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Chapter 210: 210 An Invisible Assassin

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210 An Invisible Assassin

“Quickly get the Thunderstone and retreat!” said Heng Ba. He realized that he couldn’t just sit there and wait for death. He had to take the initiative to attack.

However, the remaining two Beastmasters did not dare to approach the Sprint Wolf.

After all, the situation of his two companions was obvious to everyone. No one could tell that they would be affected by the illusion if they got close.

“A bunch of trash! If you don’t go, I’ll make you go down to accompany Xiao Yan!” Heng Ba snapped angrily.

“Don’t … You, hurry up and go!”

“What the heck. If you want to go, you should go. I’m not as strong as you.”


A Beastmaster was helpless. He turned around with his Beast and took a step forward to approach the Sprint Wolf at the foot of the wall.

The Beastmaster felt very uneasy. Especially the situation of the two companions in front of him. It could be said that they were either dead or alive.

Illusions had always been the most annoying and disgusting existence for Beastmasters. Such attacks could be done silently.


Just then, Su Bai’s voice sounded.

Bing Qingqing instantly gave the order. The Four-eared Glazecat stretched out its sharp claws and pounced on the nearest Beastmaster after passing through the Beasts.


Bright red blood splattered.

At the same time, Whitey had also approached Heng Ba with its sharp feet.

However, Whitey didn’t expect that the sharp foot would be caught by an invisible shield when it was still a distance away from Heng Ba’s neck.


The shield was attacked and instantly shattered into pieces.

‘When did he get close?’ Heng Ba was shocked and quickly retreated.

Fortunately, the Redgold Drake had unleashed a transparent shield in advance. Otherwise, Heng Ba would not even know how he died.

Su Bai was also surprised because his spiritual power did not sense the existence of the shield.

“Who is it?!” Heng Ba took a few steps back and said angrily. “Why don’t you dare to show yourself!”

After saying that, Heng Ba immediately ordered the Redgold Drake.

However, Su Bai had let Dream Wing use Nightmare Cage to control the Redgold Drake the moment the assassination failed.

“Tsk!” Heng Ba immediately summoned an Upper-Silver level Beast to block in front of him.

Not far away, the Beastmaster was halfway there when he heard the commotion and turned his head. He asked, “What happened?”

However, what greeted that Beastmaster was the Four-eared Glazecat that quietly rushed over.


After two consecutive kills, Bing Qingqing didn’t have time to be excited and immediately focused on Heng Ba.

“Looks like it’s a little difficult to deal with. Shall we go together?”

“No need. Without his Redgold Drake, he won’t last long.” Su Bai shook his head and smiled.

That was indeed the case. Because of Dream Wing, Heng Ba had only seen Whitey’s figure from the beginning to the end. He failed to discover the location of its Beastmaster.

Consequently, the illusion attack was too powerful, and when combined with the support of an Epic talent and an S-level skill, it pushed the A-level invisibility to its limit.

“Although I don’t know who you are, please show mercy.” Heng Ba pleaded. His forehead was covered in a cold sweat at that moment.

Two of Heng Ba’s teammates had been hit by the illusion, and their lives were unknown. The other two had already died.

Compared to getting his hands on the Thunderstone, Heng Ba wished to escape more. However, there was nowhere for him to run.

Since Heng Ba couldn’t locate his enemy, he didn’t dare to move recklessly.

Whitey, on the other hand, was hanging on the wall, waiting for the next order.

“Whitey, do it.” Su Bai said.

Heng Ba felt a strong killing intent approaching, but he couldn’t tell where it came from.


In an instant, Heng Ba was cut in half from his waist. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth was wide open. He didn’t even realize who his opponent was until he died.

Whitey completed the order and finally vented its anger.

The previous attack did not succeed, it was a little depressing.

There were still two Beastmasters and some Beasts who were under the illusion. Su Bai didn’t let them go and let Whitey deal with them one by one.


Crakantula has killed a Lower-Gold level Redgold Drake and gained 50,000 experience points!


Crakantula has killed an Upper-Silver level Tetra-colored Elk and gained 3,000 experience points!


Crakantula has killed an Upper-Silver level Jack Parrot and gained 3,100 experience points!


Crackantula has leveled up to the Upper-8 Silver level!

After Whitey killed all of them, it gained a lot of experience.

In addition to the experience points Whitey had gained in the training room, it had already risen to the Upper-8 Silver level.

Although Bing Qingqing was also coveting the experience points of Gold-level Beasts, she didn’t say anything.

After all, Bing Qingqing was with Su Bai. She had learned a lot from him, and the Four-eared Glazecat had leveled. She was already satisfied.


At that moment, the Sprint Wolf lay on the ground weakly. Su Bai went up to check it with his spiritual energy.

Su Bai found that it was only left with its last breath. Because of the wounds and poison, it had already reached its limit.

The Thunderstone in his mouth fell to the ground after it lost its strength.

“Those guys are really despicable!” said Bing Qingqing. She gritted her teeth, and couldn’t bear to see the Sprint Wolf’s miserable state.


The Sprint Wolf’s pupils gradually dilated, but it was still growling.

“It’s thanking you, master.” Dream Wing translated for Su Bai.

The Sprint Wolf had already cultivated to Lower-Gold level and had a certain level of intelligence. It didn’t know Su Bai, but it had witnessed Su Bai avenge its master by killing the enemy.

Su Bai’s action was enough to make the Sprint Wolf feel grateful.

“Go in peace.” Su Bai gently stroked the Sprint Wolf and witnessed its last moments.

The smell of blood was very thick in this area.

The two groups of people had a dispute over the Thunderstone, and in the end, they were all the losers.

“Let the Firebird send Xiao Yan and the others on their last journey.”


The flames instantly engulfed Xiao Yan, the other three, and their Beasts.

As for Heng Ba and the other scums, Su Bai directly threw them into the Third Heaven as food for the Dawn Bugs.

A Gold-level Beastmaster’s body was a great tonic for Beasts, and the Dawn Queen was pleasantly surprised.

As for the Thunderstone, Su Bai had just picked it up and hadn’t even studied it carefully, Bearen in the Second Heaven felt it and was struggling on the ground.

Bearen was like a spoiled brat whose parents refused to buy him toys.

“Ah, I’m so hungry. I really don’t know when I can go out.” said Bing Qingqing.

Bing Qingqing turned around and looked around. She pretended to be nonchalant and said, “Speaking of which, I haven’t been to a five-star hotel in Great Wilderness City. I feel like staying in once.”

However, Bing Qingqing’s acting skills were too clumsy, and her words were exaggerated.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was impossible for Bing Qingqing not to be tempted by the Thunderstone, but she knew that it was a sin to be carrying a treasure.

Bing Qingqing didn’t have the strength to guarantee that she would be discovered by other Beastmasters, nor she had the strength to protect the Thunderstone.

Since that was the case, Bing Qingqing felt that Su Bai should keep it and get a favor from him.

“Then I’ll treat you to a big meal when we get out.”


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