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Chapter 182: 182 A Man and a Woman in the Silent Night

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182 A Man and a Woman in the Silent Night

Lightning Eater and Bearen collided and caused the scene to dazzle, making it difficult for people to look straight at them.


After a loud bang, Lightning Eater was sent flying by Bearen’s slap.

“How is that possible?!” the onlookers exclaimed!

The others quickly opened their eyes and looked over. They were surprised to find that Bearen was still standing in its original position, wearing lightning-like armor.

On the other hand, Lightning Eater was lying on the ground without moving.

“The Thunder Rolling actually didn’t work?”

“That Bearen isn’t injured either!”

“F*ck, what kind of insane defense is that!”

Bearen’s Lightning Armor did not show any signs of being damaged, let alone its body.

Those who had underestimated Bearen were still amazed after their shock. They stared at Bearen with a burning gaze.

The young man gritted his teeth and shouted, “Lightning Eater, stand up and use Lightning Absorption!”

The young man didn’t expect Bearen to be of the thunder element as well. Moreover, its attribute was even stronger than Lightning Eater.

However, Lightning Eater still had skills to counter.

Lightning Eater lying on the ground had not lost consciousness. It stood up shakily and was about to turn around when the Bearen rushed up and slapped it again!

“F*ck, that was outrageous!”

The crowd watching the show could not bear to watch it.

Most of the Beastmasters here were Silver-level Beastmasters, so it could be seen that Bearen’s defense was quite strong.

Lightning Eater, which was also at Silver level, could not break through Bearen’s defense at all.

Thus, the battle was already decided.

“Is it still not admitting defeat?” Su Bai smirked.

Lightning Eater had already been severely injured, and it was barely able to stand up.

The young man gritted his teeth and stared at Su Bai angrily.

However, just as the Bearen slowly approached Lightning Eater again, it finally surrendered.

Nurturing a Beast required a lot of effort and resources. Since that young man already lost all his face, he would be embarrassed even further if his Lightning Eater died.

“This newcomer is really powerful!”

“Hahaha, I think the Brave Eagle has suffered a setback this time.”

“That Bearen is quite interesting.”

The people watching the battle began to cheer.

Ting frowned and thought, ‘The Brave Eagle, that’s a squad in the top 100 at the border of the Great Wilderness.’

“Will we get into big trouble?” Bing Qingqing asked. She suddenly felt guilty. After all, this battle happened because of her.

“Not really. Looking at that kid’s age, he’s probably just a rookie. But you still have good taste, little girl. You actually hid something from me.” Ting teased.

“I didn’t!” Bing Qingqing blushed and looked elsewhere.

That battle was just a warm-up for Su Bai.

The young man from the Brave Eagle had already run away dejectedly and disappeared.

“Let’s go. It’s time for us to look for a place to say.”

Su Bai took out his phone and started to look through the houses available at the Great Wilderness border.

Bing Qingqing nodded and said, “Let’s find a cheaper apartment for now. I didn’t bring many Beast-core this time, but I should be able to afford it for a week or two. Oh right, I should also buy some…”

“I’ve found it,” said Su Bai.

“Huh?” Bing Qingqing was surprised.

Su Bai was very efficient. After choosing a place to stay in Great Wilderness City, he took Bing Qingqing to a taxi.

On the way, Bing Qingqing sat on the side shyly. She had never been alone with Su Bai, and her eyes were always wandering. She was restless.

The experienced driver recognized Bing Qingqing at first glance, and he couldn’t help but smile.

However, Su Bai was frantically searching for any information about the border of the Great Wilderness.

At the border of the Great Wilderness, it was a very crowded place. Not only were there soldiers from various major cities but there were also a large number of mercenaries and adventurers.

To put it simply, the soldiers who had obtained the permission of the Royal City were regular military. Mercenaries and adventurers were irregular soldiers.

Judging from the ratio, the irregular soldiers actually accounted for 70% of the population at the border of the Great Wilderness, while the regular military only accounted for 30%.

That was beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

However, Su Bai gradually understood that compared to the regular military, they had all accepted the resources of the Royal City. It was equivalent to signing a contract to come and suppress the Beasts and maintain the security of the border.

As for the irregular soldiers, they did not receive any benefits from the Royal City. The reason why they could stay at the border was very simple. It was because the opportunities here were greater!

In a place like the border of the Great Wilderness, once a powerful Beast appeared, it would definitely affect a large area. Powerful Beasts would be dealt with by the regular military.

As for the irregular soldiers, they would fish in troubled waters and take some benefits. They didn’t have to take too much risk, but they could still gain a lot.

Which was one of the reasons why the irregular soldiers had gathered at the border of the Great Wilderness.

Along the way, Su Bai could see all kinds of Beastmasters coming and going through the bustling streets outside the taxi window.

Not long after, the taxi stopped at the entrance of a villa complex.

Bing Qingqing was stunned as soon as she got out of the car. She asked, “We’re staying here?”

Su Bai nodded.

The villa here was not big. It was only three stories high and had its own small courtyard.

The overall scale was far from the villa Su Bai bought in Los Monstaria, but the monthly rent was only 50 Bronze-grade Beast-core, which was quite cheap.

Su Bai found a property management company and paid the rent for the month. He got the key and moved in at lightning speed.

All the furniture was brand new, and there was no need to buy anything else.

Su Bai simply ordered takeout and went back to his room after dinner.

Bing Qingqing was left alone on the sofa in the living room.

At that moment, Bing Qingqing had just finished showering and was hugging her legs in a daze.

‘A man and a woman in the same house and it was late at night.’ Bing Qingqing thought. Her cheeks couldn’t help but heat up.

At that moment, Su Bai, who was in the room, was totally unaware. His consciousness was immersed in the Spiral Realm.

The transformation of the Fourth Heaven had been completed, and the only Beast that was permanently stationed there was Dream Wing.

After being nurtured by the Spiral Realm, the energy density of the Fourth Heaven was actually much higher than the Second and Third Heavens! And it was even purer.

Unknowingly, Dream Wing had leveled up to Lower-3 Silver!

After the battle in the afternoon, Bearen had already broken through to Mid-6 Silver level when it returned to the Second Heaven. It had directly surpassed Whitey, who had been slightly more comfortable during this period.

The Heroic Incense was also in a good condition.

The environment and energy of the Second Heaven were abundant. In a short period, new sprouts had already grown.

After leaving the Spiral Realm, Su Bai took out his phone and started planning.

As a regular military, tedious work was inevitable, such as the specific mission indicators that needed to be completed every month.

When there were fewer Beasts, the mission would be slightly easier.

However, if it was during the period when Beasts frequently appeared, the mission indicators would be a lot and stressful to take.

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