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Chapter 216: 216 A Strange Girl Part 2

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216 A Strange Girl Part 2

As time passed, the commotion of the battle finally subsided.

Under the combined efforts of Bearen, Whitey, Four-Eared Glazecat, and Firebird, not a single Soldier Demon Ant survived.

Right now, everyone was resting around Su Bai, watching him busy.


A satisfying and crushing battle made Bearen still want more.

Although it was hard work, Su Bai was pleasantly surprised every time he extracted an Elemental Beast-core.

Half an hour passed, Su Bai was like a superhuman, he didn’t stop and finished the extraction alone. He had obtained a total of 981 ordinary Silver-grade Beast-cores and 327 Silver-grade Elemental Beast-cores!

“We’re getting rich!”

The Elemental Beast-cores were piled up in the Fourth Heaven. Su Bai couldn’t help but smile.

One Silver-grade Elemental Beast-core was equivalent to a hundred ordinary Gold-level Beast-cores. It was a great fortune!

After resting for a while, Su Bai regained consciousness.

“What a spectacular sight…” Bing Qingqing looked at the mountain of corpses and the puddle of blood in front of her and couldn’t help but feel strange. She asked, “There was such a huge commotion, why didn’t anyone else come to snatch it?”

“Maybe we were lucky.”

Su Bai shrugged and spread his spiritual energy outside the illusion domain.

The three men and one girl were still there, which meant that they were waiting for them.

To be able to observe the existence of the illusion domain meant that the other party also had a Spiritualist Beastmaster. It was risky to use Dream Wing’s skill to sneak away.

“Prepare yourself.”


“I’m going to take down the illusion domain.”

“The illusion domain?”

Bing Qingqing was confused for a moment before she realized why no one else came. She felt shocked at that moment.

As a Beastmaster, even if one had never seen with his own eyes, one would have heard about it. Illusion-type Beasts were very rare, and those Beasts that could erect an illusion domain were even rarer!

In particular, a Silver-level Beastmaster had actually mastered controlling a superb illusion-type Beast!

The first time Bing Qingqing saw Dream Wing, she did not think much about it. She now realized that it was a top-notch illusion-type Beast!

“Are you ready?”

“Ready when you are!”

Su Bai looked serious and asked Bearen to activate its Lightning Armor.

Whitey had also readied itself. Once the other party showed any abnormalities, it would definitely make the first move.

“Dream Wing, take it down!”

With a thought, the illusionary around Dream Wing gradually began to disintegrate, revealing the original real world.

At the same time, the girl outside sensed it and informed Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan.

“I wonder who it is. As far as I know, Elder Liu of the Great Wilderness City didn’t come at all.”

Ma Tianlun looked ahead curiously.

“Let’s see.”

Xu Qingshan was a little nervous. He believed that a Beastmaster who could cast an illusion domain was bound to be powerful. He couldn’t help but worry that he would anger the other party because he was watching from the side.

Among Beastmasters, the ones with weird personalities were mostly Spiritualist Beastmasters. They were more sensitive than ordinary people, and at the same time, they were more likely to go to the extreme.

“He’s here.”

At this moment, the young girl spoke.

Ma Tianlun, Xu Qingshan, and Mu Shuai’s gazes gathered.

However, the moment the illusion domain was released, they saw an extremely familiar Bearen and his expression instantly froze.

“That Bearen… Why does it look like Su Bai’s Bearen?”

“And that Lightning Armor… Could it be?”

Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan stuck their heads out and saw Su Bai, who was also sticking his head out.

“It really is that kid!”

Ma Tianlun was astonished, and Xu Qingshan was speechless.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, they didn’t expect to meet someone familiar in the illusion domain!

“W-What’s all this about?”

Ma Tianlun walked past Bearen and saw the corpses of the Soldier Demon Ants on the ground. His mind went blank.

When Ma Tianlun recovered, Su Bai put down his guard and walked to the two.

“Tianlun, Qingshan.”

“Su Bai, y-you… What was I going to say?”

Ma Tianlun was completely incoherent. He could not imagine that an underclassman was actually capable of unleashing an illusion domain, and even deceiving everyone.

Under the eyes of hundreds of Beastmasters, Su Bai quietly dealt with hundreds of Beasts!

“Su Bai, is it your Beast that used the illusion domain?” Xu Qingshan asked.

But when Xu Qingshan asked, he realized that he had said something wrong.

No matter how familiar the Beastmasters were, they couldn’t easily probe each other.

Such a low-level mistake had obviously shocked Su Bai so much that his brain was not fully awake.

“Illusion domain? Qingshan, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Su Bai scratched his head and pretended to look around. He definitely couldn’t hide it. He could only pretend that it wasn’t his doing.

But neither of them was stupid. Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan understood Su Bai’s question immediately.

“It seems that this labyrinth ruins is indeed unfathomable.”

“That’s right.” Xu Qingshan nodded and chuckled. “It’s a good thing that the two of you survived. Are you hurt?”

“No.” Su Bai answered.

Bing Qingqing chose to remain silent.

On the other hand, the young girl was a little confused when she heard that. She hurriedly stood up and said, “No, that illusion domain was clearly done by one of these two!”

However, Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan decided to ignore it at the same time.

“Who is this girl…”

Su Bai’s eyes fell on the girl.

A pair of bright eyes, clear and bright, slender eyebrows, and a tender face with red lips and white teeth, she was as pure and moving as a girl next door.

Even Bing Qingqing couldn’t help but take a second look.

Xu Qingshan coughed dryly and said, “Ahem, you don’t have to worry about this girl. We’ve already found the entrance to the third level and are going to invite you to go with us. How about it?”

“That’s great!”

When Su Bai looked at the time, there was not much time left until the agreed two hours.

Since they were all going to the entrance of the third level, both parties hit it off and left together.

Along the way, the girl’s eyes wandered between Su Bai and Bing Qingqing, as if she was trying to find the person who released the illusion domain.

However, Su Bai had concealed himself so well that the girl couldn’t find any flaws.

Instead, Su Bai seized the opportunity and used his spiritual power to see everything.

‘Strange…’ Su Bai frowned and carefully felt the feedback from his spiritual energy.

The information he obtained was very simple. The girl wasn’t a Beastmaster at all. There wasn’t any energy left in her body.

However, there wasn’t a second Spiritualist Beastmaster in the team other than him.

The only possibility was that the girl’s spiritual power was higher than his, but Su Bai soon denied it.

This was because the moment they left the core of the second level, they were attacked by Beasts.

The girl was almost attacked at close range. Luckily, Su Bai was one step ahead and released Whitey to kill the Beast on the spot.

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