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Chapter 12

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Not Afraid of Anything in the World!

“He…That…What the f*ck?!”

“It’s too strong!”

“What kind of Beast is that Bearen?!”

“It shattered the wooden dummy with one palm. It’s even stronger than Rajager!

“Impossible… That’s impossible. Could it be that Bearen used an illusion skill?”

“Have you ever seen a Bearen that uses an illusion?”

“Yeah, Illucub can use illusions.”

“You idiot! That’s a whole different species!”

All the students in the class couldn’t believe it. It was simply outrageous to them!

It was only the first day of the academy, and no one would believe that there was a Beast that could smash a dummy into pieces.

One had to know that a Beast, under the care of someone like Chu Yiyun with a strong background, could only leave a scratch on the wooden dummy.

As for Bearen, not only did it enrage as soon as it appeared.

The moment it attacked, it directly shattered the wooden dummy.

Bearen was overpowered!

“How is that possible?” Li Ba and the others were dumbfounded and could not return to their senses for a long time.

Chu Yiyun, who was not far away, was the same. He had spent so much money on Rajager and was defeated by a Bearen.

The entire class was starting to doubt their lives.

Even Lu Xiaolin was amazed. This was something she had never experienced in her teaching career.

It was only the first day of the academy, and Su Bai had brought such a big surprise.

“Not bad, that Bearen,” Lu Xiaolin smiled at Su Bai and said, “Whether it’s potential or nature, it’s clear that it’s a Beast with extraordinary potential. You have to train it well.”

“I will, Ms. Lu.” Su Bai replied with a smile.

After a few days of absorbing electrical energy, Bearen’s level had long been Mid-4 Iron.

Naturally, the group of Beasts in the class could not be compared to Bearen.

Bearen was still looking at Rajager with a contemptuous and provocative expression.

However, Rajager did not dare to fight Bearen.

Rajager had been so frightened by Bearen’s strike that it had snuggled into Chu Yiyun’s arms.

After Bearen made its strike, the students of Elite Class Two had a whole new level of respect for Su Bai.

Some even had the intention to make friends with Su Bai.

They didn’t care if Su Bai was a commoner or not. After all, the fittest hold power in this world.

That infuriated Chu Yiyun even more.

After the class had finished their first round of training, they began the second class of the day.

Which was about Beastmaster’s talent!

Although Beasts were important, a Beastmaster’s talent was also equally important.

“Take Su Bai’s talent as an example.” Lu Xiaolin explained, “Su Bai’s talent Battle Up. He can increase his Beast’s battle will and its element in battle.

“Don’t think that a Beast’s battle will is useless. In fact, many Beasts will lose their will to battle because of their mental breakdown, and they will run away.”

The Beasts were not machines. They had their own emotions.

It was normal for the Beasts to be afraid of battle.

After all, a battle has its cruelty.

Even humans would be on the verge of collapse not to mention Beasts.

“Su Bai, please demonstrate your talent for everyone.”

Lu Xiaolin called out for Su Bai and then summoned her Beast, Foxaero, from her Beast Space, and the gray, whitish Foxaero appeared.

Then, it used cheeky movements to jump onto Lu Xiaolin’s shoulder.

“Su Bai, let your Bearen battle a round with Foxaero.” Lu Xiaolin directed Foxaero to run to the front and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll control Foxaero to avoid a real fight.”

Su Bai nodded and opened Foxaero’s information panel.

Name: Foxaero

Lineage: None

Level: Lower-3 Silver

Potential: Upper-8 Silver

Nature: Meek

Talent: Agile (B-Level)

Skills: Wind Blade (C-Level), Quick Tackle (D-Level), Quick Attack (B-Level)

‘It was no wonder Ms. Lu said they would avoid battling.

‘Even if Bearen’s potential was higher than Foxaero’s, there was no way to defeat it in the face of such a huge gap in strength.’ Su Bai thought.

Since it was just an attempt, Su Bai ordered Bearen to go forward.

It was about time.

During Bearen’s last battle with Madjackal, the unexpected pressure prevented Su Bai from using his talent.

Bearen’s nature was combative and it was not afraid of anything in the world.

That was why Su Bai’s B-level talent, Battle Up, seemed useless.

The two Beasts were facing each other, less than five meters apart.

“Everyone, keep your focus and pay attention to the changes in Bearen.” Lu Xiaolin was already prepared. She immediately said, “Su Bai, you can use your talent as you see fit.”

“Foxaero, prepare for battle!”

As soon as Lu Xiaolin finished speaking, Foxaero’s behavior changed from being aloof.


Foxaero let out an ear-piercing sound, and the change in aura made the present students shiver.

“Is this the power of a Silver-level Beast?”

“What a shocking aura!”

“Do you guys think Bearen can survive this? That’s a Silver-level Beast!”

“Definitely not. The difference in strength is too big.”

Everyone had the same thought now. The students did not have any confidence in Bearen.

There was no other reason.

In the face of such a huge difference in level, all external factors were useless.

That was what Lu Xiaolin wanted to show.

Lu Xiaolin lets the Silver-level Foxaero suppress Bearen. When Bearen was about to escape, Su Bai activated his talent.

Although the effect would be minimal, it would be fine if it reflected the effect of Su Bai’s talent.

“Everyone, look carefully…”

Lu Xiaolin had just opened her mouth and was about to give the students a lesson.

However, Lu Xiaolin did not expect that not only Bearen didn’t run away, but it also roared in defiance.


As Bearen roared, it opened its claws.

It looked like it was ready to fight and won’t back down.

Foxaero stood in place, and its sharp aura had dissipated completely. It was a little confusing, not because it was afraid of Bearen.

Lu Xiaolin was also confused. She immediately asked Su Bai: “Did you activate your talent?”

“No, I didn’t.” Su Bai shook his head.

“Then…” Lu Xiaolin’s lips twitched as she looked at Bearen. She thought. ‘Just like the saying, the more wit the less courage.’

At the same time, Lu Xiaolin was also amazed by Bearen’s current state.

Bearen could stand up against a Silver-level Foxaero without fear.

Lu Xiaolin only had one guess.

That was because of Bearen’s nature and extraordinary potential.

Otherwise, ordinary Beasts would have fled in fear and would not have been able to fight with their will.

Bearen slowly approached, and Foxaero did not dare to be careless.

Foxaero’s hair stood on end, taking a serious stance, ready to fight.

Lu Xiaolin immediately kept Foxaero in her Beast Space for everyone’s safety.

“Ahem, there’s a small situation.” Then, Lu Xiaolin explained to the students with a bitter smile, “Maybe Su Bai’s Beast is a little challenging, but it’s okay.

“The most significant difference between being a Supporter and other talents is that Supporters can use their talent on other Beastmasters’ Beasts.

“Any volunteers would like to come up and try to confront Bearen with your Beast?”

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