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Chapter 177: 177 The Border of the Royal City

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177 The Border of the Royal City


When Su Bai found the captain, he was fully armed and ready to carry out the mission.

At that moment, Huo Hua, who had just returned, had dark circles under his eyes. It was really as Feng Hai had said, he was as busy as a bee!

“You’re back just in time. I have something to tell you,” said Huo Hua.

Huo Hua took out a document and handed it over. He said, “Do you still remember the Royal City I told you about?”

“I do, sir.” Su Bai replied.

Su Bai flipped through the information. He had never come into contact with the relevant matters recorded in it.

“The Royal City didn’t give us those resources for free. We’ve taken over the work of Snowton City and will send 2,000 soldiers to the human border.” Huo Hua explained.

“So now…”

“That’s right. I’ve been screening the people who have moved in recently, so I’ve been a little busy. I also wanted to ask for your opinion,” said Huo Hua with a smile.

“I will obey the military’s orders at any time!”

“There’s no need to be so serious. With your ability, it’s not a problem at all. The most important thing is whether you want to go or not.” Huo Hua shrugged.

Su Bai was protected by the commander and deputy commander of the Ninth Legion.

Su Bai could choose if he wanted to go and not if he didn’t want to.

“Will there be any benefits?” Su Bai’s eyes sparkled.

“I knew you were cunning.”

Huo Hua smiled and brought over two chairs. After sitting down, he said, “There must be some benefits. Otherwise, why would I be so busy screening people?”

The Royal City was the foundation of the human race. There were countless experts there.

Their strength and foundation were not something that a small city like Los Monstaria could compare to.

Naturally, the Royal City’s border was huge, with a continuous battle line of more than 10,000 kilometers!

It was a scene that ordinary people could not imagine.

This was also one of the reasons why the Royal City gathered all the human forces to strictly guard the borders of the human race.

“So, Los Monstaria has never been stationed at the border before?”

“Yes. But the scale is basically very small. Commander Xu Chu often goes to the border,” said Huo Hua after some thought.

As long as a Beastmaster had reached the Gold level, he was basically half a step into the core level of Los Monstaria and could know more things.

The Beastmaster battlefield, where the human race’s mainstay was gathered, would definitely not last without sufficient opportunities.

Therefore, the royal family would often hold all kinds of competitions. They would give top-grade Beast eggs, skill books, and other good stuff.

“Have you seen Commander Xu Chu’s Beast before?” Huo Hua asked.

“No, I haven’t.” Su Bai replied.

“Then you’ll have to find a chance to experience it. Back then, the commander won first place in a small competition at the border. He obtained a Beast egg, a Nemean Lion!” Huo Hua sighed.

“A Nemean Lion…”

“When the commander was still at the Gold level, he returned to Los Monstaria in high spirits. He relied on the Nemean Lion to defeat everyone in his generation.”

Huo Hua became a little excited as he spoke. It was as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Su Bai was deep in thought. He did not expect the Royal City to be more complicated and exciting than he had imagined.

According to Huo Hua, The horizons and opportunities in the Royal City were something that all human Beastmasters would yearn for.

Huo Hua teased as he looked at Su Bai, “So? Are you interested? It’s not a bad idea for you to go there. I heard that Snowton City is a good place. The annual mortality rate is not high, only about 30 to 40 percent. ”

“How is that not high…” Su Bai’s mouth twitched.

On average, 300 to 400 out of 1,000 people would die in battle every year. In two years, they were basically wiped out.

“Hahaha, are you afraid? There aren’t so many free things in the world. Anyway, you can figure it out yourself. I don’t have anything to give you.” said Huo Hua.

In Huo Hua’s eyes, Su Bai came to Nineteenth Squad was a complete waste of talent.

Compared to the Ninth Legion, it was more suitable for Su Bai to go to the border of the Royal City, which was full of dangers and opportunities.

Knowing what the captain meant, Su Bai decided to think about it for a while.

Taking advantage of the time, Su Bai went to Mt. Six-peaks and only returned at night.

Zhu Di and Feng Hai immediately grabbed Su Bai and questioned him, “Su Bai, are you really not going to the Royal City’s border?”

“You guys are going too?” Su Bai asked.

“No. It must be tough there. I don’t want to waste my youth there.” Zhu Di shook his head.

“Me too. With my strength, I’m doing pretty well in the army. If I really go to the border, I’ll probably become a small fry.” Feng Hai smiled bitterly.

Being content was Feng Hai’s life creed.

In the camp, no one in the squad was willing to leave.

Thinking about it, it made sense. The Ninth Legion was at the bottom of the military. If everyone had great ambitions, they would have gone to the other legions long ago and not stayed back.

In everyone’s eyes, Su Bai was the only one who was most likely to leave the team and go to the Royal City’s border.

“Go if you want. Su Bai, don’t be stuck here like us.”

“What do you mean by ‘like us’?!”

“That’s true. With Su Bai’s strength and drive, it’s the captain’s sin if Su Bai stays here.”

“Shh, be careful not to let the captain hear you. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. ”

“Hehe, he’s not here ~”

After all, Su Bai had to make the decision himself.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

But Su Bai went back to his room and started to read a lot of information with the excuse of being sleepy.

As a C-rank soldier, Su Bai could read almost 70% of the information in Los Monstaria.

From there, Su Bai could obtain some information about the Royal City’s border.

Most of the messages were just a few words. However, a video caught Su Bai’s attention and he played it.

A huge four-legged Beast covered the entire screen. Even if it was just a video, the pressure it brought could be clearly felt.

Su Bai roughly guessed that this four-legged Beast was at least a few hundred meters tall!

“Bai Kai’s team, hold the left side!”

The voice came from a man who was commanding the scene in the video.

Clearly, this video was in the middle of a crusade. However, miserable cries soon sounded. The four-legged Beast only moved a few steps, and more than a dozen Beastmasters and their Beasts were crushed to death.

“R-Run for your life!”


“Everyone, fall back! Retreat!”

The second half of the video had no more images. However, the audio was filled with cries and noisy voices.

Normal Beastmasters would have a lingering fear after seeing this video, but Su Bai was clenching his fists, unable to hide the excitement in his eyes.

The four-legged Beast in the video was definitely not lower than the Platinum level.

At the Royal City’s border, Gold and Platinum-level Beasts were not uncommon.

The thought of being able to fight such a Beast made Su Bai want to have a big fight with it. He finally understood how Bearen felt all the time.

It had always been Su Bai’s goal to become stronger. Now that the opportunity was right in front of him, Su Bai had no reason to refuse.

The next second, Su Bai picked up his phone and texted Captain Huo Hua, indicating that he wished to join the troops heading to the border.

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