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Chapter 135: 135 A Town in the Spiral Realm

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135 A Town in the Spiral Realm

In most cases, Beasts with a good nature would be the best choice and they would be loyal to their Beastmaster.

As such, even if the Beastmaster died, his Beast would choose not to acknowledge another Beastmaster for the rest of its life. The Sprite Fox was one of them.

However, after seeing the boundless mental energy of the Dream Wing, the Sprite Fox actually had the intention to surrender.

It was beyond Su Bai’s expectations. More like a bombshell that made everyone’s mind blown.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take care of you for the time being. I’ll take my leave.”

After that, Su Bai immediately left. He left behind a group of people who were about to go crazy.

“Is he out of his mind?!”

“You don’t even want a Gold-level Beast. Give it to me if you don’t want it!”

“Don’t you have any shame? The Sprite Fox might not even agree to it if someone else gives it to you.”

“Who is this guy? Does anyone know him?”

“He’s definitely not from our side. Look at his outfit, I think he’s from Los Monstaria!”

“Who in Los Monstaria knows him?”

In a short half an hour, everyone felt like they were in a dream. It was completely surreal.

At the same time, Teng Yuan gathered the team and the previous group of people, looking at Su Bai’s back with greed.

“Are you sure? He just broke the Sprite Fox’s illusion in an instant.”

The team members were all worried when they heard the plan.

“What are you afraid of?” Teng Yuan glared at him and said. “If I say it’s possible, then it’s possible. No matter how capable he is, can he defeat so many of us?”

“Zhang, say something.”

When the captain of the other team, Zhang, heard about Su Bai, his expression became uncertain.

In his eyes, Su Bai’s strength was unfathomable.

It was a bit of a fantasy to want to rob.

However, when he recalled the reward Su Bai got from the Sprite Fox, he made up his mind. “If you have a reliable plan, I’ll definitely support you!”

“Alright!” seeing that the other party agreed, Teng Yuan was in a good mood. “After it’s done, we’ll split it 50 – 50.”

“Then it’s a deal!”

The two groups of people were happy and harmonious as if they were not the same group as the ones who had almost fought before.

On the other hand, Su Bai had already gotten rid of the people behind him.

It would be a lie if Su Bai said he’s not tempted in getting a Gold-level Sprite Fox and its entire group.

But at the same time, Su Bai also understood that the Sprite Foxes were submitted to Dream Wing, not him.

This was a huge taboo for Beastmasters!

Dream Wing was now flying freely in the vast Beast Space and it was in a good mood.

If it knew that it had a group of fans, it would be even more excited.

Su Bai collected his thoughts and carefully checked the reward.

One was an A-Level skill book, and the other was a B-Level skill book.

Rock Hard (B-Level)

Cause the surface of the skin as hard as a rock, resisting a large amount of elemental damage, has little effect on physical damage.

Gale Breaker (A-Level)

Unleash a wind blade and its power increases based on the Beast’s attribute. The effective range is 20 meters.

These were all good Beast skills.

However, Rock Hard was useless to Su Bai, but Gale Breaker was very suitable for Whitey, who had strong offensive power.


Crackantula has learned the A-Level skill, Gale Breaker!

Whitey danced with joy as it had obtained another skill.

It impatiently found a Beast on the side of the path and released a Gale Breaker.


The Gale Breaker’s power was far more terrifying than Su Bai had imagined.

The Beast that was hit was of Silver level, and before it could react, its head was already cut off.

Furthermore, the speed at which the Gale Breaker was released was extremely fast.


Bearen, who was in the Sigil, noticed that and was extremely jealous of Whitey’s new skill.

“The other skill doesn’t suit you. I’ll definitely find you a suitable one next time.” Su Bai comforted Bearen with a smile.

Bearen already had the Lightning Armor, so he was in conflict with the skill Rock Hard. Thus, there was no need to waste it.

A B-Level Beast skill book could be sold for at least $10 million. It was a considerable amount of income.

Other than the two skill books, there were also 60 Silver-grade Beast-cores and 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores.

‘As expected of an A-rank challenge, the reward was indeed generous.’ Su Bai thought.

After putting all the items away, Su Bai continued on his way.

The sky was getting dark. Most of the Beastmasters had a hard time moving forward. They had a solid grasp of the Beastmaster’s skill Conductus, but they still couldn’t catch up to Su Bai.

More than an hour later, Su Bai came to a small town in the barren land.

This was a place specially built for the Beastmasters who came to train, a place to rest.

The only difference was that the fees here were not real currency, but Beast-cores.

“Hey, would you like a bottle of sweet spring water? It’s not expensive, only 10 Iron-grade Beast-cores!

“Finally, the first customer. Come and have a seat!”

“Are you hungry? I have a special spicy noodle here, I guarantee you’ll have a good time eating it!”

“Hi, handsome! I have new fashionable clothes here. If you’re interested, you can come and take a look. I guarantee that it won’t be expensive or cheap!”

The merchants in the town were all ordinary people.

They entered the Spiral Realm to do business through the auction.

As everyone knew, a piece of mantou in a scenic spot could be sold at a price ten times higher than normal.

Not to mention in this desolate Spiral Realm.

Many had spent a lot of money to enter the Spiral Realm, so they had to make a lot of money.

When they saw Su Bai, they stared at him as if they had seen a beautiful woman. It made Su Bai uncomfortable.

“I would like a single room please,” said Su Bai.

Since he arrived at an inn, he should find a place to rest.

“Alright.” The innkeeper took out the key and said, “Single room, 5 Bronze-grade Beast-cores per night. Would you like to pay on credit or pay now?”

It wasn’t the innkeeper’s first time doing business in a Spiral Realm. He knew the Beastmaster from the day before definitely didn’t have any Beast-cores. So, he mentioned credit.

It was the only way to secure customers on the first day.

But when Su Bai put the five Bronze-grade Beast-cores on the table, the innkeeper was so excited that he raised his voice.

“Pleasure doing business with you!”

A Beastmaster who could take out a Bronze-grade Beast-core on the first day was definitely a big customer to the innkeeper!

The innkeeper immediately led Su Bai to a single room.

“If you need anything, just ring the bell. We’ll provide the best and most efficient service!”


Su Bai looked at the bell on the wall and smiled.

The conditions in the Spiral Realm’s town were naturally not as good as those in the real world, and there was no convenience of wireless communication.

Bearen had to make do with it for now. There wasn’t any electricity in this place that it liked.

After the innkeeper left, Bearen couldn’t wait to come out of the Sigil. It couldn’t find its favorite plug on the wall for a long time, so it immediately lowered its head in depression.


Finally, it ran to the bed and clung to Su Bai.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard it asking for comfort like a child.

Whitey, on the other hand, was quite disdainful of that.

Soon, the sky turned completely dark.

The first batch of Beastmasters finally arrived, and the originally quiet town instantly became lively.

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