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Chapter 122: 122 Parasitic Bloody Vines

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122 Parasitic Bloody Vines

“That’s a lot of people to deploy. Is that really necessary?” the old man asked.

“I still think it’s too small.” The elder sneered. “The magic formation is about to be completed. We can’t afford to make any mistakes. That group of ants is enough to delay the military for a while. How’s the young lord?”

“He’s already eased a little, but activating the magic formation will take some time.”

“I see. You may leave.”

The people in the tent looked at each other and began preparing for the sacrificial ritual.

At the same time, Su Bai was hiding in the corner of the stronghold. He had just taken a rest in an invisible state.

Seeing the surrounding Beastmasters being mobilized, he believed that Zhu Di’s plan was already quite effective.

A large number of guarding Beastmasters were transferred away.

Only a few guards were left in the core area, and the intensity of the guarding was reduced by a lot.

Su Bai had the advantage before. He had figured out where the young lord’s tent was. When the time was right, he immediately started approaching.

Guards were standing on both sides of the tent, all Silver-level.

It could be seen that the Salvation Sectists had their eyes on the young lord, the medium of the magic formation.

Su Bai sneaked into the tent with the help of the Dream Larva, and the Beastmaster guards didn’t notice at all.

“I found you!”

A young man was lying on the bed. He had a calm expression, and if one looked carefully, he was handsome.

It was not as crazy as what Su Bai had seen before.

Su Bai stood aside, squinted his eyes, and put his hand on his palm. Whitey was ready.

But at that moment, the young lord opened his eyes, got up, and attacked Su Bai.

“We’ve been discovered!” Su Bai immediately dodged out of surprise.

He did not expect Dream Larva’s Invisibility to be seen through, but it was not as if he did not have a backup plan!

“Dream Larva, activate the Mirror of Illusion!”

As soon as Su Bai said that, a translucent wave expanded to fifty meters in diameter with Su Bai as the center, covering the semi-circle area on the ground.

This was already the maximum limit that the Dream Larva could currently activate.

The power of the S-Level skill, Mirror of Illusion, was terrifying. It directly isolated the two Silver-level guards who were not its target and sent them flying.

Only Su Bai and the young lord were left in the mirror.

“He actually managed to do that.” the young lord was surprised. At the same time, he smiled and said, “Interesting, a fascinating Beast!”

A Beast that could do such a thing had aroused the young lord’s desire.

“Give me your Beasts, and I’ll spare your life.”

“Are you insane?”

Su Bai didn’t expect that the young lord could still be so arrogant when he was alone and helpless.

Sure enough, people who took the wrong path would have crooked brains and couldn’t be saved!

“So, is it a yes or no?” the young lord’s face turned serious, and he shouted sternly, “Since you’re not willing, I have plenty of ways to make you obediently hand it over.”

As the young lord spoke, a thin blood-red vine slowly extended from his back to his chest.

After that, dozens of them appeared at the same time and wrapped around the young lord.

Su Bai was shocked at the scene.

The young lord seemed to have turned into a moving vine tree as he was wrapped by hundreds of blood-colored vines.

“Is that your Beast? It does have some quirks.” Su Bai forced himself to calm down and said.

At the same time, Su Bai immediately checked the virtual panel of the vine.

As expected, it was different from before.

Name: Bloody Vines

Level: Mid-6 Silver

Potential: High Diamond

Talent: Parasitism (Epic)

Element: None

Nature: None

Skills: Bloodlust (A-Level), Fury (A-Level), Pounce (A-Level)

The blood-red vines tightly wrapped around the young lord’s body. Under the blessing of the life force, a few blood-red flower buds even appeared.

The epic talent, Parasitism, was what amazed Su Bai.

It could parasite in a Beastmaster’s body, significantly increasing their various attributes.

Simply put, a Beastmaster’s relationship with his Beasts was that the Beastmaster controlled the Beasts to fight, with the Beasts as the main force and the Beastmaster as support.

However, the relationship between the young lord and the Bloody Vines was utterly different.

It was just the opposite. The young lord was like a puppet, controlled by the Bloody Vines.

Su Bai had heard of such a strange Beast.

Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but be a little amazed and a little disgusted at the same time.

“Are you begging for mercy? But unfortunately … It’s too late!” the young lord’s mad voice came through the Bloody Vines.

Su Bai had already released Bearen from his Sigil. Whitey hid in the dark, waiting for a chance to strike like a real assassin.

“Beg for mercy? You can keep these words for yourself.” Su Bai smiled.

Su Bai retreated half a step and immediately became invisible, disappearing without a trace.

Although it was essential to end the battle as soon as possible, Su Bai must keep his guard up when facing the strange Bloody Vines.

As for the outside, Dream Larva had already guaranteed that it would be able to last for at least thirty minutes against a Gold-level Beastmaster once it was deployed.

“Little fellow, you’ve worked hard.”

Due to the Dream Larva overdrawing its mental strength, its invisibility skill was far from being as stable as before. It would often reveal Su Bai.

However, it was enough for now. Bearen would be on the main battlefield to restrain the young lord.

“Hahaha, do you think I won’t be able to find you if you hide?! I’ll suck all your blood, and become a part of me! This will be your greatest honor!” the young lord laughed madly.

Immediately after, his entire body hit Bearen like a cannonball.

Under the sudden and powerful impact, Bearen hit the edge of the Mirror of Illusion, and its Lightning Armor shattered like paper.

“What powerful strength!” Su Bai couldn’t help but sigh.

Under the protection of the Bloody Vines, the young lord was as terrifying as a human-shaped Beast.


Bearen, sent flying, was extremely angry, as if it had been provoked.

It had always been proud of its strength and couldn’t bear to lose anymore. Immediately, it landed on its four limbs and rushed toward the young lord.


The palm and the fist collided in an instant.

Su Bai’s eardrums hurt from the reverberating sound.

“Hahahaha, again, again!” The young lord was like a child who had found a toy, extremely excited.

In this contest of strength, Bearen was slightly inferior.

Blood seeped out of Bearen’s palm, but even though the Bloody Vines on the young lord’s palm were broken, it was quickly wrapped up by the extended vines again.

“Bearen, use Gigamax!”

Bearen couldn’t wait to use Gigamax with a command from Su Bai. Its body size instantly increased by three times.

At that moment, Soul Link had been activated silently. As Bearen charged forward, Whitey, who was hiding in the dark, also quietly approached the young lord from behind.

The young lord seemed to know they would surround him and stand there without moving.

Occasionally, the young lord would let out a creepy laugh.

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