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Chapter 184: 184 Glaring at Each Other

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184 Glaring at Each Other

Allowing the Beast to discover the opponent’s weakness was a great help in battle.

That skill book cost 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores. It was considered relatively cheap among A-tier skill books.

“That cheap? Could it be a forgery?” Bing Qingqing was surprised. “A regular A-tier skill book would cost at least a few hundred Gold-grade Beast-cores.”

An A-Level skill could greatly improve a Beast’s strength.

As the Great Wilderness City’s largest Beastmaster Mall, A-tier skill books could be sold for hundreds or even thousands of Gold-grade Beast-core, which was in line with the market price. And 50 Gold Beast-cores were indeed excessively cheap.

A staff member happened to walk by at that precise moment. He approached Su Bai as soon as he saw the skill book in his hand and greeted, “Hello, valued customer. This is a very difficult book to train with. We do not recommend that you purchase it.”

As expected of a salesperson in a big mall, he directly pointed out the shortcomings of the skill book.

It was because the skill book was too difficult to train with, many Beastmasters would request a refund after they bought it.

“I think it’s alright. I like challenges. I’ll pay for it.” Su Bai said seriously.

“Do you want to reconsider it?” Bing Qingqing said as she swallowed her saliva unconsciously.

Bing Qingqing had a feeling that Su Bai used 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores to purchase a skill book that appeared to be done specifically for the Four-eared Glazecat.

After Bing Qingqing owed Su Bai this favor, it was hard for her not to feel bad for him.

“It’s ok. If the Four-eared Glazecat can’t learn the skill, the Beast-cores will be on my tab.” Su Bai smiled.

Then, Su Bai followed the staff to the counter to settle the bill. He took out the 50 Gold Beast-cores that Bing He had given him and took the skill book with him.

After they had bought their stuff, it was already noon by the time the two left the Beastmaster Mall. The two of them randomly found a restaurant to have a meal at.

After lunch, they continued to wander around the city. When they arrived at the villa, Su Bai immediately went into his room and immersed his consciousness in the Spiral Realm.


The system detected the A-Level skill, Precise Weakness. It can be simplified into activation by glare.

Do you wish to simplify it immediately?

“Simplify it.”

Simplification complete!

Su Bai searched around for Bearen and Four-eared Glazecat and found that they were in the territory of the Sprite Foxes.

Because of Bearen’s continuous harassment, the Sprite Foxes suffered greatly.

Although it was still acceptable when Bearen did it once a day.

However, the Sprite Fox leader made a prompt decision and chose to raise its hands in surrender.

It had to be said, Bearen was now like a lord in the Second Heaven. No one dared to provoke Bearen. Even the strongest Sprite Foxes had already given up on resisting.

Su Bai appeared in a white figure and looked at the two unruly guys. He said, “Sit tight and get ready for a lesson.”

Then, Su Bai took out the skill book. Bearen was instantly excited and very cooperative.

“And you.” Su Bai turned his head and looked at the Four-eared Glazecat.

Since the Four-eared Glazecat was not his Beast, he wasn’t sure if it could also enjoy the simplified effect. But there was no harm in trying.

Bearen opened the skill book on its huge paw and carefully flipped through the pages. After reading it, it immediately widened its eyes.

The Four-eared Glazecat followed suit and glared at Bearen.

“What about me? What about me?” said Whitey. It was panicking in reality.

“Relax. It’s your turn later.” Su Bai said telepathically.

In fact, Whitey’s characteristic was obvious. It killed its target with extreme attack power. In most cases, it did not need to find its weakness.

However, it was not a bad thing for Whitey to learn one more skill.

Bearen and Four-eared Glazecat had started to practice their skills. Then, Su Bai immediately withdrew his consciousness.

Su Bai took out the skill book from the Spiral Realm and let Whitey have a look at it.

“How difficult… Glare… How should I glare?” Whitey shook its head and asked.

For a spider, there was no such thing as glaring for them.

Su Bai scratched his head as he realized it. He thought, ‘How should a spider glare?’

In this situation, there was probably no way for Whitey to cultivate. However, Whitey did not give up. It tried its best to glare.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After a night, Whitey still tried its best to use its eight compound eyes to glare, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

In the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven, Bearen had already learned the A-Level skill, Precise Weakness, and had already found the Sprite Fox leader to test it.

In the beginning, the Sprite Fox leader could handle it. It casually cast a minor illusion skill to trap Bearen. However, it did not expect Bearen to be able to see through the weakness of the illusion and break it with brute force.

“It’s getting harder and harder to deal with Bearen,” said the Sprite Fox leader as it had a headache.


Bearen jumped up and down excitedly and immediately pushed out the Four-eared Glazecat to try. They cultivated the skill at the same time.

However, the result was very different. The Four-eared Glazecat’s progress was slow and it had not completely comprehended it. Therefore, it continued to charge around in the illusion.

Su Bai observed quietly. He was sure that the Four-eared Glazecat had succeeded in its cultivation, but its speed was half slower than that of Bearen’s.

The Four-eared Glazecat could still learn it, but it would take some time.

It was still too early to gather so Su Bai went personally and let Bearen lead the Four-eared Glazecat to practice its skills.

A few hours passed, and the Four-eared Glazecat had already made some achievements. It could unleash the effects of its skills in a specific environment.

After leaving the Spiral Realm, Su Bai comforted Whitey who was still discouraged, and went to the living room.

“Glacy?” Bing Qingqing picked up her Beast again and looked at it from head to toe. Her face was full of heartache.

After following Bearen around, the Glazed Four-eared Glazecat’s fur was a mess. Fortunately, it cleaned itself, so it was not dirty.


What was rare was that the Four-eared Glazecat didn’t despise Bing Qingqing this time. Instead, it took the initiative to rub against her.

“Su Bai, how did you do it?!” Bing Qingqing asked excitedly.

“Nothing, I just trained a little.” Su Bai smiled. “You still have to rely on yourself. Try to change your fighting style with the Four-eared Glazecat.”

“I will!” Bing Qingqing was so excited that she started to stroke the cat crazily, feeling the intimacy that she had not felt for a long time.

In the afternoon, the two of them immediately went to the mission center.

“Greetings, esteemed Beastmaster. Please take a look at all the missions that C-level teams can accept this time.”

“All miscellaneous missions?” Su Bai took a look. There was no mission that he would want to take.

“Because of the current season, the Beasts are not that active yet.” The sweet-looking assistant smiled and said, “If you want to accept a hunting mission, you can register your information. We will remind you when we have a new mission.”

“This one then.” Su Bai shook his head and pointed at the task of transporting the dead bodies of Beasts. “And I’d like to register for the notification as well.”

“Alright, please wait a moment.” The assistant’s slender fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Soon, the mission was successfully accepted. The reward for this mission was 30 Iron-grade Beast-cores.

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