had indeed gotten on, the guards then smoothly lowered the giant elevator.

Once the elevator reached the ground, the men took off for the next country.


There was no shred of hesitation within the eyes of the men.

In those eyes dwelled a burning determination of 「restoring faith towards the Goddess and saving the world」.

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