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Chapter 217: 217 Sincerity for Sincerity

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217 Sincerity for Sincerity

Throughout the entire process, the girl did not have any emotional fluctuations. It was equivalent to not sensing the approach of the Beast at all.

“Leave it to us!”

Ma Tianlun’s team reacted and quickly summoned their Beasts to attack.

At the back of the group, the girl looked at the corpse of the Beast in front of her in shock.

“Are you alright?” Su Bai asked.

“I-I’m fine.”

The girl clenched her fists tightly and her entire body trembled. She did not seem to be fine at all.

After calming down the attack of the Beasts, the team set off again.

“Qingshan, is that girl an ordinary person?”

Su Bai approached Xu Qingshan and told him his opinion.

If it was because the girl did not want to expose her strength, she would not have done that.

Xu Qingshan frowned and was in thoughts. He didn’t want to mention the girl’s identity.

However, they were currently in the labyrinth ruins, and they could discover unpredictable things at any time. Like how they did earlier.

The attacking Beast was highly concealed and happened to attack the girl who was not on guard. If Su Bai didn’t help, Xu Qingshan wouldn’t have been able to save her.

Xu Qingshan had no choice but to reveal some information to Su Bai.

“Okay.” Xu Qingshan nodded. “Her name is An Mengyun. She’s indeed not a Beastmaster.”

“Then why did she come to the labyrinth ruins?”

“To find the antidote.”

“The antidote?”

“Although An Mengyun is an ordinary person, she has awakened an S-level talent. But the strange thing is that she can’t form a pact with any Beast. Because of her special constitution, she can’t control a trace of energy,” Xu Qingshan said with a bitter smile.

“Unable to form a pact…” Su Bai was surprised.

Su Bai had heard many strange things, but this was the first time he had heard of someone who had awakened a talent but was unable to control the energy to form a pact.

Su Bai turned back to look at An Mengyun. Now that he was using his spiritual force to probe, he gradually understood the strange feeling he had earlier.

Ordinary people who couldn’t become Beastmasters, even if they couldn’t control energy, would still absorb a lot of impure energy after years of accumulation.

However, An Mengyun was completely different. There wasn’t any trace of energy in her body, not even impurities.

“What kind of antidote can save this situation?” Su Bai asked,

“No one knows.” Xu Qingshan shrugged and revealed a bitter smile.

No one knew what kind of rare treasures would appear in the labyrinth ruins, so An Mengyun might have taken the risk to come here, hoping she would find it with luck.

Su Bai couldn’t help but feel sorry for this.

An Mengyun had awakened her S-level talent. She should have become an outstanding Beastmaster among countless Beastmasters. She would have walked on an infinitely great path, smoother than countless people.

However, due to An Mengyun’s unique physique, she couldn’t become a Beastmaster.

“You guys are talking about me, right?”

At this moment, An Mengyun suddenly caught up. Her eyes fell on Su Bai, and she gritted her teeth, “I don’t need anyone’s pity!”

“What is your S-level talent?” Su Bai chuckled.

At the same time, Su Bai secretly guessed that it must be related to Spiritualist. Otherwise, it would be impossible to see through his emotional fluctuations just now.

“Su Bai, don’t get too deep into it.” Xu Qingshan reminded Su Bai.

“It’s okay! But if you’re sincere, you have to tell me about the illusion domain!” An Mengyun said with a serious expression.

‘Sincerity for sincerity? Great, another girl who liked to be serious.’ Su Bai thought.

“No problem.” Su Bai smiled.

“Lend me your ears,” said An Mengyun.


Su Bai had no choice but to walk alongside An Mengyun.

The moment Su Bai got close, he could smell a fresh body fragrance. Then, when An Mengyun opened her mouth, he could clearly feel a hot breath.

But in front of so many people, Su Bai felt a little embarrassed.

However, when Su Bai heard An Mengyun’s words, his eyes suddenly revealed a trace of surprise. It was just as he had guessed.

The S-level talent, Mind Control, was a talent that could directly cause spiritual damage to the enemy!

One didn’t even need the support of his Beast and could do it.

Unfortunately, because she did not have a good physique, An Mengyun was currently unable to master this S-level talent.

At most, An Mengyun would be like ordinary Spiritualist Beastmasters, able to detect some fluctuations in emotions.


Su Bai couldn’t help but feel sorry for An Mengyun again.

If it weren’t for her physique issue, An Mengyun would probably be the nightmare of countless Beastmasters and Beasts.

“I’ve said it before. I don’t need anyone’s pity!”

An Mengyun became angry. Her eyes were wide open, and she looked like she was fuming.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Why did you come to the labyrinth ruins yourself? You’re half a Beastmaster and half an ordinary person. There aren’t many lives for you to take the risk.”

“That’s because…”

An Mengyun wanted to say something but hesitated. After struggling in her heart, she said helplessly, “I have an S-level skill book that can improve my physique. However, it’s not written in human language. Only a few passages were translated, so I thought…”

“I understand.” Su Bai raised his eyebrows. “But you still haven’t answered my question. Why didn’t you issue a mission? Why did you do it yourself?”

“Because I could do it if I believe in it!”

An Mengyun’s answer silenced Su Bai.

‘Where did this silly girl come from? She was simply someone who had been carefully taken care of since she was young and had never suffered the cruelty of reality. She was so bold that she dared to step into the labyrinth ruins without any help.’ Su Bai pondered.

“It’s about time. Su Bai, whatever you wanted to know, you’ve known.” Xu Qingshan walked over at this moment and said. “An Mengyun is the granddaughter of a friend I know. Please take care of her along the way.”

“Leave it to me, Qingshan.”

Su Bai’s doubts had been resolved after understanding An Mengyun’s background.

At the same time, Su Bai’s interest in the S-level skill book was piqued. With the system around, Su Bai could learn any skill from any book.

The problem was how to trick the girl into taking it out.

It was easy to deal with the girl’s innocent and ignorant personality. The main issue was Xu Qingshan.

The repeated verbal interference clearly showed that Xu Qingshan was protecting An Mengyun.

As the group continued forward, they walked to an entrance and Su Bai saw the Elvish on the wall.

“A level filled with clouds, streams, and forests.” Su Bai read.

Xu Qingshan was surprised. “Su Bai, can you read these words?”

“I understand a little.”

“You’re really awesome, kid!” Ma Tianlun immediately said in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to have such a hidden trick. Tell me, what language is this?”


“Oh wow, you do know their language!”

Ma Tianlun and Xu Qingshan were very experienced. Although they could not understand it, they could tell that it was the language of the elves through their years of experience.

But they didn’t expect Su Bai to have such a trick.

Not only could Su Bai recognize it, he could even decipher it.

“You really can understand it!” said An Mengyun.

An Mengyun tried hard to feel and noticed that Su Bai was emotionally stable. There were no signs of lying.

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