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Chapter 151: 151 I’m Simply Talented Than You

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151 I’m Simply Talented Than You

“But you… Weren’t you doing push-ups just now?”

It seemed a little funny at that moment.

True enough, the people around had seen it clearly. Su Bai was only doing push-ups and had never meditated. To them, it was not possible to suddenly master a little of the Spiral Realm stone stele.

“It’s probably because I’m only slightly more talented than you all.” Su Bai smiled.

Everyone was unhappy about what Su Bai said.

The word slightly had caused those one-in-ten-thousand geniuses from major cities angry and speechless.

“Su Bai, you said that the situation is critical. You’re not talking about leaving this place, are you? Are there any complications?” Xuanyuan Hong realized that and asked.

“That’s right.” Su Bai nodded and said, “I noticed that the boundary of the Spiral Realm is cracking. There is a Third Heaven other than the Second Heaven. The Beasts there are strange and will attack the boundary. They could even invade the First and Second Heaven.”

“There’s a Third Heaven?!”

Everyone was a little confused and couldn’t digest it all for a while.

According to Su Bai’s investigation, in three hours, the Beasts of the Third Heaven would invade the First Heaven. By then, hundreds of Beastmasters would be in danger.

“That’s impossible. All the Beastmasters who entered the Spiral Realm this time are elites of their respective major cities.”

“That’s right. How powerful can that group of Beasts be?”

“Su Bai, are you sure you didn’t see wrong?”

“You’re not exaggerating, are you? with so many Silver-level Beastmasters in the Spiral Realm, it’s enough to threaten the forces of a small city.”

“Shut up! Who has seen the Third Heaven before? You or Su Bai? Stop your nonsense!”

Everyone was still quite optimistic about this matter.

Su Bai just shook his head and smiled bitterly.

He was the only one who saw a group of strange Beasts gathering, including countless insect-type Beasts.

Su Bai walked to the old man and asked him about his parasitic Beast.

“If you want to see, then see for yourself.” the old man’s eyes were lifeless as he said in a daze. “My efforts are all gone, I only want to die.”

Without any hesitation, Su Bai cut open the dead Beast on the ground and found the parasitic Beast.

‘As I expected! It was the same insect-type Beast I saw in Third Heaven.’ Su Bai thought.

“Where did you catch them from?” Su Bai frowned. “It’s exactly the same parasitic Beasts in the Third Heaven.”

“I just happened to find these Beasts.” the old man said as he slowly looked up.

He wouldn’t answer the rest of the question, because parasitic Beasts were a strange thing, to begin with, and they were never taught to outsiders.

“F*ck, he’s still so stubborn even when he’s about to die. Let me pry open his mouth!” Zhu Hong shouted aggressively.

Just then, Su Bai stopped Zhu Hong and said, “Forget it. The most important thing now is to inform the Beastmasters in the First Heaven and join forces to fight the enemy. I’ll leave this to you.

Xuanyuan Hong asked, “Then what about you? If we can’t contact the outside world, then it will take at least a while before the exit of the Spiral Realm opens.”

The crux of the problem was how long this battle would last.

No matter how strong the few of them were, it didn’t mean the other Beastmasters were the same.

Moreover, they didn’t even know who their opponent was.

“Hmm.” Su Bai nodded. He had also thought about it.

Xuanyuan Hong’s train of thought was very similar to Su Bai’s, but he lacked information, so he could not make an accurate judgment.

“There’s no other way.” Su Bai spread out his hands and smiled bitterly. “We have to hold on. It’s fine if we’re discovered by the people outside. Maybe they’ll take the initiative to open the passage and rescue us. If not, we’ll have to fight to the death.”

“I understand.” Xuanyuan Hong nodded in agreement.

The two of them exchanged glances as if they wanted to see through each other’s thoughts.

Xuanyuan Hong had been paying attention to Su Bai for a long time. He was obviously interested in him. Su Bai was the same.

Among this group of people, Xuanyuan Hong seemed to have a natural affinity with them, and the others subconsciously followed his lead.

But from their brief contact, it wasn’t a natural affinity, but it was intentional.

After that, everyone began to discuss some countermeasures.

Su Bai pointed at the ground with his index finger, and a ripple appeared on the ground. He said, ” the entrance has been opened. You guys can go back now. I have to stay here to continue observing the situation of the Third Heaven.”

“Take care, Su Bai,” said Xuanyuan Hong.

After that, Xuanyuan Hong led the group through the light screen and disappeared from the Second Heaven.

“Next, I should go to the Third Heaven,” said Su Bai.

After everyone left, Su Bai stretched his arm and glanced at the old man.

The old man’s eyes were so wide that they looked like they were about to pop out at any moment. He stammered in surprise, “Y-Y-You’ve completely mastered the stone stele?”

“You have keen eyes. If that’s the case, all the more I shouldn’t let you live.” Su Bai sneered.

The old man was the one who had truly comprehended a little of the Spiral Realm’s Stone stele. This was an achievement that he had spent decades achieving.

However, never in the old man’s dreams did he expect that the smiling young man in front of him had actually surpassed him in half a day and snatched the stone stele away.

The old man seemed to have figured it out and laughed madly, “No wonder… Hahahaha… I’ve already noticed that something was wrong. That power was so majestic that I’d never seen it in my life. You…”

Before the old man could finish, Su Bai opened the entrance to the Third Heaven and let Bearen bring the old man in.

Su Bai was too lazy to listen to the old man’s nonsense.

At the same time, in the conference room in the real world.

The Spiral Realm had been open for three days, but the governors and higher-ups in the conference room were all showing signs of impatience.

The reason was that the equipment used to observe the Spiral Realm suddenly overloaded and broke.

Even with the efforts of more than a dozen master alchemists, they still couldn’t repair the machine.

They could only stare at each other.

Looking at the gray screen, someone soon couldn’t help but shout, “Just how long will it take to fix it? It’s taking so long. It can’t be on purpose, right?”

“It’s not that we don’t believe in Great Ming City. If your city’s manpower is not strong enough, we, from the Ancient City, are willing to send people to help.”

“We, from North City, would do the same.”

Seeing the commotion, the Great Ming City’s governor stood up and explained, “Everyone, it’s not that the people of my city are deliberately stalling for time, but there have been some changes in the Spiral Realm. Please be patient.”

Soon, a woman in uniform walked into the meeting room and whispered, “Mr. Governor, we’ve found the cause of the malfunction. The Spiral Realm has suddenly lost control. Perhaps, It’s because the time limit is up.”

“Are you sure?” the Great Ming City’s governor frowned.


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