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Chapter 168: 168 Su Bai Sees Everything

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168 Su Bai Sees Everything

There were not many Beasts in the Second Heaven that could threaten Bearen. Su Bai was more at ease with Dream Wing watching over Bearen.

The next day, Su Bai got up and washed up. He had breakfast with the nun and left in a hurry.

As Su Bai walked on the busy streets of Los Monstaria, he wasn’t used to it.

Having dealt with Beasts in the wild all year round, he was like a savage who had suddenly come to modern society.

Soon, he arrived at the meeting place. It was a huge and magnificent building, the largest auction center in Los Monstaria.

“That Li Yan really did improve.” Su Bai sighed that he was not the only one who was improving.

As time went by, it was clear that there was something special in this auction.

Many luxury cars were parked at the entrance.

The young man and woman in gorgeous clothes made the surrounding passersby envious.

Under the arrangement of the attendant, they entered the auction venue in an orderly manner.

Su Bai was standing by the door with a cup of soy milk in his hand, which was very out of place in this scene.

Su Bai suddenly recalled that he still had a gold card from the Beastmaster Guild.

He took out his phone and was ready to check who the organizer of the auction was.

If it was the Beastmaster Guild, the gold card could still be of use.

At that moment, however, a group of young men and women appeared.

“Su Bai!” Li Yan saw Su Bai at first sight and called out.

Li Yan ran over and gave Su Bai a bear hug, saying excitedly, “It’s been so long, we finally met!”

When the brothers met, they naturally had endless things to say.

After some small talk, the boys and girls who came with Li Yan were all interested in Su Bai.

“This is Su Bai, the brother I grew up with!” Li Yan immediately began to introduce. “At that time, we entered the city together to awaken our talents and he became one of the elites!”

“The elites? But why haven’t I seen him before?”

“Li Yan, are you kidding me? We’ve met every single person in the elite class.”

“That’s right.”

Seeing that the crowd didn’t believe him, Li Yan wanted to explain.

But under Su Bai’s signal, Li Yan immediately shut up.

After all, they had grown up together.

Naturally, there was no need to talk about their tacit understanding, as they could understand each other’s words and actions.

“Indeed, I was one of the elites.” Su Bai smiled. “But because of some reason, I dropped out of the academy temporarily.”

After hearing Su Bai’s explanation, the smiles on their faces became even more forced. After all, his explanation was too far-fetched.

Su Bai didn’t care about that. He couldn’t tell the truth about him joining the military and he wouldn’t get himself into trouble if possible.

“Su Bai, since you are in the elite class, what is your talent?” a pretty boy suddenly asked.

“B-level, Battle Up.”

“That’s indeed not bad. It’s a pity that you didn’t participate in this year’s academy exchange meet. Otherwise, you could have performed well in the team battle,” the teenager said.

“An academy exchange meet?”

“Su Bai, don’t tell me you don’t know about it?”

“I had no idea.” Su Bai shook his head, which made the others burst out in laughter.

Li Yan couldn’t stand it anymore and explained, “This year’s exchange meet is held with the schools and academies in the city’s alliance. It’s for students to battle with each other.”

Su Bai got the general idea after hearing Li Yan’s explanation.

It was just like playing house between students.

Su Bai could roughly imagine the battle scene between a group of Iron-level Beastmasters.

Seeing no reaction from Su Bai, the pretty boy said, “Li Yan’s performance this time was pretty good. He got fifth place and was in the limelight in the normal class.”

“Yeah, not only did Li Yan get into the limelight but he also got involved with Lili!”

“Cut it out! We’re just friends!” Li Yan quickly explained.

“Would a friend give such an expensive auction ticket away?”

“That’s right, we’re all here thanks to you.”

“Hahaha~” Li Yan’s face was as red as a tomato.

Su Bai perked up his ears to listen since there was something he had never heard of.

After listening to the conversation, Su Bai roughly understood that Li Yan’s performance at school was pretty good and he had befriended a young lady from a great family.

Seeing Li Yan’s flushed face, it was obvious that he was interested in her.

“Don’t be shy, go after her if you want to.”

As Li Yan’s best friend, Su Bai only supported him and did not question him.

“Su Bai, you’re also making fun of me with them.” Li Yan wished he could find a hole to hide in. He argued, “Zhu Lili is engaged. It’s useless even if I’m interested.”

“A betrothal?”


“What’s there to be afraid of?” Su Bai shrugged. “As long as she’s not married, there’s still a chance. I’m just afraid that you’re not as bold as you think.”

At that point, Li Yan was also at his wit’s end.

As the tickets were in Zhu Lili’s hands, everyone had to wait.

The two girls were very interested in Su Bai because he was handsome and gentlemanly.

Su Bai found it hard to deal with, even harder than the Beasts in Mt. Six-peaks.

‘Women were indeed terrifying!’ Su Bai thought.

After about ten minutes, Su Bai finished his soy milk. A luxury car suddenly stopped at the door.

A slim and graceful girl in a white lotus dress got out of the car. A few classmates immediately pointed out to Su Bai that she was Zhu Lili.

However, she did not expect another young man of the same age to get out of the same car as her.

“That’s Zhang Kun. He’s always trying to please her. I guess their relationship isn’t that simple,” said the pretty-faced classmate.

“Shush, don’t let him hear you.”

“What are you afraid of? He’s just a declined clan’s descendent.”

“Although a rich family has become less rich than previous, they are still richer than a poor family. After all, his family is one of the eight great families.”

Zhang Kun was a descendant of one of the eight big families in Los Monstaria.

Although the Zhang family’s reputation was not as good as it used to be, they were still able to occupy a place in Los Monstaria.

All of this was because the Zhang family had a special Beast as their foundation.

The Ninth Legion had soldiers from the Zhang family as well.

Su Bai had dealt with that soldier before and knew that the main Beast Zhang family member was Skyhawk. It had the advantage of aerial combat.

The Skyhawk was rarely seen in the outside world. It was a special Beast of Los Monstaria.

Only the Zhang family had the secret method and had cultivated generations of Skyhawks.

The most important thing was each Skyhawk had an epic talent. Which was the reason why the Zhang family had such a powerful military.

“Li Yan!”

Zhu Lili’s expression was a little cold. She was always annoyed by Zhang Kun who was trying to please her. But when she saw Li Yan, Su Bai, and the others, she immediately smiled and ran over.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“It’s nothing, we just got here.”

Li Yao scratched the back of his head and laughed.

That made the students around secretly sigh, “We had already waited for almost twenty minutes. How has that just arrived?”

Su Bai was watching with great enthusiasm. After all, he and Li Yan were brothers who grew up together.

Seeing that Li Yan was able to obtain his own happiness, Su Bai naturally felt gratified.

Seeing that the two were so close, Zhang Kun, who had just arrived, suddenly looked cold and displeased.

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