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Chapter 240: 240 A Rocket-Like Levelling Speed

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240 A Rocket-Like Levelling Speed

After the news of the labyrinth ruins opened to the public, more and more Beastmasters returned to Great Wilderness City after the appraisal conference, returning to their usual lives.

The good stuff in the labyrinth ruins had basically been taken by the first batch of Beastmasters. The people who came later couldn’t even get a piece of the good stuff, so they were quite dissatisfied.

In the past two days, Su Bai had been carrying out missions with Bing Qingqing. He had a strong feeling. It would be great if they could accept a B-class mission in a day.

It would be great if they could take a B-class mission in a day. The C-class missions were relatively simple.

Adding to the fact that An Mengyun had been active recently, Su Bai could only take her along to complete the C-class mission. He didn’t expect her basic skills to be so outstanding.

With the juvenile Blue Phoenix, An Mengyun had mastered its attack technique in just a day. She was extremely excited on her back as she did not have enough.

“Mr. Su, how was my performance?”

“Not bad.” Su Bai chuckled. “You dealt with the Beasts quickly and decisively, and seized the opportunity perfectly. ”

After receiving her praises, An Mengyun looked forward to tomorrow’s mission even more. Su Bai felt the same way.

Due to the recent increase in the number of Savage Crocs in the Clear River, there was a public C-class mission to hunt them down. There was no limit to the number of kills. The more kills, the more rewards.

Since An Mengyun was doing well in the team, Su Bai considered going there tomorrow. After learning about that, An Mengyun and Bing Qingqing were feeling excited.

After all, they all needed to use low-level Beasts to raise the level of their Beasts.

The next day, Su Bai at the Clear River boundary after taking the public mission. He looked around and saw the backs of Beastmasters and Beasts.

“There are too many people!” An Mengyun forced a smile and said, “Why don’t we go deeper?”

“No.” Su Bai shook his head. He warned, “You want to train the juvenile Beasts. This area is the most suitable for you. The Savage Croc is of a lower level. It’s too dangerous to venture deeper.”

This was the lower reaches of the Clear River, and also the birthplace of the Savage Crocs. Many of them that had just been born a few days ago were everywhere.

To Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun, it was very safe to train the new Beasts here. It just lacked some efficiency.

“Alright then.”

In response, An Mengyun could only summon Blue Phoenix. The Blue Phoenix used its skill to envelop itself in a ball of flames, and its sharp beak descended towards the young Savage Croc.

The effect was so great that the young Savage Croc could only struggle a few times before dying on the spot.

Bing Qingqing’s performance was equally outstanding.

The Golden-eyed Lynx and the Silver-eyed Lynx had displayed their terrifying cooperation and killed three young Savage Crocs teasingly without the Four-eared Glazecat’s attack.

After all, they were all Beasts with Diamond-level potential. They could easily stand out at the early stages.

During this period, Su Bai didn’t stay idle. He went deeper into the Clear River alone, ready to give Golden Dragon some experience.

However, in order to not attract attention, Su Bai had Dream Wing cast an illusion on the Golden Dragon.


The Golden Dragon felt a layer of special energy on the surface of its body and felt very curious. It looked at itself carefully, but there was no change.

Su Bai was the same. But in the eyes of others, the Golden Dragon had completely changed its appearance and turned into a little Bearen.

“Let’s begin.”

The Golden Dragon was at the Lower-1 Bronze level, it naturally could not set its sights on the young Savage Croc.

So Su Bai set the Golden Dragon’s target to an adult Savage Croc, which was between Mid-Bronze to Upper-Bronze levels. It was not too weak.


The Golden Dragon, who had double S-level skills and Outstanding talent, was like a terrifying existence on the Clear River. The surrounding Savage Crocs felt the oppressive dragon’s aura.

Although the Golden Dragon did not have any offensive skills, it relied on its powerful body. The Savage Croc could not withstand the Golden Dragon’s claws at all, and a piece of its flesh was torn off.

In the blink of an eye, almost all the Savage Crocs in the surroundings were wiped out. Even if there were some who were hiding, the Golden Dragon could kill them all with Dream Wing’s help.

“It’s only been a few days, and they’ve already hatched so many.” Su Bai sighed. “If we leave it alone for a year and a half, I’m afraid that not only the Clear River but also the surrounding areas will be the territory of the Savage Crocs.”

This was one of the main responsibilities of the border. To curb the Beasts with heaven-defying reproductive abilities to prevent them from overflowing.


Golden Dragon has advanced to Lower-2 Bronze level!


Golden Dragon has advanced to Mid-4 Bronze level!

The Golden Dragon gained experience points in a carefree manner, and its level continued to increase.

After cleaning up the corpses, Su Bai immediately rushed to the next place. There were quite a few Beastmasters there.

It was also in the middle of the Clear River. As long as it saw the Savage Croc, the Golden Dragon would attack without hesitation like a hungry Beast.

A team of Beastmasters couldn’t help but sigh in admiration when they saw the Golden Dragon’s figure while resting.

“Oh my god, this little Bearen is so vicious. An adult Savage Croc can’t even withstand one of its claws?!”

“Pfft… Is this the little Bearen I know?”

“It doesn’t even look like an adult. What kind of potential does this Bearen have?”

At that moment, two Lower-Silver level Savage Crocs appeared, making the Beastmasters excited.

However, the Golden Dragon moved in an instant. Its golden claws landed on the head of the Savage Croc, killing the two Lower-Silver level Savage Crocs before they could react!

“F*ck, that’s too much!”

The few Beastmasters had just stood up when the prey they wanted was snatched away. They stood there in confusion.

In those Beastmasters’ eyes, the ferocious Golden Dragon looked like a little Bearen under Dream Wing’s illusion. They couldn’t believe that a little Bearen could kill a Lower-Silver level Savage Croc instantly.

Su Bai didn’t care about that at all. He allowed the Golden Dragon to continue to hunt the Savage Crocs everywhere.

The middle of the Clear River could be said to be a disastrous area for the Savage Crocs. There were a dozen of them in just a few steps.

Not to mention those on the shore, even if they were in the water, the Golden Dragon could dig three feet into the ground to find them all and kill them. Its speed was so fast that the surrounding Beastmasters couldn’t remain calm.

“F*ck, who is this guy? Is he here to smurf?!”

“We can’t wait any longer. Otherwise, all the Savage Crocs will be killed soon.”

“Quick, quick, move!”

The appearance of the Golden Dragon made them feel a sense of danger. The Beastmasters began to hunt the Savage Crocs everywhere. However, no matter how fast they were, they only took down a few of the Savage Crocs.

The Beastmasters who accepted the C-class mission were basically all Bronze-level to Silver-level. Although Su Bai was still at Silver-level, he was already a Gold-level Beastmaster.

Compared to the other Beastmasters, Su Bai did look like he was here to smurf.

No matter what, the Golden Dragon was a Bronze-level Beast. It was understandable for it to come here to farm some experience points.


Golden Dragon has advanced to the Upper-9 Bronze level!

A notification sounded.

The speed of the Golden Dragon leveling up was like a rocket, soaring into the sky. Su Bai couldn’t help but look at the upper reaches of the Clear River.

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