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Chapter 178: 178 A Despicable and Unsuccessful Person

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178 A Despicable and Unsuccessful Person

When Huo Hua received the news, he seemed to have expected it and asked Su Bai to gather at the gate of the military camp the next day.

Early in the morning, Su Bai came to the gate of the camp in his military uniform.

Feng Hai, Zhu Di, and the other team members had been waiting for the news.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to hold it in. If I were ten years younger, I would definitely go with you, but unfortunately…” Feng Hai laughed.

“It’s a pity that you’re just incapable now. A shameless unsuccessful man some more!” Zhu Di rolled her eyes and complained.

“Don’t joke around, I’m serious!”

“Am I not serious?”

Su Bai was a little reluctant to see them bicker as usual.

The current military was vast and mighty.

At the same time as they received the abundant resources, more soldiers had already begun to prepare to head to the border of the Royal City.

However, their feelings were different.

An outstanding soldier like Su Bai was willing to go to the border by himself.

On the contrary, some were sent to the border.

“We’ll leave in the afternoon.” Huo Hua looked at Su Bai and couldn’t help but sigh.

‘Such a good seedling.’ Huo Hua thought. He was a little reluctant to suddenly hand Su Bai over.

“So soon?” Su Bai was a bit surprised.

“I can’t help it. Usually, we’ll prepare in advance. But who knew that we’d actually come in first this year? It’s beyond everyone’s expectations,” said Huo Hua.

Feng Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s all thanks to Su Bai. Thanks to him, our legion will have a good life! Don’t worry. The military will take care of your family in the city.”

“Yes, I understand.” Su Bai nodded.

Su Bai felt a different kind of warmth from Nineteenth Squad’s restraint.

At noon, deputy commander Bing He personally came to the camp. He was very concerned about Su Bai going to the border of the Royal City.

“Su Bai, you’ve been in the military for quite some time. I was really shocked by the Spiral Realm trial this time.” Bing He stroked his beard and smiled.

“Sir, I heard that the Spiral Realm has gone missing. Is there any news?” asked Su Bai.

Bing He couldn’t help but said solemnly, “Well, there’s no news for the time being. The governor of Great Ming City personally led a team to search the entire city, but they found nothing.”

“After that, they reported it to the Royal City and sent someone to personally investigate. In the end …”

“What was the result?”

“In the end, they didn’t find any traces. So the final conclusion is that the energy of the Spiral Realm suddenly collapsed, causing it to disappear into thin air,” Bing He said with a bitter smile.

This reason was very far-fetched. Anyone would think so.

However, this world was very strange. The Spiral Realm was born from nature, and then quietly disappeared from nature.

Su Bai was relieved when he heard the news. If they discovered it was him, not to mention the governor of Great Ming City, even the governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan, would have had enough and come to question Su Bai.

The Spiral Realm’s Fourth Heaven was still small. But Su Bai could already imagine that after the simplified running exercise, it would be no smaller than the Second or Third Heaven. The Fourth Heaven could even surpass the others!

“This trip to the border is not ordinary. You have to take good care of yourself. I don’t have any other gifts. Keep these Beast-core well,” Bing He said with a smile.

After saying that, Bing He took out a table full of Beast-cores.

200 Bronze-grade Beast-core, 100 Silver-grade Beast-core, and 50 Gold-grade Beast-core!

Su Bai was flattered.

“Isn’t this a little too much?” Su Bai asked. He knew that the hard currency at the borders of the Royal City was Beast-core, but this was a little too much.

“It’s not much, but…” Bing He wanted to say something but hesitated. He said softly, “Take it as a favor from me for something.”

“Please go ahead, sir.”

“You’ve seen my younger daughter before. She doesn’t look like much on the surface, but she’s stubborn. ”

Speaking of Bing Qingqing, Bing He had a headache, “This time, she’s also going to the border of the Royal City. I’m already over seventy years old, and the only ones worth worrying about are these two daughters.”

Bing Qingqing, who was stubborn, didn’t join the First Legion like her sister Bing Mengqi. She had to rely on her own strength to enter the Ninth Legion.

Bing He had no objections to this. After all, no matter how bad the Ninth Legion was, it was still Los Monstaria’s military.

But now, perhaps Bing Qingqing was affected by the danger of the Spiral Realm, she was even harsher to herself.

That was why Bing Qingqing decided to go to the border of the Royal City to train.

As such, Bing He was worried about his little daughter’s safety, so he naturally would like to give her some help.

Bing Qingqing would not reject anyone who imparted her experience.

However, in terms of resources, Bing He was at a disadvantage.

“I understand, sir.”

Su Bai immediately understood. He put away all the Beast-core on the table and said, “But what if she doesn’t accept it?”

“Then let’s leave it to fate. That girl… if she doesn’t want it, then it’s yours to keep. After all, the Ninth Legion is doing much better than before because of you.” Bing He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Bing He was talking about the reward Su Bai had proposed to Gu Yan.

After Bing He left, Su Bai packed his luggage. He made a call to the nun in the city and bid farewell to the Nineteenth Squad’s members after that.

“Su Bai, remember to put on more clothes. The environment at the border is bad.”

“How do you know it’s bad?”

“I guessed it!”

“Remember to be careful,” said Zhu Di. She glared at Feng Hai and the others who were playing around, then softly instructed, “The situation over there is not like ours. We have to be especially wary of others.”

Su Bai nodded with a smile. He left the camp with his luggage and followed Huo Hua to the gate of the military camp.

Some of the hundreds of vehicles had already set off, and the rest were waiting for the other soldiers to get into position.

Su Bai got into a car and looked around. He suddenly felt a little reluctant.

“Remember to inform us when you arrive. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the mission when you get there,” Huo Hua said after getting out of the car.

Like an elder, Huo Hua reminded Su Bai before leaving.

Soon, the vehicles were filled with soldiers. The driver drove the military vehicle and sped along. He led the group and drove away from Los Monstaria.

“Hey kid, are you also going to the border?”

A dark-skinned man beside him asked curiously, “Shouldn’t you still be in school at your age?”

“I graduated a little early.”

“Impressive!” The man smiled foolishly and said. “I’m embarrassed. Back then, I delayed my graduation by two years. I almost lost my Beastmaster status.”

At this moment, the woman sitting in front turned her head and said with a teary smile, “I say, He Wang, don’t make a fool of yourself. How dare you say such words.”

“Why can’t I say it out loud?”

“Then do you want to tell me about your bedwetting last year?”

“Don’t say it!”

The two of them exchanged a few words, and all the soldiers in the car burst into laughter.

Su Bai couldn’t help but laugh.

With these two people around, the journey would probably not be boring.

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