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Chapter 119: 119 Entering the Enemy's Stronghold Alone

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119 Entering the Enemy’s Stronghold Alone

“I wonder how Su Bai is doing?” Zhu Di asked anxiously.

However, after searching for a long time, the scouting Beastmaster found nothing. He could only bite the bullet and say, “Zhu Di, I don’t see Su Bai.”

“How could a person just disappear?!”

“I don’t know,”

The other two teammates were at a loss.

But after a while, Su Bai’s figure appeared before them, which relieved the nervous people.

“Where have you been?” Zhu Di immediately asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already gotten some information.” Su Bai said.

Su Bai told them everything he had heard about the third phase of the magic formation, the elders and the young lord of the Salvation Sect.

This news instantly caused an uproar in the team.

“We’re only in the second phase?! Wouldn’t Howl City be razed if the third phase is activated?” Zhu Di said with her eyes wide open.

“There’s no difference. They haven’t realized that they’re being followed. We have to keep moving and find their stronghold.” Su Bai said solemnly.

Everyone nodded in agreement, realizing this was the opportunity to break out of this situation.

The Salvation Sect’s magic formation would enter the third phase if this dragged on.

Then, the military would ultimately lose the initiative.

Immediately after, the small team followed the two Salvation Sect Beastmasters.

The key to this mission was whether or not they could successfully save Hao City.

The more critical the moment was, the more cautious Su Bai would be.

Fortunately, after going around in circles, the two Beastmasters felt safe, and their course of action started changing.

However, as the small team followed them to a secluded area, the Salvation Sect’s Beastmasters abruptly vanished, giving the scouting Beastmaster a huge scare.

“They’re gone!”

Upon hearing that, the squad immediately looked over.

The terrain was, as expected, wide and open. There were no hiding places besides a few large rocks on the ground.

The Salvation Sectists had suddenly disappeared as if they had evaporated from the world.

“An illusion? The magnetic field here is chaotic, and the walkie-talkie can’t be used.” Zhu Di said.

“You’re right. It’s an illusion,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai was certain that the two Beastmasters were covered by an illusion based on the senses of the Dream Larva in the Beast Space. This type of cover-up was not something that ordinary illusions could do.

It could only be done if a Beast of the illusion-type cast an Illusion Domain and covered the reality with illusions.

“What do we do? We’ll waste our efforts if we call for backup and the major magic formation isn’t here. We’ll even alert those guys from the Salvation Sect.” one of the squad members said.

“That’s right, we can’t just simply alert the enemies.” Zhu Di agreed. But they didn’t have any other choice.

However, verifying what they wanted without alerting the enemy was simply wishful thinking.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the temporary leader but suddenly remembered that Su Bai was just a newbie in the military and laughed at themselves helplessly.

But Su Bai had already made a plan in his mind and started to assign tasks, “Whose Beast is fastest?”

“It’s me.”

“How long will it take to get back to the camp?”

“If there’s no obstruction on the way, it’ll take less than half an hour.”

“Then you’ll be on standby. Zhu Di, you’ll be in charge of backing me outside. The rest will be handled by Zhu Di.”

“Su Bai, what’s your plan? We can’t get into the illusion at all unless…” Zhu Di frowned.

“Yes.” Su Bai looked at Zhu Di with a smile.

Zhu Di, who had reacted, was stunned. She recalled the sudden scene when they faced the bicephalic serpent. She immediately opened her mouth and was about to speak.

But Zhu Di didn’t expose Su Bai.

“Wait for my news,” said Su Bai.

After saying that, Su Bai took three steps and disappeared in front of everyone.

The squad members were shocked.

“What the f*ck? Su Bai, w-where did he go?”

“Illusion… Su Bai also has an illusion-type Beast!”

“He is indeed hiding his true strength. No wonder the captain dared to let Su Bai be the temporary captain.”

While Zhu Di was surprised, she was more impressed by Su Bai’s secrets.

On the other hand, Su Bai used Dream Larva’s Invisibility and slowly approached the spot where the Salvation Sect Beastmaster had disappeared.

As expected, Dream Larva suddenly had a reaction when Su Bai approached it.

‘This must be a domain created by illusions.’ Su Bai thought.

“Is there a way to get in?”

Su Bai had an idea.


The Dream Larva waved its short forelimbs a few times before it continued, “It’s a piece of cake.”

Seeing that, Su Bai didn’t speak nonsense. He believed that the Dream Larva would directly take a step forward. Then, it would be as strange as passing through a bubble. The scene in front of him had been completely changed.

From the outside, this was a barren land. Even Beasts were hard to see.

But now, after entering the Illusion Domain, there were tents set up here and countless people!

Su Bai didn’t dare to be careless. He sneaked behind the nearest cover.

It was only fitting to say Dream Larva was a top-notch illusion-type Beast. However, it had a fatal weakness. Its level was too low.

Suppose the Salvation Sect had a Beast of the same illusion-type with a higher level. In that case, it might sense the sudden appearance of outsiders.

Su Bai had to be wary of this, but at the same time, he couldn’t cower.

Looking at the people entering the stronghold, Su Bai quietly observed the guards ‘route.

Soon, he found a suitable opportunity to sneak into the stronghold.

The order in the stronghold was quite chaotic.

Some of them had quarrels and started fighting; some drank and shouted. From his observation, Su Bai was sure that this was only the periphery of the stronghold.

There were almost no Beastmasters with slightly higher status in the area.

Most of their Beasts were Iron or Bronze-level, and only two were Silver-level.

Since this was not his purpose, Su Bai kept going.

Dream Larva’s skill, Invisibility, could only last ten minutes. After seven minutes, Su Bai hid in an empty tent in the warehouse.

After the Dream Larva had rested, Su Bai continued advancing toward the stronghold’s center.

It was impossible to say that he wasn’t nervous alone in the enemy camp.

Bearen in the Sigil could sense the other Beasts around it, and it was even more eager to fight.

“You better be obedient.” Su Bai smiled bitterly.

Seeing that the skill of the Dream Larva could be used very soon, two figures suddenly appeared at the door and strode into the warehouse. Su Bai was so scared that he held his breath.

Fortunately, the two of them didn’t have any Beasts with them.

Otherwise, they might have noticed Su Bai’s existence.

“F*ck, why should we do all the dirty and tiring work? Those f*ckers are all drinking!”

“Alright, alright, stop complaining.”

“Hey, can’t I just complain a little?”

“Sure, as long as you don’t let the young lord see you. Otherwise, you’ll have a good beating from him.”

“Uh … You’ve heard about it too?”


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