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Chapter 194: 194 Winning Without Fighting Again

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194 Winning Without Fighting Again

A battle between geniuses was always the most exciting for the audience.

Su Bai and Yang He stepped onto the arena together.

Following that, the two summoned the Steel-talon Hawk and Bearen.

Name: Steel-talon Hawk

Level: Mid-5 Silver

Potential: Upper-Platinum

Talent: Advanced Ice Control (Outstanding)

Element: Ice

Nature: Cold

Skills: Ice Thorn (B-Level), Iron Scythe (A-Level), Quick Attack (B-Level), Hit and Kill (B-Level)

The overall rating for the Beast was good according to its information. This Steel-talon Hawk could tell that Yang He had carefully nurtured it.

The Steel-talon Hawk’s sharp gaze was focused. Bearen did not want to be outdone and responded with a fierce gaze.

After continuous growth, Bearen’s body was already close to three meters tall. He stood on the stage like a giant.

“That Bearen is so fierce. I think Steel-talon Hawk is more handsome!” A female Beastmaster in the audience said.

The Steel-talon Hawk was blue-white in color, and its barbed beak accentuated its heroic spirit.

Judging from the looks of both Beasts, Bearen did not conform to the public’s aesthetic standards.


As if it could sense the public’s judgment, Bearen was not convinced. It was as if Bearen was saying, “So what if it was handsome!”

“Yang He’s strength isn’t just limited to his pet. His talent is the reason the Brave Eagle recruited him!” The young man below the stage sneered.

An A-level, Talent Enhancement, was quite a big improvement for Beasts.

It was equivalent to raising the Steel-talon Hawk’s Advanced Ice Control from Outstanding to almost Epic!

“Let the match begin!” the referee announced.

Yang He retracted his gaze and immediately ordered, “Steel-talon Hawk, soar into the air and widen the distance between you and your opponent!”

The Steel-talon Hawk immediately flapped its wings and left the arena. Its sharp gaze never left Bearen.

What close-combat Beasts were most afraid of was pulling away from their opponents.

Su Bai had experienced this in the youth training camp.

Last time, Su Bai used Bearen to fight Xuanyuan Haoyu, and this time, it was the same.

“Bearen, Gigamax!”

With a command, Bearen’s body instantly expanded to nine meters!

The huge arena already gave the audience a great sense of oppression.

“F*ck, this Bearen is going against the heavens!?”

“That skill is Gigamax. No wonder Su Bai dared to let Bearen fight Steel-talon Hawk. So he had such a hidden move.”

“Hehe, he’s still young after all. Steel-talon Hawks can fly up to a thousand meters. The ceiling of the arena on the 10th floor is fifty meters high. Even if Bearen stood on its tiptoes, it wouldn’t be able to touch the Steel-talon Hawk,” said a middle-aged Beastmaster with a smile.

“That’s right.” The other Beastmaster echoed, “He shouldn’t have let Bearen fight the Steel-talon Hawk. How can he use his own shortcomings to compete with others’ strengths?”

No one was optimistic about Bearen’s performance. It was not that they did not believe in its strength. It was because this was an unfair battle.

“Steel-talon Hawk, use Ice Thorn!” Yang He ordered.

Steel-talon Hawk’s wings finally gathered energy, condensing into icicles that flew towards Bearen.

At the same time, Bearen sensed the attack and instantly unleashed his Lightning Armor to block it.

“Is this a battle of attrition?” Yang He muttered to himself.

After trying it out, Yang He could already see that Bearen’s defense was not bad. Bearen could withstand the B-level Ice Thorn without any damage.

But at that moment, Su Bai shouted, “Bearen, use Lightning Strike!”

Lightning Strikes were a very common skill for lightning-type Beasts.

Bearen loved close combat, and rarely used it. Moreover, the attack range was very short, less than three meters.

However, as Bearen’s level continued to increase, the attack range of the Lightning Strike had already increased to six meters, doubling.

Bearen took a step forward and growled.

Suddenly, the lightning bolt shot up at lightning speed.

The Steel-talon Hawk instinctively rose into the air, trying to dodge.

However, at that moment, the lightning that pierced through its body from the tip of its claws made its body stiffen.

Yang He noticed the abnormality and said in shock, “Did your Bearen just get larger?!”

“That’s right. Looks like your Steel-talon Hawk is not good at distancing itself.” Su Bai nodded.

Yang He’s expression changed drastically.

The Steel-talon Hawk that had been struck by the electric shock had its wings temporarily paralyzed and was falling rapidly.

Gigamax was a very rare skill, but most Beastmasters were familiar with it. The three-fold enlargement was not the limit of that skill.

However, to continue enlarging, one’s physique had to be strong enough. Usually, only Beasts above Gold-level could bear the burden.

However, Bearen already had met all the conditions, and it could enlarge its body size by five times!

Su Bai didn’t waste his time this month. He trained Bearen in all aspects.

“Steel-talon Hawk, flap your wings!” Yang He shouted.

The Steel-talon Hawk tried its best to neutralize the paralysis effect caused by the electric shock.

In the end, when the Steel-talon Hawk fell ten meters from the sky and finally regained control of its body.

However, at that moment, the Steel-talon Hawk was only ten meters above the ground, which was exactly the same height as Bearen’s head.

“Bearen, end the match.” Su Bai said lightly.

“Run!” Yang He shouted anxiously.

However, the Steel-talon Hawk could not react in time and was grabbed.

There was a gap between Bearen and Steel-talon Hawk’s levels.

Now that it was caught and unable to pull away, everyone present could already predict what kind of encounter the Steel-talon Hawk would face.

“Stop! I surrender! Stop the match!” Yang He shouted at the referee.

“The match is over. Challenger Su Bai wins!” The referee’s voice rang out.

Only then did Su Bai stop Bearen and let the Steel-talon Hawk return to Yang He.

This match wasn’t as exciting as the one between Yang He and the other Beastmasters, but Su Bai’s performance made many Beastmasters’ eyes lit up.

The reason Bearen was able to obtain victory was simply because of the huge difference in strength.

“How many times did it expand just now?”

“It should be more than four times. According to this situation, it should be at least five times!”

“Damn it, is this guy’s Bearen a monster?”

“This batch of youngsters is really amazing!”

“Yang He lost because his Beast’s fighting style was too monotonous.”

Those who witnessed the battle were filled with emotions.

Yang He, who had been highly favored just now, lost to Su Bai in less than two rounds.

This battle had made Su Bai’s reputation on the 10th floor soar.

After becoming the new arena master for the 10th floor, Su Bai did not choose to rest but continued to accept challenges.

However, the second challenger did not appear.

“Don’t tell me it’s going to be a win without fighting again?!”

The audience couldn’t believe it. None of the Beastmasters on the 10th floor dared to challenge Su Bai.

Three minutes passed quickly. The referee looked at the time and immediately said,” Congratulations to Challenger Su Bai, for winning without a fight and ascending to the 11th floor of the arena!”

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