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Chapter 237: 237 The Outcast

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237 The Outcast

Crazy Tang’s words were extremely loud, and everyone present heard them clearly. It was clearly what she wanted!


Su Bai gazed at Crazy Tang after he heard that. Although he was not sure what happened, he could clearly feel Bing Qingqing’s emotional fluctuations. It was obvious that things weren’t that simple.

At that moment, Crazy Tang began a new round of nonsense.

“Shut up!” the security guard hurriedly berated Crazy Tang. However, it was not effective.

“Mr. Security, since when is the Great Wilderness City taking away the right to speak?”

“Do you think you’re telling the truth?”

“I think I am!”

When people were shameless to a certain extent, they could be said to be invincible.

However, Xie Xingtian rushed forward as fast as he could and slapped Crazy Tang’s face at that moment. His action stunned the surrounding Beastmasters.

“How dare you!”

Crazy Tang’s eyes were filled with malevolence, but when she looked at the person, her expression instantly froze.

“Shut your mouth if you want to live! One more word and it’s the end of you!” Xie Xingtian said coldly.

Such a sudden situation made Crazy Tang’s mind go blank. She didn’t understand why the deputy leader would suddenly intervene and even teach her a lesson.

“Who is he…”

Bing Qingqing was also a little confused.

“Are you hurt?” Su Bai chuckled.

“I’m fine.” Bing Qingqing shook her head.

At that moment, An Qingpu also went up and swept his gaze over them. Then, he shook his head and said, “She’s hurt.”

“Huh?” Bing Qingqing was confused.

‘There was no physical conflict throughout the entire thing, despite the fact that I was constantly harassed by the Charlie Mercenary. How could I get hurt?’ Bing Qingqing pondered.

“She is indeed injured. I didn’t expect that crazy woman to be a Spiritualist Beastmaster,” Ma Tianlun suddenly said.

Not to mention Bing Qingqing, even Crazy Tang was stunned. She didn’t even know that she was a Spiritualist Beastmaster.


Crazy Tang was about to defend herself when Xie Xingtian glared at her.

“Xingtian, you should know how to deal with this matter, right?”

“I do!”

In front of An Qingpu, Xie Xingtian was extremely obedient.

The surrounding Beastmasters clicked their tongues.

“Who is that old man? He’s actually so fierce that he can make the deputy leader of the Charlie Mercenary so humble.”

“He must be an even more ruthless character.”

“Indeed, I haven’t even reacted to that slap just now.”

No one would have thought that the young girl who was targeted by Crazy Tang actually had a background. It was enough for the deputy leader to teach his own member a lesson.

“Then tell me.” said An Qingpu.

Xie Xingtian took a deep breath and said, “According to the rules of the Great Wilderness City, the private fighter’s behavior is abominable. She will be sent to Mt. Heng for three years and forced to be a hard labor for ten years!”

Hard labor was a punishment specialized in dealing with Beastmasters who violated the law. It was a special punishment that was more torturous than ordinary people entering prison.

“I refuse to accept this!”

Crazy Tang didn’t want to suffer from hard labor. She immediately shouted angrily, “I don’t have a spiritual-type Beast at all. What right do you have to spout nonsense!”

However, no one at the scene paid attention to Crazy Tang.

“Su Bai, what do you think?” An Qingpu asked.

“As you wish, Mr. Governor.”

When Su Bai said that, the surrounding people were all shocked. They couldn’t imagine that the old man in his 70s was the governor of Great Wilderness City!

Even the security guards standing at the side were dumbfounded. He had already guessed that the old man’s identity was not ordinary. After all, he was able to make deputy leader of Charlie Mercenary treat him with respect.

However, no one expected the old man to be the governor!

“Mr. Governor, sir!”

The security guard immediately knelt on one knee and saluted.

“Hmm.” An Qingpu nodded and turned to Xie Xingtian. “Do you think your judgment is fair enough?”

Xie Xingtian’s legs almost jellied. He hurriedly said, “You can decide the punishment, Mr. Governor!”

Since An Qingpu had spoken, Xie Xingtian could understand the meaning of An Qingpu’s words after staying around the Great Wilderness City for so many decades.

“You have violated the law and launched a sneak attack with your spiritual energy. Your behavior is extremely vile. You are classified as an outcast and banished from the Great Wilderness City. You are not allowed to step into the city for the rest of your life!” An Qingpu’s words were loud and clear.

One crime was a private fight, and the other was a sneak attack. The nature of the punishment had completely changed!

No matter how much of a troublemaker Crazy Tang was, she instantly blacked out when she heard the sentence.

An outcast was an identity worse than death. Once it was in effect, the outcasts would be despised wherever they went and even banned from entering the city. Not to even mention cities like the Great Wilderness City.

Crazy Tang was now reduced to a position even lower than mercenaries.

“Serves you right.” Bing Qingqing didn’t pity Crazy Tang.

Crazy Tang had only herself to blame for coming this far. She liked to spread rumors about other female Beastmasters and cause trouble, but now, she was being banished on a false charge.

Soon, the guards carried Crazy Tang away. The other Beastmasters from the Charlie Mercenary were still kneeling on the ground, trembling.

Some of them were so frightened that they even peed on their pants. Xie Xingtian gave them a severe punishment and even prepared to make them kowtow in front of Bing Qingqing.

“Young lady, are you satisfied with this treatment?” An Qingpu asked with a smile.

“Yes, sir!” Bing Qingqing nodded.

Su Bai shrugged; he had already understood the governor’s meaning.

Crazy Tang couldn’t possibly be a Spiritualist Beastmaster. The reason An Qingpu said that must be because he had long known about Crazy Tang’s deeds.

But in the eyes of the governor, this was just a small matter. In addition, he had been busy with things and had not paid attention to them.

Now that An Qingpu had run into them, he could get rid of a scourge in the Great Wilderness City and do Su Bai a favor. That way, An Qingpu could even receive praise in the Great Wilderness City. It was simply killing three birds with one stone!

At this age, An Qingpu could be said to be a true shrewd person.

“Let’s go back to the topic just now.” An Qingpu turned his gaze over with a smile.

Su Bai smiled helplessly. “Mr. Governor, I’ll name a price.”


“100 Platinum-grade Beast-cores will do.”

“Don’t you want more?”

“I don’t need it for now.” Su Bai shook his head. “I’m not strong enough yet. I’m afraid people will be after me no matter how many Beast-cores I have.”

Naturally, the more Beast-cores Su Bai had, the better. After all, they were the hard currency between Beastmasters.

But when dealing with such a smart person, Su Bai felt that he had to keep his distance. He didn’t want to be sold and still helped count the money.

“Alright, that little girl is probably worried sick.” An Qingpu nodded and smiled.

“What’s going on?” Bing Qingqing didn’t understand what An Qingpu meant.

But when Bing Qingqing knew that An Mengyun would join the team, Bing Qingqing immediately felt an inexplicable pressure. However, Bing Qingqing was also glad that there was an additional Beastmaster with S-level talent in the team!

It was a pity that this genius Beastmaster, An Mengyun, had to spend a lot of time before she could take charge of the situation on her own.

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