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Chapter 164: 164 The Arrangement in the Spiral Realm

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164 The Arrangement in the Spiral Realm

The Royal City was the human’s supreme city in this world, a city formed entirely of Beastmasters like Los Monstaria.

The ratio of ordinary people to Beastmasters was around 7:3. It could be seen that everyone in the Royal City had the combat strength of a soldier.

Su Bai did not know much about the Royal City because the information was not made public.

After understanding a little, Su Bai nodded and said, “So, other than obtaining more resources, what else can we get?”

“An opportunity.”

“To be honest, I’ve been to the outskirts of the capital once. Los Monstaria is like a mountain village in comparison,” Huo Hua said with a smile.

As he spoke, his eyes were filled with longing. To a Beastmaster, nothing was more tempting than an opportunity.

If Huo Hua had the chance, he really wanted to resign and go to the Royal City to make a living.

The territory owned by the Royal City was even vaster than those twenty major cities combined, and the number of talented Beastmasters was as numerous as ants.

Every day, there would be dazzling newcomers.

However, it would not be a problem for the Royal City, because these newcomers would often disappear silently in a short time.

There would be even more dazzling geniuses to replace the newcomers.

Huo Hua’s tireless words aroused Su Bai’s interest. They still had a long way to go, so Su Bai used the excuse of resting to pretend to sleep.

In fact, his consciousness had already entered the Fourth Heaven.

After the complete integration, the Fourth Heaven was a micro world, but compared to the First, Second, and Third Heavens, it was pitifully small.

The Fourth Heaven was now close to 500 square meters. After the training was simplified by the system, Su Bai could go through the whole area with just a thought.

“This is amazing!” Dream Wing was flying in the air relaxingly. It could feel the changes in the Fourth Heaven.

Su Bai could clearly feel that the energy here was more abundant than before. It was the best place for Beasts to train.

His consciousness passed through the barrier and arrived at the Third Heaven.

As per Su Bai’s instructions, the Dawn Queen had already started to move the nest to a corner at the edge.

Looking at the scale of over a thousand Beasts, Su Bai couldn’t help but feel awe.

He was controlling so many Beasts, he didn’t know if he was brewing a storm, or if he had a handful of pawns at his disposal.

In the eyes of the military, these thousands of Beasts were not enough, and completely wiped out in two to three days.

In other words, the number of Beasts would continue to increase in the future. Especially when Su Bai had asked the Dawn Queen to keep 30% of the Beasts alive.

A white figure appeared in front of the Dawn Queen.

“Master!” Dawn Queen knelt and greeted. It reported, “The current progress is smooth. It won’t be long before we could completely move out of the stone stele’s range.”

“Good.” Su Bai, who had turned into a white figure, nodded. He added, “In the future, don’t leave the territory I’ve assigned to you. If you need anything, just let me know.”

“Yes, master!”

“Be good and don’t let me down.”

After that, Su Bai’s white figure gradually left.

The energy in the Second Heaven was the purest and most concentrated compared to the other heavens, so the Beasts that lived there were more exquisite and prosperous.

Su Bai took out the Heroic Incense he got from the principal and planted it on the peaceful land.

The Heroic Incense was extremely rare. In fact, Su Bai had no use for it.

Bearen didn’t enter the Beast Space all year round. It liked to stay in the Sigil, ready to fight at any time.

Su Bai had only tamed Dream Wing not long ago, and its mental energy was enormous, so it couldn’t gain from the Heroic Incense.

Not to mention Whitey, it could always stay by Su Bai’s side after simplification.

Earlier, Su Bai was going to sell Heroic Incense. Since he wasn’t short of money for the time being, he decided to put the thought on hold for a while.

All in all, Su Bai finally found a place where the Heroic Incense could be used after getting a hold of the Spiral Realm.

For example, a plant with special energy could only grow in places with abundant energy. It couldn’t grow in the wilderness like in reality.

What Su Bai got was an entire stick of Heroic Incense. As long as it could provide energy to that special plant, it could continue to grow, even to the point of splitting!

This was not something Su Bai knew, but it was not a bad idea to plant it first.

After the Heroic Incense was put in place, the surrounding Beasts instantly sensed it and gathered from various places.

As the master of the Spiral Realm, Su Bai didn’t want the Heroic Incense he had just planted to be taken by the Beasts.

With the Heroic Incense as the center, a large area of land was marked as a forbidden area.

Sure enough, the gathered Beasts all stopped at the boundary and looked at the verdant Heroic Incense with longing.

After that, Su Bai went to First Heaven.

In comparison to the others, the First Heaven was what gave Su Bai a headache.

Because it was used as a training ground all year round, there was serious human interference. Most importantly, there were also many Sprite Foxs and other Beasts with high intelligence.

The biggest difference between them and the intelligent Beasts in the Second Heaven was that they had come into contact with other humans.

Therefore, if Su Bai tried to cheat, those Beasts might be seen through. So Su Bai just ignored them.

In any case, judging from the strength of the Beasts of the First Heaven, the biggest threat was the Sprite Foxes.

Su Bai’s consciousness soon locked onto the Sprite Foxs.

At this moment, the Sprite Fox was leading its kind and resting in a forest. They were playing around freely.

The Sprite Fox in the lead was lying on a huge rock, looking at the clear sky.

The vast world was just another cage for the Sprite Foxes.

Su Bai observed for a while and then opened a path to the Second Heaven by force three meters in front of the Sprite Foxes.

“Who did this?” the Sprite Fox sensed it and immediately became alert.

However, no one could answer Sprite Fox’s question. The energy in the passage slowly flowed out.

In comparison, the First Heaven should be considered a barren land. Its energy was a little higher than that of the real world, but there was no qualitative improvement.

The Sprite Foxes were lured to gather near the passage.

“Leader, what’s this…” one of the Sprite Foxes asked. It felt the abundant energy and said greedily, “Such rich energy. Just absorbing a little of it makes my whole body feel refreshed.”

“Yes, yes!”

“What if it’s a trap?”

“Leader, I want to go in!”

“No.” the leader of the Sprite Foxes refused. Although it was also tempted, it warned sternly, “We’ve already made a pact with the humans. We’re not allowed to leave the Spiral Realm.”

A pact was an iron law that could not be violated by intelligent Beasts.

‘There was such a thing?’ Su Bai thought for a moment. Then he brought Dream Wing from the Fourth Heaven to the Sprite Foxes.

After saying a few words to Dream Wing, it immediately began to move.

It cast Nightmare Cage on the Sprite Foxes, placing them in a beautiful sea of flowers, followed by a field of dusk that looked like the end of the world.


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