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Chapter 255: 255 Commanding a 100-Man Team

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255 Commanding a 100-Man Team

“There have been many things happening in the Great Wilderness City these days.” An Qingpu smiled bitterly.

The appearance of the labyrinth ruins was merely a foreshadowing. Because of the climate and other factors, the number of Beasts near the Great Wilderness’s border has increased at an alarming rate.

As a result, the rewards for the missions had increased over the past few days, and thus, the number of people currently available for An Qingpu had decreased.

An Qingpu had to handle everything as the governor of a city. Dealing with the Salvation Sect was critical, but he couldn’t devote all of his resources to it.

Therefore, some available personnel in An Qingpu could be transferred to Su Bai. Their goal was to extinguish the flames that the Salvation Sect had ignited in the Great Wilderness City at all costs!

“I’ll get you 100 Silver-level Beastmasters and ten Gold-level Beastmasters. This is the most people I can mobilize right now.” An Qingpu stated solemnly. He added, “Although the challenge is grave, I will not abdicate all responsibility. Your mission is to apprehend the governor of Black City. Can you pull it off?”

“Sure!” Su Bai immediately stood up and took the heavy responsibility.

He knew better than anyone that this matter could not be delayed any longer. The more he dragged it out, the more complicated things would become.

Therefore, An Qingpu picked up the phone and his assistant rushed over.

“Mr. Governor, everything has been prepared. We await your next instructions.”

“Yes, you can bring him there.”

With An Qingpu’s order, the assistant didn’t dare to be negligent and led Su Bai to the Beastmasters’ gathering place.

‘He’s so young, but he can actually lead a hundred-man team.’ the assistant thought.

Along the way, the assistant glanced at Su Bai from time to time with curiosity.

In the assistant’s opinion, Su Bai was just a teenager who was not even twenty years old. From this, one could tell that he was not very experienced.

There were countless Beastmasters in the Great Wilderness City. Any one of them could be a generation higher than Su Bai. No one knew why the governor chose Su Bai.

Su Bai had figured it out. An Qingpu was an experienced person. He knew that there must be someone more suitable than Su Bai.

However, there was one thing that could not be ignored. Which was how far the Salvation Sect infiltrated the border of the Great Wilderness this time.

No one dared to vouch for that. Thus, it wasn’t that An Qingpu didn’t have anyone to use, but that they didn’t dare to take risks.

Naturally, the best candidate was not chosen based on strength, but on credibility!

At the same time, An Qingpu had already checked Su Bai’s detailed resume. He was amazed and admired Su Bai.

An Qingpu had the intention of keeping an eye on Su Bai.

Among his peers, Su Bai was definitely the best. Even on the border, where the competition was especially fierce, he could not hide his brilliance.

Soon, Su Bai arrived at the gathering place. Over a hundred Beastmasters were ready.

It had to be said that the Beastmasters in Great Wilderness City were extremely agile.

After receiving the news, they immediately put down everything they were doing and came to meet up.

But when the assistant and Su Bai arrived, everyone looked at him curiously.

When the assistant started to announce that the leader of the team was Su Bai, everyone was stunned. Then, when they realized what was going on, there was an uproar.

“What the heck? Letting a little brat lead the team? Can he lead us at all?!”

“That’s right. Anyone here has more experience than him!”

“Who is this guy? How can he lead so many people? Is the governor old and muddle-headed?”

“I heard that the mission this time is not simple.”

“I don’t want to hand my old life over to a little guy.”

As expected, when the Beastmasters found out that Su Bai was the leader of this operation, they had many objections and showed dissatisfaction.

“Su Bai, can you handle it? Although everyone is a military soldier like you, they’re not easy to deal with.” the assistant forced a smile.

“I understand.” Su Bai nodded.

Su Bai was indeed lacking in experience when it came to commanding troops.

However, he had been in the military before, after all. He wouldn’t allow himself to be manipulated by these Beastmasters at will.

Then, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he took a step forward with a serious expression.


After the shout, the scene instantly quieted down, and everyone fixed their eyes on Su Bai.

However, they would not be convinced just because of that. They wanted to see what Su Bai could do to lead a team of a hundred people.

Then Su Bai said coldly, “My name is Su Bai. I’m from Los Monstaria. I know everyone is not satisfied with me in this operation. So I’m happy to give you a chance.”

Some people couldn’t help but laugh when Su Bai finished speaking. But it wasn’t done yet.

“Those Beastmasters who have reached Gold-level, step forward!”

Although most of them were not convinced, it was the order of the governor of Great Wilderness City after all. They had to follow Su Bai’s order and take a step forward.

There were a total of eleven Gold-level Beastmasters on the team this time.

It was enough to show the importance An Qingpu placed on this matter.

Su Bai glanced at them and said, “I can’t prove to you that I can show you the vision of a leader, but if it’s strength, I welcome you to prove it.”

The eleven Gold-level Beastmasters didn’t expect such arrogant words from Su Bai at all.

“Alright, you actually dare to show your might.”

“Le, show this kid your strength!”

“Why don’t I do it?!”

They were all eager to spar with Su Bai. Soon, he chose a person.

“Brat, we won’t bully you. Let the youngest guy on our side do it.” a Beastmaster said with a smile.

Then, Lu Le took a few steps forward and came to Su Bai. He was a Gold-level Beastmaster, the youngest among the eleven, but he was already 29 years old.

“Hmm, let’s end this quickly.” Su Bai nodded and summoned Bearen.


As soon as Bearen appeared, it smelled the aura of battle and instantly became excited.

As Bearen appeared, someone immediately recognized Su Bai.

“I remember now. He’s Su Bai, the guy who broke the arena record!”

“Yes, I’ve even watched his live broadcast!”

“No wonder he was so arrogant.”

“What’s the use of being arrogant? Lu Le is a Gold-level Beastmaster.”

“Indeed. I remember Su Bai is only at Silver-level. How could he be a match for Lu Le?”

Although they recognized Su Bai, they admired him for breaking the record for the fastest speed in the history of the arena from floor zero to floor twenty.

However, their prejudice remained the same.

In a battle between a Silver-level and a Gold-level, all would be crushed, unless one could change the outcome of the battle!

“Kid, I’ll apologize in advance,” said Lu Le.

Lu Le waved his hand and summoned his Beast, Demon Black Serpent. It had a huge body that was 23 meters long.

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