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Chapter 17

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I was puzzled to be honest.

Why is the global fleet attacking the solar system even though Earth’s troops have already been dismantled?

Perhaps the Earthlings who lived among  other stars came back to earth?

… even if it is too large number.

Besides, isn’t necessary to come back as a battleship.

Well, it can not be helped even if I am suffering from a mockery.

I stared carefully and decided to see the end of the solar system directly.

There is a huge fleet deploying with brilliant formation.

… Again, this is a global battleship.

There is no doubt that it is a global battleship made at the time just before entering the age of twilight.


Looking closely, the identification mark drawn on the armor isn’t the symbol of the earth military …?

This …  Sure …  The data should have remained…

Ah, the Planetary Federation?

It still existed.

According to the record, they it ran away to a small base at the end of the universe after repeatedly being defeated.

I thought that it had been totally destroyed, apparently still trying hard.

When I listened to the  intercepted the radio chatter, their language was the language that the Planet Federation used as a common language.

It turned out that that fleet belonged to the Planet Federation.

But … what on earth did you come here for?

I wonder if it came to earth as tourists?

….. Everyone is tense and definitely would not sightseeing in Battle-ships in the first place.

I did not understand details at first at first listening to the main line, so I switched to a secret line and then I heard it.

As a result, it turned out that they came to revenge on the earth.

They are trying to destroy the earth with a large amount of weapons.

I guess the resentment was piled up  that much.

I can not understand their feelings, but … it is a problem.

In the first place, I was born in a period of time when I entered the era of twilight.

It is impossible to deal with it even if it is attached to a distant past and a long time ago.

But they are preparing to attack.

In this state the earth will become dust of the universe.

There is no particular problem even if Earth is blown away if I live, but there are new friends to love.

For them, it will be just extinction such as water in the bedtime.[Fox: Don’t really understand, so leaving it be]

If the observation targets are gone, there will be no competition in life, so I want to prevent attacks as much as possible.

To do that, I need to fight them.

However, there is a big problem there.

A big problem … It is that I was born, not having experience fighting other much less a war .

I’ve never fought even once I was born and I have never even debated.

It is easy to say that pacifism is it, it is only because he lived without having fought.

It was possible to live a life by just staying in the house.

It will be a proof that neither of the greetings have been done with neighbors, not by talking.

If I fight like that … It is difficult for me to fight to protect something.

In the first place I have no strength.

Although drawing of the battle ships of the global army is preserved for the time being, it is a drawing drawn in the early days of ancient times which has not been updated since entering into the era of twilight.

Briefly, it will be a drawing of an old battleship.

I saw the drawing lightly, but I found out that it was made with terribly old technology.

Originally weapons are often developed using “stable technology” in a nutshell, “withered technology” in bad words.

In other words, this battleship is seen as being made from the time it was made, it was made of a mix stable and withered technology.

I briefly simulated it, but the computing power of this battleship is quite low.

Perhaps if it is about several tens of thousands of ships the sum of computing abilities will be later than my mental arithmetic.

The Planet Federation also uses the battle ships of the Earth Army, but as far as the appearance is concerned, there is a high possibility that it has remodeled variously.

That may mean that you can not win with a normal battle ship that has not remodeled anything.

And there are problems besides strength.

The biggest problem is strategy.

What kind of strategy should we carry out?

I have it as knowledge, but I have never tried it.

I thought about it for a few seconds, but none of the ideas came to bear in reality.

· · · It can not be helped, let’s go by a royal road strategy.

It is impossible for me to think complicated strategy without experience of war in the first place.

Again the most realistic thing would be to fight back with overwhelming physical quantities.

I used  mass production system of artificial island to produce space battleships.

Initially you should mass-produce battleships as shown in the drawing.

After actually fighting, check the opponent’s strength and update the drawing each time.

Once it is produced, is it about ten times as much as the opponent?

…… I can not tell the truth.

Well, this fight is a battle without the need to win.

If the Federation Fleet is surprised and withdraws from this number, that is fine.

Apart from that I do not want to kill them.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · Is this really an old battleship good?

I do not really understand it at all, but I can not abandon the earth.

According to the instructions, the artificial island builds a large number of battleships and the battle ship of freshly made haya joya is transferred to the forefront.

While looking at the situation, the girl sighed.

Well, although it is unwilling, … let’s start the battle of the amateur.

“Enemy war potential has emerged! Total number of enemies! About ten times ours !!”

A voice resembling the scream of a radar personnel echoes at the headquarters of the largest battleship in the Planet Federation Fleet.

Following that report, the staff and commanders look like biting insults.

“Holy cow… the Earth forces …  You still had strength…”

“What do you mean! Because Earthling people are withdrawing from the earth, shouldn’t  they have already had strength?”

“This is no longer a case! You should start attacking!”

“Wait! The opponent’s fighting force is too big! I should retreat once and start rebuilding!”

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“Where is such a margin! We’ll be annihilate at the moment I turn my back on the enemy!”

The staff and the commanders repeat the argument close to shouting.

In the initial forecast, “The global army is poor, and its defense capability is not an obstacle for Planet Federation Forces”.

However, in the presence of our eyes there is a far greater fighting force deployed.

The premise of the strategy was crazy.

The HQ had been making a stir as if they hit a beehive.

The general commander looks at the situation and looking up with tears in his eyes.

“We cannot  withdraw as soon as we arrive! Apparently the enemy ship is a normal battleship that has not been remodeled! Everyone breaks this all together!”

Everyone has settled to that word.

There is no attack from the enemy yet.

There was a pleasant expectation in the headquarters that “It may be possible to withdraw”.

Such expectation also disappeared by the command of now.

The fleet follows the command of the general commander and will start attacking the Earth forces with full power.

The Earth fleet also begins to fight back to respond to it.

Attack attacks recklessly against 10 times enemies ….

At this time, most soldiers regretted.

Oh, the earth did not come something.

What the ancestors were saying was true.

You should not have stir a sleeping tiger…

Although it was an Allied fleet bravely attacking, most of the soldiers regretted their own actions and were ready for death.

· · · But his preparation was in vain.

As soon as the battle began, the battle ships of the Earth Army were destroyed one by one and became dust of the universe.

And there is still no loss in the Planet Federation fleet.

Allied battleships bounced off the earth attacks and the armor wasn’t even scratched.

The Earth fleet is already on the verge of destruction.

When an Allied battleship’s attack hits, the Earth Battleship sinks easily as if the balloon breaks.

The earth battleships were slow in speed and couldn’t take evasive action properly.

Also the formation of the Earth fleet was terrible.

As if the amateur were conducting, the Earth fleet is going down and forth.

The soldiers rejoice in this situation.

“Again! Earth troops are nothing to fear !!”

“Because we have been withdrawing for a long time, it’s like this !! Our resentment!

“I did it, I sank another one!”

“I guessed right now! I am a hero with this!”

And the headquarters also revealed relief voices to the battle.

“I thought what would happen, but it was not a big deal”

“Were you as expected, the Earth forces are also weakening?”

“Fossil stone is the commander’s command, to see enemy forces in a moment”

“Have you seen that formation for a while? Look at that kind of poor formation for the first time”

“If you do such a fleet operation at a military academy, you are banished immediately.”

Staff and commanders gathered at the headquarters finally got a soft look.

Battle results are reported one after another from the ally fleet.

Everything was a spectacular fight with an enemy ship sinking.

In response to such a report, the headquarters lost in the  topic of the celebration.

“No way, I did not think we could easily get this far”

“Yes, this seats for celebrations will be magnificent”

“There is nothing more than a minor damage … but, on the other hand, every single ship  is being  sunk and this is a great victory in history.”

“That’s why the name of the general commander remains in history. Oh, if I were the commander, I would be a celebrity at once!!”

“Haha, you may have been withdrawing without fighting in total command?”

“Indeed! I was withdrawing immediately if I was the general commander! Hahaha.”

At that time, they were convinced of the victory.

That thought dulls judgment.

And they were wasting precious time like my own life.

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