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Chapter 101: 101 The First Region of Mt. Six-Peaks

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101 The First Region of Mt. Six-Peaks

Mt. Six-peaks was only a small area in the Daxing Mountains, but it was not small.

The Nineteenth Squad was in charge of the first region, and the other squads were in charge of the last five regions.

In the early years, the first region had been occupied by powerful Beasts. However, after so many years, most of them had been eliminated.

What was left was a bunch of Beast survivors with strong survival abilities.

Of course, it was also because the path had been cleared by predecessors that the danger in the first region was lower. Therefore, the resources that could be harvested were also much less.

Huo Hua explained the situation of the first region, the common Beasts, their weaknesses, and their lairs to Su Bai along the way.

“You must be careful if you find a Beast you’ve never seen before.” Huo Hua said seriously. “Further ahead, there are 11 teams in charge. You have to report to me if there’s anything unusual.”

“Yes, sir!” Su Bai nodded.

The military at the front line had learned countless lessons. Only then did they set up the rules.

This was especially true for areas where no one had ever set foot. The unknown was the most likely situation for accidents to occur.

As they entered the first region, the vegetation was dense, and they could hear some sounds from time to time. However, Huo Hua was already used to it.

After they got out of the car, they continued on foot.

“Follow me.” Huo Hua suddenly increased his speed.

There were no concrete roads in the first region. Su Bai followed behind Huo Hua, not daring to fall behind.

They had already climbed over a small hill and circled to the center of the first region. The terrain along the way was steep, and Su Bai would fall behind if he was not careful.

“Not Bad! You’re in good shape, kid.” Huo Hua praised Su Bai.

Huo Hua intentionally sped up to test Su Bai. To his surprise, Su Bai kept up with him, kept an eye on the surroundings, and was always on alert.

Huo Hua remembered when he was still a newbie and had just joined the military. He was almost deafened by the scolding he had received a month ago.

“Get down!”

“Yes, sir!”

The two suddenly slowed and soon saw a group of Beasts, the Fire Civets.

It was afternoon, and a dozen Fire Civets were leisurely looking for lice on their companions’ bodies. At the same time, Huo Hua and Su Bai were standing on both sides, keeping an eye on their surroundings.

“The Fire Civet can be considered a holdout in this place. An adult Fire Civet was very agile. When it’s in danger, it’ll be covered in flames and turn into a walking fireball,” Huo Hua said.

He added, “When you’re on your own and if you don’t have absolute confidence, don’t mess with more than three Fire Civets. Otherwise, you’ll be roasted.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Let’s continue.”

Su Bai followed Huo Hua to other places, and Huo Hua introduced all kinds of Beasts to Su Bai. He also answered all the questions Su Bai asked in detail.

They did not have much time left, Huo Hua brought Su Bai down the mountain and back to the camp at dusk.

“Oh, right, you still have to pick a weapon. Follow me.”

The two left the Ninth Legion’s station and came to the main camp. This was the place in charge of various matters.

For example, he would come here every month to receive his salary.

Everyone knew about the rich benefits of a soldier and was greedy for it.

A C-rank soldier like Su Bai could get a salary of $10,000,000, one hundred Bronze-grade Beast-cores, and ten Silver-grade Beast-cores monthly.

“I don’t know how to use Beast-cores to make things. What’s the use of getting them?” Su Bai asked.

Huo Hua was stunned for a moment. Then, he laughed and said, “I almost forgot that you graduated early. Beast-cores are useless to Beastmasters below Silver-level. Still, Silver-level Beastmasters can use the Beast-cores to expand their own Beast spaces.”

This kind of knowledge could be learned in schools. However, Su Bai’s time in school was shorter than he spent in the youth camp.

“Not only that, if you don’t know how to use Beast-cores, you can also learn from the military. There are specialized instructors to teach you. It’s just that you’ll have to spend money. You don’t need to go there for the time being. You should get used to life here,” Huo Hua patiently explained.

After walking around the main camp, the two returned to the squad’s camp.

It was dark, and most of the squad members had already returned.

When they saw Su Bai by Huo Hua’s side, they all looked at him.

“Huo Hua, where did you find this follower?”

“New face? Is he a newcomer?”

“Come on, no one but a fool would come to our rotten place.”

“Keep it down, don’t let Captain Huo hear you.”

Everyone was having fun until Huo Hua coughed.

After the serious announcement that Su Bai was a new member, everyone was stunned.

“I take back my words… Bro, I’m not saying that you’re an idiot.”

“Damn, there’s actually a newcomer!”

“Our legion’s reputation has been restored?!”

Huo Hua rolled his eyes at them. He said, “Don’t try to act all high and mighty here. Are you going to be responsible for scaring the newbies?”

Only a few higher-ups knew about Su Bai’s background. The team members were not surprised to see him join the military at such a young age.

On the contrary, they had a look of pity.

“Poor little kid, you’ve come to us at such a young age. It must have been hard on you.” A tough-looking Beastmaster pretended to cry. He added, “Hurry up and tell me, how did they swindle and bring you here?”

A Beastmaster in his thirties chimed in, “Haha, I remember that the last newbie in our team was you.”

“I know, I know. Don’t look at how tough this guy is. In the end, he was so scared that he peed his pants on his first mission!”

“Hahaha, I remember now!”

Huo Hua’s face was blackened.

‘It wasn’t easy to get a new person. All I wanted was to show off the upperclassmen’s grace and build their great image in front of Su Bai. These guys messed it up, and my efforts were in vain.’ Huo Hua thought.

Su Bai just stood aside and smiled. He didn’t look like he had been disillusioned.

Perhaps it was because he had never imagined it.

“Captain, can I begin to take on the mission tomorrow?”

“Sure, the missions are basically the same. You need to kill 300 Beasts every month. After that, you can move freely. Go home or go to the main camp to learn something new. There’s no problem.”

Huo Hua was looking forward to the new guy. After all, it was not an exaggeration to call Su Bai a genius on his resume!

Soon, Huo Hua had something to do. He left Su Bai to this unreliable team and left the camp.

The other team members immediately surrounded Su Bai as soon as Huo Hua left.

Their eyes were like those of hungry wolves staring at a beautiful woman, making Su Bai shiver.

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