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Chapter 22

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A Precise Beast Core Extraction Does Not Come Cheaply

At the entrance of the encampment, the sophomores had already begun to revise and officially started their training.

The teams left one by one.

“Everyone’s here. Why haven’t we set off yet?” Lu Chen asked.

“There’s still one more person who hasn’t arrived.”

“That’s impossible.”

The members of the team looked at each other.

There was no one missing.

But when Su Bai showed up, Liu Yiyi smiled. “He’s here. Get ready to go.”

Hearing that, everyone was confused.

They didn’t expect Liu Yiyi to be talking about that freshman!

“Liu Yiyi, are you crazy?!” Lu Chen shouted in disbelief, “The place we’re going to is very dangerous. Why should we bring a freshman along?!”

Lu Chen significantly opposed when Liu Yiyi extended her invitation to Su Bai yesterday.

It was the same today.

“You’ve seen what he’s capable of. He’s fully qualified to enter the Wilderness.

“I’ve already reported it to the teacher and got his approval,” Liu Yiyi explained.

“Yesterday?” Lu Chen laughed out of anger and said with disdain, “It’s just a group of low-level Beasts. As long as we have enough time, which one of us here can’t do it!

The Beasts in their team were all Mid-6 Iron level Beasts and were all close to entering Upper level.

Liu Yiyi’s Beast, Illucub, has reached the High-10 Iron level!

Among all the teams in this training, Liu Yiyi’s team was the first-tier team.

“Then can you kill 78 Ratasaws in one afternoon?” Liu Yiyi asked with a frown.

“Uh …” Lu Chen’s mouth twitched as he retorted, “My Beast is a support-type Beast. How can you compare me to him?”

“If you can’t do it, then shut up,” said Liu Yiyi.

Liu Yiyi did not want to spoil Lu Chen. She said to the crowd sternly, “If any of you still disagree, you can step forward. We can discuss this matter properly. Otherwise, just shut up.”

Liu Yiyi was usually very easy to talk to, but as the captain, her authority was unquestionable and strong.

The other members didn’t dare to say anything else when they saw Lu Chen was speechless.

“Am I late?” Su Bai asked. He arrived in a hurry.

Liu Yiyi returned to her original demeanor and chuckled, “No, we were just about to set off. Let’s go.”

Su Bai nodded and followed the team out of the station.

The only strange thing was that many people looked at Su Bai with strange eyes.

Especially Lu Chen.

But Su Bai didn’t care. He followed the team into the Wilderness.

On the way, they learned that Su Bai’s talent was Battle-Up.

Which allows Su Bai just to lay low and support his team.

Soon, they encountered the first Tiblackger that blocked their way.

Su Bai immediately opened its information panel.

Name: Tiblackger

Potential: Lower Bronze

Level: Upper-7 Iron

Nature: Fierce

Talent: Bloodthirsty (Normal)

Skills: Blood Rage (D-level), Rip (C-level), Charge (C-level)”

Tiblackger was quite strong, slightly stronger than the Ratasaw.

“Spread out into formation! Prepare to attack!” Liu Yiyi immediately ordered.

The members of the team immediately released their Beasts.

“Illucub, confuse it!”

Liu Yiyi’s talent was the rare Illusionist. She could achieve double effectiveness when paired with Beasts of the same type.


Tiblackger was about to charge forward when it suddenly stopped and waved its sharp claws at the empty space.

This was the terrifying part of an Illusionist.

It could cause the target to fall into an illusion, making it impossible to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

The other members took the opportunity to order their Beasts to attack.

Although Tiblackger was confused by the hallucinating effect, it had already used its skill, Blood Rage, and entered a berserk state.

Therefore, it became quite tricky to deal with.


At that moment, Bearen, standing beside Su Bai, wanted to join the battle badly.

But Su Bai stopped it and said, “Now is not your time.”

Su Bai wasn’t trying to hide his strength, but Tiblackger was already disadvantaged.

The team’s coordination was quite good.

They weren’t too reckless and didn’t kill their target in a hurry.

Instead, they cooperated with Illucub’s skills and continued to fight in turns, making Tiblackger full of flaws.

Bearen’s sudden addition might disrupt the team’s rhythm, so they only needed to watch from the side.

During that period, Su Bai also used his talent to boost other Beasts and improve their attributes and combat strength.

It didn’t take long for Tiblackger, covered in wounds, to die on the ground.

“The first harvest is an Upper Iron level Beast. It’s a good start!”

“Phew … This guy’s blood is really thick.”

“What a pity. Its fur is worth a lot of points.”

After a carefree battle, everyone sighed with emotion.

Liu Yiyi was about to put away Tiblackger’s body when she remembered that Su Bai had the skill to take out the Beast core. She asked, “Why don’t you take out its Beast core?”

Upon hearing that, it immediately attracted the opposition of the surrounding members.

“That’s not good. This is an Upper Iron level Beast core.”

“That’s too risky, Yiyi.”

“What if he fails?”

No one wanted to risk the precious Upper Iron level Beast core.

“Sure,” Su Bai agreed readily.

Then, in front of everyone, Su Bai immediately began the extraction.

Although the other team members were unwilling, they couldn’t persuade their team leader, Liu Yiyi.

They could only hold their breath and pray that no accidents would happen.

Liu Yiyi, on the other hand, was anticipated.

Su Bai’s slender hand was holding the knife and cutting open the blood vessels smoothly and efficiently.

Every slicing was extremely precise and did not touch the Beast core at all.

Very quickly, Su Bai extracted an Upper Iron level Beast core.

The Beast core’s condition was as high as 96%!

“Wow! He’s even better than the teacher!”

“Brother, you’re awesome!”

“Good job, You’re really good at this.”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

For Beast core of the same level, the more complete they were, the more valuable they were.

A slight difference might cause the price to plummet.

Even the teachers in the encampment couldn’t guarantee that it was 96% complete.

“Practice makes perfect,” Su Bai smiled.

After the Beast core extraction had been simplified, Su Bai was not idle. He would massage Bearen whenever he was free.

Even though Bearen didn’t feel anything about Su Bai’s strength in massage, Su Bai could still obtain the effect from the Simplification System.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Liu Yiyi felt that she had gained a huge advantage and smiled happily.

“Here you go. Remember to pay the handling fee, 25% of the points.”

Su Bai said as he handed the Beast core to Liu Yiyi.

These words almost made everyone vomit blood.

The processing fee charged by the teacher at the camp was 30%, and it was a daylight robber that everyone had been ridiculing for a long time.

They didn’t expect that Su Bai was also a daylight robber!

It was only 5% cheaper.

Liu Yiyi, who felt she had taken advantage of Su Bai, twitched her mouth. In the end, she could only squeeze out one word, “Alright…”

‘It was a little expensive, but they still had 5% of their points left.

‘Since the Beast core was almost complete, it was already a good deal.’ Liu Yiyi thought.

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