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Chapter 16

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The Principal’s Open Lecture

In Elite Class Two, the students didn’t dare to make a single sound.

Only the sound of Lu Xiaolin writing on the blackboard was clear.

After she finished writing, the blackboard was filled with basics about Beastmasters.

Her handwriting was clear and neat.

“The three basics of a Beastmaster!” Lu Xiaolin pushed up her glasses and started today’s class.

The entire class immediately focused their attention, not daring to be distracted.

Standing behind the students was the principal of the academy, Kong Jie.

He was one of the most influential people in the city, and his countless achievements made people admire and respect him.

Once, Los Monstaria experienced an attack by many Beasts.

Kong Jie charged into approaching Beasts alone.

When he reappeared, he was holding the head of a Low Diamond level Beast!

It shocked all the Beastmasters in Los Monstaria.

Without a doubt, Kong Jie’s strength was obvious to all. He had made countless contributions to Los Monstaria.

The students were under much pressure in front of such an important figure.

Everyone held their breath and listened to Lu Xiaolin’s lecture seriously.

After it ended, the main event finally came.

“Everyone, let’s welcome the principal to the stage.”

After Lu Xiaolin finished speaking, she took half a step back and made room for Kong Jie.

Intense applause followed.

Kong Jie, on the stage, looked at the students below.

He first greeted them and began his speech, “I’m delighted with the students this year. Everyone is working hard to become a qualified Beastmaster, protecting the citizens of Los Monstaria.

“If there’s anything you don’t understand about training or Beasts, I can answer them one by one.”

While they were talking, Lu Xiaolin noticed that Su Bai was yawning in the corner of the classroom.

She immediately became a little anxious.

‘This was the principal’s open lecture. How could Su Bai be so careless?

‘Can’t he be more serious and leave a good impression on the principal?’ Lu Xiaolin thought.

“What’s up with that student?”

“The principal is here to give a lecture. How dare he be so rude?”

“The principal must have noticed him. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong.”

The teachers who had come for the principal’s open lecture mumbled softly.

This was a rare opportunity that many people could only dream of to have Kong Jie answer their doubts.

Fortunately, Kong Jie, who was standing on the podium, did not look displeased at all. Everyone was relieved.

During the lecture, everyone was eager to ask questions, from knowledge related to Beasts to expressing their admiration and respect.

“I’ve long heard of your reputation, and you have inspired me to become a Beastmaster since I was young!

“It’s Los Monstaria’s honor to have a Beastmaster like you,” said Chu Yiyun.

The students and teachers around twitched their mouths.

To them, Chu Yiyun’s words were nothing more than flattery.

Kong Jie agreed with a smile, but he was shaking his head in his mind.

As someone in a high position, Kong Jie was already tired of such flattery, but he didn’t make an example in class. Instead, he began the final part of his lecture.

“You all are still in the early stages of exploration. The best way to directly express your potential as a Beastmaster is the size of the Beast Space.

“We’ll be holding a small competition next.”

As Kong Jie spoke, Lu Xiaolin brought a piece of exquisite equipment over and placed it on the podium.

“This device can test the size of everyone’s Beast Space. The winner will receive a mysterious reward.”

As soon as Kong Jie said that, the students below the stage were instantly excited.

Kong Jie’s reward was definitely something that would make everyone’s eyes light up.

“My Beast Space isn’t big, but it’s definitely bigger than most people!”

“Sigh… If I had known earlier, I would’ve bought more tonics.”

“It would be great if we compared the stage of our Beasts. That’s my strength.”

The students had a discussion animatedly. Some were so excited that they couldn’t wait, while others were disappointed they had no chance.

As for Su Bai, he was still yawning and feeling sleepy.

After all, he had just run a few rounds with 100 jins of refined iron and was already exhausted.

At this moment, Lu Xiaolin walked to Su Bai’s side and reminded him, “Su Bai, what’s wrong with you? Wake up. This is the principal’s open lecture.”

Su Bai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m sorry. I ran a few laps earlier and am a little tired.”

‘How could he be so tired after running a few laps?’ Lu Xiaolin shook her head helplessly.

‘Although the principal didn’t look unhappy, who knew what he was thinking?

‘No matter what, we had to be more alert.

‘We had to leave a good impression on the principal.’ Lu Xiaolin thought.

Soon, the students in the class began to go up the stage one by one to test the size of their Beast Space.


“Scanning complete. Your Beast Space is 0.21 square meters.”


“Scanning complete. Your Beast Space is 0.69 square meters.”

A series of mechanical voices sounded.

Lu Xiaolin’s face darkened. She did not expect the students in her class to be so lazy.

After a hundred years of change, the Beastmasters’ growth system was already very mature.

As long as the students who had just awakened worked hard and had the help of tonics, their Beast Space could easily reach 1 square meter.

However, most students in the class were below one square meter.

“A bunch of noobs. Let me show you my true strength.”

Chu Yiyun was very confident in the size of his Beast Space.

After he went on stage, he put his hand into the instrument.


“Scanning complete. Your Beast Space is 2.8 square meters.”

The mechanical voice sounded.

Suddenly, the students in the classroom were surprised.

“Chu Yiyun’s Beast Space has expanded to 2.8 square meters?!”


“It’s three times bigger than mine…!”

“I’m done for. I’ve lost first place.”

“Yeah. There’s no need to compete anymore. First place has already been taken by Chu Yiyun.”

Li Ba, who was Chu Yiyun’s underling, said proudly, “Can’t you see what kind of tonics you guys usually eat? My boss has been preparing to become a Beastmaster since a year ago.”

Even the teachers were satisfied with Chu Yiyun’s results.

After all, they were still students who had just started to explore.

A Beast Space of 2.8 square meters was already a sign of talent.

“Hmm, not bad.” Kong Jie nodded and praised Chu Yiyun.

Chu Yiyun’s smile became even more impudent when he received the principal’s praise.

‘I’ve got first place!’ Chu Yiyun thought.

As the students went up the stage alone, no one could surpass Chu Yiyun.

Until Su Bai finally stood up.

He lazily put his hand into the device.

“Su Bai! What do you have to compete with me this time!” said Chu Yiyun.

Chu Yiyun gritted his teeth and stared at the stage. He recalled the humiliation he had suffered in the afternoon and was determined to pay it back double.

Chu Yiyun achieved 2.8 square meters of Beast Space because he used expensive and rare tonics. His rich background was beyond comparison to countless people.

Su Bai was a commoner and could only exercise to keep fit.

However, such a method was only a drop in the bucket when used to expand the Beast Space.


“Scanning complete. Your Beast Space is 18.3 square meters.”

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