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Chapter 125: 125 The Declining Howl City

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125 The Declining Howl City

“I didn’t see you when we were fighting, and you’re here now?”

“Hmph, who’s going to organize your military in the future?”

Standing next to Bing He and Gu Ling, Su Bai immediately felt a strong aura of anger.

The best plan was to escape!

Su Bai immediately sneaked away and found Feng Hai and Zhu Di. Right now, the stronghold had already been completely occupied by the military.

This was the difference between an organized military and an unorthodox military.

In a direct confrontation, a mere stronghold of the Salvation Sect would be destroyed with a single touch, and there would be no room for retaliation.

“Su Bai, I knew you could do it!” The squad member said happily.

The people around him were even more excited and said, “Our Nineteenth Squad has finally made a contribution. This is the first time!”

In previous years, the Nineteenth Squad had always been doing hard work.

Not to mention benefits, it was already good enough to be mentioned for helping.

Everything changed from that day onward.

They were the first to discover the Salvation Sect’s stronghold and successfully stopped the activation of the third phase of the magic formation.

It was a great contribution to the operation!


At that moment, a familiar voice was heard. Everyone looked over and saw that it was Huo Hua, whose abdomen was wrapped in a white cloth.

“Yo, Captain, why are you here?”

“You should rest. You couldn’t do anything here.” Feng Hai said with a smile.

“Yes, Captain. Thanks to Su Bai, we are in the limelight this time!”

“We have to celebrate when we get back!”

“Let’s drink until we’re drunk!”

“You fool.” Huo Hua said, rolling his eyes. “You’re always dozing off. It’s good enough that you can assist when needed. Don’t be so arrogant, and at the very least, learn from Su Bai.”

The leader’s authority could not be violated. Everyone was taught a lesson, but they could not hide the joy in their hearts.

“Captain, how’s the situation in the danger zone?” Su Bai asked.

“We don’t have to worry about the vines after getting rid of the magic formation. They will die from energy exhaustion.” Huo Hua said.

Huo Hua smiled, “Get ready. We’ll be going back to our camp soon. As for you, Su Bai… You don’t need to go back for the time being.”

“Why?” Everyone said in unison.

As the hero of this mission, he would undoubtedly be rewarded by the military.

“It’s none of your business. The governor of Howl City wants to see Su Bai in person.” Huo Hua coughed dryly, and he couldn’t help but smirk. “He’s probably just wanted to thank you properly. It’s nothing serious.”

Su Bai’s performance spread throughout the entire military, and even raised the name of Nineteenth Squad.

It could be said that they were in the limelight.

Huo Hua’s face hurt from all the smiling when he received compliments on his way here.

But he couldn’t lose his dignity as a captain. He put away his smile and said to Su Bai seriously, “When you see the governor of Howl City this time, don’t speak so casually.”

“Understood, sir.” Su Bai nodded.

The Salvation Sect’s stronghold had already been occupied, and the cleaning up of the mess was handed over to the logistics team.

Originally, Nineteenth Squad should have also participated in the logistics this time. However, due to their outstanding contribution, not only did they not have to do tiring work, but they were also given a lot of rewards.

And then, under the gazes of the crowd, Bing He and Gu Lin talked to Su Bai face to face and gave him the Medal of Honor.

Instantly, the surrounding soldiers revealed a trace of envy on their faces.

The Medal of Honor was a privilege that only soldiers who had made great contributions could receive.

And Su Bai was the only one who got it in this mission, proving the medal’s worth.

“Su Bai, your future is bright now.” Gu Lin’s face was full of joy, but then he suddenly changed the topic, “If you’re not happy in the Ninth Legion, you’re always welcome here!”

“Don’t worry! Su Bai is living a good life under my care!” Bing He stared.

Seeing that the two of them were about to start quarreling again, Su Bai quickly interrupted, “Are we going to enter Howl City later?”

“Yes, the governor of Howl City has heard about you and is eager to meet you.” Bing He said as he stroked his beard. “You’re still far too young. I’ll be with you. If something goes wrong, I can still assist.”

After Bing He finished speaking, he looked straight at Gu Lin. Clearly, there was another meaning in his words.

Gu Lin couldn’t be bothered with Bing He. He started to organize the team and prepared to return.

Then, Su Bai and Bing He got into a jeep and drove all the way to Howl City.

The plains along the way were still barren.

However, many non-Los Monstaria soldiers could already be seen. It was obvious that Howl City had also begun to clean up the mess in their city.

Soon, Bing He and Su Bai entered the checkpoint of Howl City. When they drove on the concrete road, Su Bai finally saw the face of Howl City.

The scale was not much worse than Los Monstaria. However, they had been reduced to guarding the city gates.

To relieve his boredom, Bing He also talked a lot about Howl City.

More than eighty years ago, the Beastmasters of Howl City had gathered, their strength far surpassing the current Los Monstaria, but they suffered heavy losses in a battle.

Coupled with the lack of a successor, it led to its decline year by year.

For example, the current Howl City governor was only a Platinum-level Beastmaster.

If not for their good relationship with Los Monstaria, Howl City was unable to break out of the difficult situation with its strength, which led to the crisis of the city’s destruction.

The world was cruel, and the only way to survive was to become stronger.

Su Bai looked at the broken high-rise buildings in the city center and sighed with emotion.

They arrived at a mansion.

Su Bai followed Bing He through the long corridor, pushed open the door, and came to the office filled with documents.

“Hey, what’s going on here?”

As Bing He spoke, he moved the pile of documents on the table away, revealing a figure.

“It’s good enough that I’m still alive.” said the governor as he pushed up his glasses and smiled bitterly.

Su Bai’s face was pale, his body was thin, and his voice was weak as if he would fall over with a breeze.

Su Bai couldn’t imagine that the person was the governor of Howl City.

“Alright, it’s useless to act pitiful to me.” Bing He pulled two chairs from the corner and sat down. “Tell your people to work harder in the future. The Salvation Sectists have already built their stronghold in your area and you didn’t even notice.”


The Howl City governor still smiled bitterly, and the dejection in his eyes could not be concealed.

Currently, Howl City’s military was seriously lacking in manpower, and the population in the city had sharply decreased in just a few decades.

It was already good enough that they could defend the city gate.

“Let’s not talk about this. Didn’t I ask you to bring Su Bai here?” The governor of Howl City stretched his neck and looked left and right, then asked, “Where is he? You didn’t bring him. ”

Bing He couldn’t help but laugh and introduce, “This is Su Bai, the one you wanted to see. He was the first one to discover the Salvation Sect’s base and even killed a key figure. He has made a great contribution!”

It was as if Bing He was showing off his child to an old friend, his smile was so bright.

“You’re not joking with me, right?” the governor asked. His eyes were dull and asked again, “Are you sure it’s him?”

“I’m sure. If I lied to you, I would change my name!”


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