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Chapter 13

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The Divine Beast’s Embarrassing Descendant

After Lu Xiaolin voiced her thoughts, the atmosphere in the training hall started to become a little off.

It seemed like no one was willing to let their Beasts fight.

That was normal because Bearen’s nature and strength were evident to all.

If one’s Beast were to get injured during the battle, it would be a significant loss for the Beastmaster.

“Everyone, don’t worry.” Lu Xiaolin was aware of the surroundings. She consoled her students, “I’m here. I won’t let any of your Beast be harmed.”

Even though Lu Xiaolin assured them, none of the students took the initiative to step forward.

No one wanted to be the first to stand out.

Just as Lu Xiaolin was at her wits ‘end, Chu Yiyun suddenly stepped forward.

“Ms. Lu, I’ll do it,” said Chu Yiyun. Then, he glared at Su Bai with a fierce look.

Chu Yiyun refused to believe that his Rajager had lost to a mere Bearen.

‘Rajager had only underestimated Bearen before, but now that Rajager had pulled itself together, it would definitely be able to turn the tables.’ Chu Yiyun thought.

“Then let’s have Chu Yiyun demonstrate for everyone,” said Lu Xiaolin.

Lu Xiaolin sighed in relief when she saw that someone had finally broken the silence.

Chu Yiyun stood opposite Su Bai and said with a cold smile, “Tell your Beast to be careful. Don’t blame me if it gets hurt.”

Su Bai shrugged with a smile.

‘Just now, someone’s Beast had been so scared that it had crawled into its master’s arms.

‘Now that it had calmed down, it felt it could do it.’ Su Bai thought.

“Damn you, Su Bai. Just wait and see!” Li Ba jumped out like a clown and shouted, “Rajager has a noble bloodline. How could it be afraid of a Bearen!”

The noble bloodline Li Ba was talking about was the Empeger bloodline.

Rajager was a descendant of a branch of the Empeger bloodline.

Even though Rajager was a descendant after many generations, it still had the remaining power of Empeger in its blood.

Empeger was one of the divine Beasts.

According to the historical records, when Empeger was hatched, all the races submitted to it.

However, the number of Beastmasters who had seen Empeger was only a handful.

As of now, there weren’t any that had been tamed by Beastmasters. On the contrary, Empeger’s descendants still existed.

Regarding that, Lu Xiaolin had seen the strength and courage of Bearen, but she was still more optimistic about Rajager.

After all, it was a branch of Empeger’s bloodline. Even though Rajager was a very far branch of descent to the point that there was only a thin trace of power left, it was still a descendant of a divine Beast.

“Hmph, Rajager, go!” Chu Yiyun snorted coldly and gave the order.

The next moment, Rajager let out a deep roar and began to move towards Bearen with its claws.

All the students in the class were watching without blinking.

They wondered if Bearen’s combative nature was stronger or Rajager’s bloodline power was stronger.

Everyone was afraid of missing out on an exciting scene.

“Who do you guys think is fiercer?”

“Nonsense, it’s definitely Rajager!”

“Although Rajager is not as strong as Bearen, in terms of bloodline, Rajager is definitely more powerful.”

“I agree!”

“Rajager is the Empeger’s descendent, after all. It’s not something that can be faked.”

Almost everyone had the same thought but was still looking forward to it.

After all, Bearen was not even afraid of the Silver-level Foxaero.

Bearen looked at the approaching Rajager with disdain. With its strength, Bearen could easily send Rajager flying with a single slap.


Rajager seemed to have noticed that, and it began growling.

However, Rajager’s pride in its bones allowed it to continue moving forward.

The scene was filled with tension.

Even Lu Xiaolin was no exception to this. After all, it was her first time seeing such a scene.


Just as the distance between Bearen and Rajager was less than three meters, Bearen suddenly stepped forward, and Rajager jumped backward in fear.

Everyone had their jaws dropped, and they were all shocked.

Rajager had already lost before the match even started.

In stark contrast, Bearen was leisurely walking closer, and Rajager kept retreating.

Rajager retreated to Chu Yiyun’s side and hid behind him.

“You idiot! What are you afraid of? You are a descendant of Empeger!” Chu Yiyun was so angry that he cursed.

At that moment, Lu Xiaolin immediately said to Su Bai, “Quickly, activate your talent!”

Su Bai didn’t hesitate after he heard Lu Xiaolin’s instructions.

Su Bai immediately approached Rajager and activated his B-level talent, Battle Up.

A faint light landed on Rajager’s body.

This was the sign of the talent taking effect.

Chu Yiyun was unwilling to accept this, but he still hoped his Rajager would not lose to Bearen.

Under the effect of Su Bai’s talent, Rajager’s will recovered, and its strength increased significantly.

“You can do it, Rajager!” Chu Yiyun shouted.

Everyone watched how Rajager stood up again.

Rajager attracted the attention of countless pairs of eyes and once again walked in front of Bearen.

“Wow, Su Bai’s talent is pretty good!”

“I don’t know why, but I feel weird.”

“Yeah, even the Empeger’s bloodline power in Rajager couldn’t do anything.”

Everyone sighed with emotion.

But just when they thought Su Bai’s talent was working, an even more shocking scene appeared.

Rajager, which had arrived in front of Bearen, placed its forelimbs and head on the ground.

Rajager directly bowed its head to Bearen.

The students at present were all dumbfounded.

“What the heck. You’re Empeger’s descendent. What an embarrassment!”

“This is outrageous!”

“I don’t think anyone will believe me if I tell them what happened today.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, so this is Rajager.”

“If I were Chu Yiyun, I’d probably be vomiting blood by now.”

“Uh… Guys, look! Chu Yiyun is really vomiting blood.”

No one could accept that, let alone the master of Rajager.

Chu Yiyun couldn’t accept this reality. He spat out blood and fainted on the ground.

Chu Yiyun had spent a lot of effort and resources to raise Rajager, which became an embarrassment.

It was chaos in the present.

Li Ba and the others brought Chu Yiyun to the infirmary.

As for Su Bai, he held Bearen and looked at it helplessly. He said softly, “You did well. I’ll give you a treat when we get back.”

Hearing that, Bearen immediately cheered and waved its claws in joy.

It couldn’t wait to absorb electrical energy.

The farce was over, and so did today’s class.

Before everyone left, Lu Xiaolin still had something to say.

“The principal will personally come to give a lecture tonight. You are not allowed to be absent.”

Hearing that, everyone also realized that they couldn’t be careless.

This academy had a long history and produced a few powerful Beastmasters. As many as a thousand of the Beastmasters were Gold-level and above.

And the current principal was a Diamond-level powerhouse!

A Diamond-level Beastmaster could break mountains and fill oceans with just the Beasts they had.

To have such a strong person to teach them was something that could not be done no matter how much money one had.

No one would be stupid enough to miss it.

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