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Chapter 218: 218 Simplification! An S-Level Skill, Penta-Elements Physique.

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218 Simplification! An S-Level Skill, Penta-Elements Physique.

“Not much. I understand a little.”

Su Bai followed up.

When An Mengyun used her spiritual power to sense him, he was also using his spiritual power to sense An Mengyun at the same time.

Clearly, because of that, An Mengyun’s heart had some fluctuations. She had entered the labyrinth ruins in search of an opportunity to learn an S-level skill.

And now, it seemed like an opportunity was right in front of An Mengyun. How could she not be tempted!

“Su Bai, where did you learn the Elvish? As far as I know, the Elvish is very complicated and difficult to understand,” Xu Qingshan said curiously. “Even in historical records, most of the communication between humans and elves is through thoughts.”

“I once received some guidance in a ruin.”

“Could it be Grandmaster Xuan Tian?!”

Bing Qingqing was surprised when she heard that.

Upon hearing that name, Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and the others immediately could not sit still.

“Xuan Tian? Could it be that Grandmaster Beastmaster from Los Monstaria?”

“To obtain Grandmaster Xuan Tian’s guidance, no wonder you’re so heaven-defying that even I can’t understand you!”

“I was just lucky.” Su Bai chuckled.

At the critical moment, Bing Qingqing’s words were a great help to Su Bai.

There were very few humans who could learn Elvish.

When Su Bai mentioned Grandmaster Xuan Tian and with Bing Qingqing’s testimony, Xu Qingshan’s suspicion was dispersed perfectly.

“Su Bai, come here.”

At that moment, An Mengyun pulled a corner of Su Bai’s sleeve and said softly, “I want to show you something.”

“What is it?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He knew this girl couldn’t hold it in anymore.

An Mengyun even reached out to Su Bai, trying to curry favor with him.

The S-level skill book’s value was immeasurable, even if no one could understand it.

Su Bai and An Mengyun deliberately slowed down and walked at the back.

Xu Qingshan was the first to notice it, but he did not say anything.

After that, An Mengyun quietly took out a book that she had stuffed into her clothes.

“Su Bai, could you understand these words?”

“Let me see.”

Su Bai flipped through a few pages. He couldn’t understand it at all.

It was not written in Elvish at all. The words were twisted like earthworms and were ugly to a certain extent.

But for Su Bai, it didn’t matter whether he understood it or not. What was important was that he saw it.


S-level skill, Penta-Elements Physique has been detected. It can be simplified to just moving your body to cultivate!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?


Su Bai’s eyes lit up when he saw the simplified effect.

Coincidentally, the group had already arrived at the entrance of the third level. Xu Qingshan met up with his team and learned that there were still remnants of the Beasts ahead, so they needed some time to deal with them.

While the others were arranged to rest in a safe place.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Su Bai put away the S-level skill book.

“It’s not written in Elvish?”

An Mengyun’s mood immediately became a little low.

But then Su Bai smiled, “But it’s alright. I can understand a little. This is a skill book about body tempering.”

“You can understand that?!”

An Mengyun’s hope disappeared, but at that moment, it appeared again like a dream.

“I’ll give it a try first. Don’t get your hopes up.”


In An Mengyun’s eyes, Su Bai was like the last life-saving straw.

After that, Su Bai came to an empty space at the side.

First, Su Bai moved his legs and relaxed. Then he turned his neck. When he was ready, Su Bai started the exercise he did in the military training. A hundred push-ups, then a hundred sit-ups, and then a set of military boxing.

Not only was An Mengyun baffled, even Bing Qingqing, Ma Tianlun, and the others who were not far away were stunned.

“Su Bai, what are you doing?” Bing Qingqing asked curiously.

“Nothing, just warming up.”

“Oh …”

Su Bai’s excuse of warming up was perfect.

However, Bing Qingqing just wanted to go back to the villa and have a good sleep on the big bed after a big battle.

On the other hand, Su Bai had clearly dissected thousands of Soldier Demon Ants, yet he still had the strength to warm up.

“A young man is a young man. We are already old and don’t have the strength to do this anymore.” Ma Tianlun said in admiration.

But soon, An Mengyun could not hold it in anymore.

“When do we start cultivating?”

“There’s no rush. I’m still studying it. If you can’t sit still, you can warm up with me first.”

An Mengyun was extremely eager to become a Beastmaster. She had been searching for all kinds of methods for many years. Since there was a slim chance, she would try her best to catch it naturally!

Therefore, An Mengyun joined Su Bai without hesitation and started warming up.

“Hey System, can An Mengyun also obtain the simplified effect?”

Su Bai asked in his mind.

Previously, Su Bai had tested the effects on the Four-Eared Glazecat, but the effects were not obvious.

Yes, but you have to stay within two meters of the host to share the simplified effect. However, the effect is far inferior to the host’s own body.

“I knew it!”

Su Bai had an answer from the system. Then, he took a step closer to An Mengyun.

Although An Mengyun found this strange, she did not reject it too much.

On the contrary, Xu Qingshan, who had just returned, was somewhat vigilant. He hurriedly went forward and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

“Warming up.”

“Warming up!”

Su Bai and An Mengyun said in unison.

It made Xu Qingshan confused and completely at a loss.

Three minutes later, the Penta-Elements Physique was effective for Su Bai after it was simplified. The energy in his body was as flexible as his fingers. His stamina had improved by more than a little.

When Su Bai was still in the Los Monstaria military, there were often physical battles between soldiers. He could be said to be the best among his peers.

Su Bai was able to beat Feng Hai up and flee like a rat, the others couldn’t do it either.

However, Su Bai was slightly inferior to the Gold-level Captain, Huo Hua, because of his level foundation. Although Huo Hua did not win easily either.

Su Bai also admitted that there was a gap between their stamina and things would be different from now on.

After learning the Penta-Elements Physique, Su Bai could clearly feel that his physique had been strengthened by fifty times!

If Su Bai was to fight Captain Huo Hua again, he would definitely be able to easily win.

“As expected of an S-level skill.”

Su Bai took a deep breath. He could feel his body growing stronger and stronger. At the same time, he could receive the energy feedback from his Beasts more accurately. Even his spiritual power had strengthened significantly.

Su Bai’s physical fitness and all other aspects were probably at the top among Gold-level Beastmasters.

At the same time, An Mengyun, who had a poor foundation, was already panting after the high-intensity exercise.

Su Bai turned around and asked, “Can you still hold on?”.

“I-I-It’s alright …” said An Mengyun.

“Let’s rest for a while.” Su Bai urged.

Seeing An Mengyun’s forehead full of sweat, Su Bai immediately stopped and sat by the wall.

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