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Chapter 209: 209 The Scum Among Beastmasters

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209 The Scum Among Beastmasters

“Even if you kill me, I’ll take you down with me!”

At that moment, Xiao Yan finally exploded. He took out a blue gem from his pocket and let the Sprint Wolf hold it in its mouth and activate its skill.

“This is bad, quickly stop it!” Heng Ba shouted.

Although the Thunderstone was of high quality, it was not sturdy and was very brittle. Xiao Yan knew that he would die.

Now that Xiao Yan’s three teammates had been attacked to their deaths, he was unwilling to live in disgrace and let the Sprint Wolf counterattack before its death.

Even if Xiao Yan managed to kill one person from the other side, it would still be beneficial for him!

“Go to hell!” Xiao Yan stood up, took out his Beast-core dagger, and charged at Heng Ba.

Heng Ba was not afraid of Xiao Yan at all.

Among ordinary Beastmasters of the same level, the difference in physique wouldn’t be too great.

Moreover, Heng Ba had five Beastmasters on his side.

In just one round, Xiao Yan was taken down at an extremely fast speed, and he was stepped on the ground.

As for Sprint Wolf, it was surrounded by several other Beasts. It held the Thunderstone in its mouth as it fought and retreated.

“Sprint Wolf, crush it…” said Xiao Yan.

Since the plan had failed, Xiao Yan was already prepared to die together with Heng Ba and the rest.

However, Heng Ba unexpectedly showed no mercy and pierced through Xiao Yan’s chest with a dagger.

One stab was not enough. After that, Heng Ba stabbed four or five times before he was willing to stop.

“How foolish. You’re already at this stage, yet you didn’t learn your lesson. No wonder everyone calls you a good man.” Heng Ba laughed coldly.

“Hahaha, that’s right. I was really worried that he would shatter the Thunderstone. I didn’t expect him to be so stupid.” the Beastmaster beside Heng Ba echoed.

“There’s still that Beast left. Let’s end this quickly.”

The scarred Sprint Wolf was gradually weakening in the face of the siege.

“Those scumbags!” said Bing Qingqing. She had witnessed the whole thing and wanted to save Xiao Yan, but she didn’t expect that it would be too late.

Su Bai shook his head. He had used his spiritual power beforehand, and he could feel Xiao Yan’s anger and powerlessness before he died.

And even earlier, Xiao Yan had once felt conflicted. It was as if he was hesitating whether to shatter the Thunderstone so that both sides would suffer.

However, Xiao Yan didn’t do that in the end. Su Bai didn’t understand the reason, but he and Bing Qingqing had the same idea.

These five people were the scumbags of the military soldiers!

Even among mercenaries, those five were considered extremely vile existences.

“Su Bai.” Bing Qingqing looked at Su Bai with a clear expression in her eyes.

“Get ready to move. Remember, don’t be too rash.” Su Bai nodded.

“Understood!” said Bing Qingqing. With Su Bai’s instruction, she immediately summoned the Four-eared Glazecat from her Sigil.

At the same time, the Sprint Wolf’s front leg was attacked, and green liquid flowed out.

It was some kind of poison. The Beastmaster’s Beast who attacked was approaching the Sprint Wolf with a smug expression.

“Beast, your master is already dead. Stop struggling!”


A low growl came from the Sprint Wolf. The death of its Beastmaster made it feel grief and indignation, but it still carried out Xiao Yan’s orders before he died.

However, the toxicity had begun to take effect. The Sprint Wolf’s forelimbs were paralyzed to the point that he lost all feeling. Soon, its mind would be hazy and in a daze.

The Beastmaster immediately strode over, knowing that the toxic had taken effect. However, he stopped in his tracks suddenly.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and take back the Thunderstone.” the other Beastmaster urged as he was puzzled.

However, that Beastmaster didn’t expect that just as he walked over, his body would stiffen like the previous Beastmaster, and he wouldn’t make the next move.

“What’s going on?! ”

The other two Beastmasters were surprised, while Heng Ba frowned.

“There are others!” Heng Ba exclaimed as he looked around.

Years of experience told Heng Ba that this was a sign of being hit by an illusion.

“F*ck, just when I was wondering why the two of them looked like they were possessed!”

“Who are you? Stop hiding like a mouse. Come out and face me!”

The two Beastmasters, one in front and one behind were ready to fight at any time.

“What should we do? I think we’ve been discovered.” Bing Qingqing looked at Su Bai, especially Dream Wing.

No matter how many times Bing Qingqing looked at it, she felt that Dream Wing was the most beautiful illusion-type Beast she had ever seen.

But now was not the time to think about such things.

Su Bai smiled, “No rush. They’ve taken the bait.”

Experienced Beastmasters couldn’t be too hasty and fight head-on the moment they went up. This was what Captain Huo Hua had taught Su Bai in the military.

Beasts had all kinds of abilities, but battle information was especially important!

If one attacked rashly, the other party might be able to change the outcome of the battle if they still had trump cards that were not exposed.

If one couldn’t take this risk, one had to act secretly.

Now, the two Beastmasters were deeply affected by Dream Wing’s illusion. There was no difference between living and dead.

They would not be able to regain consciousness in a short period.

As for their Beasts, they wouldn’t take action without the Beastmaster’s orders.

Naturally, Su Bai planned to beat all five of them with illusion.

Unfortunately, Su Bai was not close enough. The distance between him and Heng Ba was now close to 30 meters. There were no buildings in the tunnel that could hide him.

In addition, Heng Ba, who reacted extremely quickly, realized that an illusion-type Beast had attacked. He was extremely vigilant.

If Su Bai wanted to use Dream Wing’s illusionary technique again, it would be more or less difficult.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll force you to show yourself!” Heng Ba shouted.

Heng Ba, who was wary of his surroundings, made up his mind and summoned his Beast in the Lower-Gold level, the Scarlet-Gold Drake. It was his main Beast, and it was surrounded by water elemental energy.

The environment was very suitable for the Scarlet-Gold Drake to display its strength.

“Scarlet-Gold Drake, use the Discern!”


The Scarlet-Gold Drake could use the thin metal element in the environment to find its target almost instantly.

The Scarlet-Gold Drake sent the information back to Heng Ba. In the end, it didn’t find any traces of Su Bai and Bing Qingqing.

“How is this possible? The Scarlet-Gold Drake’s range of detection is at least 80 meters, yet it didn’t notice anything!” Heng Ba’s face darkened.

‘The other party was able to cast an illusion and was still 80 meters away. His strength far surpassed mine.’ Heng Ba thought.

“Phew… He didn’t notice us,” said Bing Qingqing. She patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Heng Ba, who was right in front of her.

“Get ready to make your move. I’ll leave those two to you and this one to me,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai stared at Heng Ba, who was still vigilant and showed his killing intent.

Heng Ba would never have guessed that Su Bai was invisible with Dream Wing’s help and was less than three meters away.

There were too many Beasts that could hide their abilities.

However, what Dream Wing possessed was the invisibility that was displayed with the support of powerful spiritual energy and the legendary-level talent, Mirage.

Su Bai even cautiously asked Dream Wing to cast the S-level Spiritual Domain to increase his spiritual power.

In this state, even a Gold-level Beastmaster would find it difficult to notice anything unusual.

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