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Chapter 14

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The Superior-Blue Grade Thundergod Bracers


$3 million has been transferred to your account. Please check and acknowledge!

Su Bai picked up his phone after his shower. He couldn’t hide the excitement on his face.

Since the allowance for entering the elite class was given out, Su Bai planned to spend some later.

Bearen, on the other hand, was hugging the wire and gnawing at it as if its life depended on it.

Other than the notification of the payment, there were also many texts from unknown numbers inviting Su Bai to meet up for a meal.

There was a hint of recruitment in those texts.

The incident of Bearen scaring Rajager out of its wits in the training hall had already spread throughout the academy.

It caused a sensation in the academy.

The forums were flooded with comments.

[Who is Su Bai? I’ve never heard of him.]

[Impossible! Rajager is a descendant of a divine Beast!]

[I don’t believe it. How can Bearen be better than Rajager?]

Without exception, the battle between Bearen and Rajager was too absurd.

It was to the extent that everyone was still skeptical.

Su Bai didn’t care much about it.

It didn’t matter to Su Bai whether people believed him or not. He didn’t want to be in the limelight as well.

After washing up, Su Bai brought along Bearen and left the academy to the city’s largest commercial district.

When Su Bai and Bearen got out of the car, they saw the lights shining among the skyscrapers. It was Su Bai’s first time here since he entered the city.

Life in a big city was indeed different.

At this hour, it was already bedtime for most of the citizens.

Su Bai picked the largest equipment store nearby.

All kinds of Beast equipment could be seen through the window.

“Lu, why didn’t you go and greet the customer?” The new saleswoman asked immediately when she saw Su Bai was not welcomed.

The lady called Lu sneered as she looked at the young man walking in.

“Ling, you must have a good eye in our line of work.” Then, Lu pointed at Su Bai’s clothes and said in disdain, “Look at that guy’s tattered clothes and his age. Can he afford the things in our shop? It’s good enough that we didn’t chase him out. How can we entertain him? ”

Hearing that, the young saleswoman who was being scolded frowned slightly.

This was her first job.

As an ordinary person, the young saleswoman was treated with unkind words and ridicule in this society.

However, she didn’t want to be associated with ill-attitude people.

So the young saleswoman walked to Su Bai without hesitation. She put on a professional smile and asked, “Hello, sir. Welcome to our professional Beastmaster equipment store. Can I help you with anything? ”

It was the first time Su Bai had entered such a store in more than ten years.

There were so many items to choose from. When Su Bai wanted to look for a shop assistant, one just happened to come.

“I’m looking for 50 kg of refined iron. Do you have it?” Su Bai asked.

“Right this way,” said the young saleswoman.

With the help of the saleswoman, it didn’t take long for them to locate the shelf.

Su Bai was delighted with the weight of the refined iron in his hand.

Su Bai bought refined irons because he discovered that after the Beast Space was simplified and could be expanded by running. The more he ran, the more space he could expand.

At the same time, there was an additional hidden setting. Which was carrying weights!

The last time Su Bai returned from the town, he was carrying the gifts the townspeople gave him.

It was a tiring journey because many tiny bags were in Su Bai’s backpack and weighed at least 30 to 40 kg.

It wasn’t an exaggeration. After all, this was the goodwill of the hundreds of townspeople.

After returning to the dormitory, Su Bai realized that the trip had helped expand the Beast Space more efficiently than running several laps around the town!

Therefore, Su Bai decided to buy refined iron to carry weight before he came.

In fact, many students would buy equipment for carrying weight to strengthen their physique.

However, most students would not be so exaggerated to start with 50 kg. Instead, they would begin with 2.5 kg, 5 kg, and 15 kg.

That was because the foundation of the Beast Space was the Beastmaster’s physical strength.

When a Beastmaster’s physical strength was sufficient, only then would he or she be able to withstand a larger Beast Space.

“Are you sure about buying 50 kg of refined iron?” The young saleswoman asked, “Judging by your age, you must be a student in the academy. Our official guide here recommends you use 5 kg of refined iron.”

“It’s okay. I’d like to have 50 kg of it.” Su Bai refused.

Since Su Bai insisted, the saleswoman did not continue to dissuade him.

The price of refined irons was considered very cheap here.

50 kg only cost $3,000, and Su Bai bought five sets at once.

When purchasing Bearen’s equipment, Su Bai would not save on it.

If Beastmasters were like the drivers of excavators, then the Beasts were the machines.

No matter how skilled the driver was, there was no way to operate the old, broken excavator.

“Do you have any budget for buying your Beast’s equipment?” the young saleswoman asked.

“Mmm… Between $500,000 to a million? And I want something with an electric element. Thanks.” said Su Bai.

“Huh?” Hearing that, the young saleswoman was dumbfounded.

‘$500,000 to a million? That’s a considerable sum of money.

‘This young student was criticized by Lu earlier, but he had such a large sum of money. Am I dreaming or something?’ the young saleswoman thought.

Although the young saleswoman didn’t believe Su Bai could take out so much money, she still treated him professionally.

The young saleswoman introduced the equipment with an electric element in the store.

“This is the latest electric element equipment in the shop. It’s made from the bones of a high-level Beast, Dorama. It’s very sturdy and costs $800,000.” said the young saleswoman.

“Hmm… It’s a little ugly, and its selling point is its sturdiness?” Su Bai asked.

“There’s other electric-type equipment here. It’s the most popular equipment this year…

“And this Lightning Spear. A Beast can equip it and control it at will, unleashing…”

The saleswoman introduced several products in a row.

But Su Bai kept shaking his head. He wasn’t satisfied at all.

Then, a piece of equipment with a bright metallic luster appeared and attracted Su Bai’s attention.

“This is…” The saleswoman said with some hesitation, “The Thundergod Bracers just arrived at our store. It might be out of your budget because it costs $1.1 million.

“But don’t worry, we have something similar to Thundergod Bracers in our store. If you want it, I can go to the warehouse and get it…”

Su Bai didn’t listen to the young saleswoman. He had already opened the Thundergod Bracers’ information panel.

Name: Thundergod Bracers

Grade: Superior-Blue

Charge: 0/1000

Effect: Able to store a large number of electric energy in advance and instantly release them under the control of the Beastmaster!

Price: $1.1 million

It was as if this equipment was tailor-made for Bearen, allowing Bearen to display its full potential.

The equipment quality was divided into Rough-Gray, Normal-White, Great-Green, Superior-Blue, Epic-Purple, and Legendary-Orange grades.

On the other hand, the Thundergod Bracers were considered Mid level equipment.

An idea flashed in Su Bai’s mind, and He decided to buy Thundergod Bracers.

“I’ll take this. Please pack two of them,” said Su Bai.

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