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Chapter 167: 167 Bearen and Black Ursus Are Brothers

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167 Bearen and Black Ursus Are Brothers

After what Feng Hai did, the awkwardness between Su Bai and Zhu Di eased up a lot.

Su Bai was ready to go to Mt. Six-peaks again after lunch since he had nothing to do.

However, Huo Hua came to Su Bai and gave him three days off.

“It’s a good thing that young people are willing to work hard. But you’ve only just returned. You need to rest for a while. Your health is the most important,” Huo Hua said earnestly.

Su Bai was given three days of leave, together with the reward for the Spiral Realm trial.

A total of $30 million in prize money!

There were also some additional benefits, such as the number of times one could enter the training room every month.

If Feng Hai and the others knew about that, they would probably be jealous.

Su Bai had wanted to stay in the military. After all, he had nothing to do but eat, sleep, and fight Beasts.

However, under Huo Hua’s strong request, Su Bai still took a break.

Su Bai got on the bus back to Los Monstaria. In his spare time, he checked his bank balance.

In addition to the $30 million bonus, along with his previous salary and savings, he now had more than $70 million!

To an ordinary family, it was definitely a sum of money that would be hard to earn in a lifetime.

It was how the world works. Only Beastmasters had the strength to control their own fate.

Of course, ordinary Beastmasters didn’t have any background or ability. If they were to rely on themselves, it would take them several years, or even a dozen years, to get a chance to earn over $70 million.

Su Bai looked at the scenery outside the bus window and couldn’t help but feel a myriad of emotions.

Not long after, he went back to the villa to visit the nun and the children and had a nice dinner with them.

After that, Su Bai received a text message from Li Yan.

The school was having a break soon, and Li Yan was planning to come home.

After a busy semester, Li Yan improved his abilities, and his grades were excellent.

On top of that, Li Yan had saved one of the tickets he got for the auction in Los Monstaria for Su Bai.

Since he had nothing to do, Su Bai agreed to meet up tomorrow morning.

Late at night, Su Bai was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. In fact, his consciousness had already entered the Spiral Realm.

Ever since Su Bai obtained the Spiral Realm, it was as if he had a secret micro world that belonged to him.

The chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers in the Second Heaven made people yearn for it.

After the Sprite Foxes arrived here, they relied on their illusionary techniques to quickly carve out a territory that belonged to them and banished their competitors to other places.

“Huh?” Su Bai fixed his eyes on the Sprite Fox leader and felt its energy was stronger.

After checking the Sprite Fox leader’s information, Su Bai realized that it had leveled up from the Mid-6 Gold level to the Upper-7 Gold level!

The difference between one level was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The powerful Sprite Fox leader was looking up at the sky as if it had realized that Su Bai was observing it from the shadow.

“Amazing.” Su Bai nodded to himself.

‘It seemed that I had made the right choice. The potential of the Sprite Foxes was still considerable.’ Su Bai thought.

He left the Second Heaven and arrived at the Third Heaven.

The Dawn Queen had completely moved away as promised. Su Bai waved his hand and stirred up a cloud of dust to cover the stone stele and create a thin mountain peak!

With that, Su Bai had used up all his spiritual energy and left the Spiral Realm, gasping.

Even if it was Su Bai’s own territory, if he wanted to interfere with it physically his strength was not enough.

The enhancement of his spiritual energy was naturally dependent on Dream Wing’s feedback.

Su Bai had thought of raising a large group of Beasts in the Spiral Realm and then allowing Dream Wing to gain some experience.

On second thought, once the ecological balance was disrupted, it would take several years to recover.

After having some rest, Su Bai took Bearen into the Second Heaven.

‘This fellow was originally unwilling to come, but its sense of smell was extremely sharp.’ Su Bai thought.

When Bearen noticed that Su Bai had the aura of a powerful Beast, it immediately pestered him, wanting to have a good fight.

Helplessly, Su Bai brought it into the Second Heaven.


As soon as Bearen touched the ground, it could not wait any longer and let out a long roar.

It seemed to be provoking the surrounding Beasts.

Soon, more than a dozen Beasts rushed over upon hearing the sound, but they were all hidden in various places and did not show themselves.

Bearen became even more unbridled, its provocative roars continued.

Soon, a Black Ursus appeared and responded to Bearen’s provocation.

“This one’s not bad.” Su Bai checked its information and nodded.

Black Ursus’s level was at Upper-8 Silver, which was a few levels higher than Bearen’s. Its skills and talents were also good, but it was still slightly inferior to Bearen after comparison.

Both bears’ eyes met, and the battle instantly began.


The ground around the bears trembled as their huge bodies collided.

Black Ursus had a higher level and was not much weaker than Bearen. However, as time passed, Bearen’s condition got better and better, and soon the Black Ursus was defeated.

Bearen continued to press on.

Su Bai was ready to stop the fight. After all, he could not allow Bearen to mess around in the Second Heaven.

However, he did not expect the Black Ursus to be forced to back down under Bearen’s fierce attack. It refused to surrender even after being forced into a corner. Its sharp teeth were aimed at Bearen.

Unfortunately, Bearen’s slap sent it flying to the ground.

The Black Ursus’s strength was already very good. Although Bearen did not use any skills or other buffs, it still had the advantage of its bloodline.

It definitely wasn’t something that an ordinary Beast like the Black Ursus could handle.


Bearen stared at the Black Ursus on the ground and did not attack further.

The battle was very intense. Although the Black Ursus could not fight back, on the whole, its tenacious will was very outstanding. It didn’t disappoint Bearen.

The next second, the Black Ursus stood up again. There was no fear in its eyes.

Bearen was very satisfied with that. It took the initiative to extend its right hand as if it was a human shaking hands.

Su Bai was dumbfounded, ‘When did this fellow learn it?’

The Black Ursus’s eyes were initially filled with confusion, but it soon realized Bearen’s intention and simply howled a few times.

Su Bai couldn’t understand. However, Bearen understood and nodded.

The two bears immediately parted ways and Bearen went back to Su Bai excitedly.

“If you like to stay here, then stay. There’s one thing I have to remind you, don’t kill anything at will.”


Bearen’s head nodded like it was pounding the ground.

Then, it ran around impatiently, even more excited than when it had just arrived at Mt. Six-peaks.

Su Bai went to other levels of heaven and came back.

But he didn’t expect to see Bearen and Black Ursus together. The two of them were like brothers, shoulder to shoulder, challenging other Beasts.

Bearen was in charge of fighting, and the Black Ursus was in charge of leading the way.

Bearen was simply too strong, causing the surrounding Beasts to cry out in pain.

However, Su Bai was also at ease to let Bearen stay in the Second Heaven.

Su Bai had told Dream Wing to look after Bearen, and that if anything happened, Dream Wing would have to teleport Bearen to the Fourth Heaven immediately.

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