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Chapter 258: 258 The Fake Su Bai

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258 The Fake Su Bai

Today was definitely the most lively day in the Black City governor’s mansion.

Hundreds of Beasts swarmed into the governor’s mansion, causing a great disturbance. It quickly sealed it off!

Everyone in the governor’s mansion was trembling with fear.

As for the only personal guard who had any combat power, they could not even do much against Lu Le and the others.

“What’s going on?!”

“Who allowed you to barge into the governor’s mansion!”

“Don’t kill me…Don’t kill me…”

The entire governor’s mansion was already in a state of panic.

But soon, a Gold-level personal guard captain appeared. He did not attack directly but confronted Lu Le instead.

“This is the governor’s mansion. May I ask what your purpose is here?”

Lu Le sneered, “You have no right to ask me questions. Surrender immediately. This is an order!”

The captain of the personal guards frowned. He wasn’t a group of foolish personal guards. He knew that the other party had mobilized a large number of Beastmasters. If they fought head-on, they would only be rebuffed.

After thinking for a long time, he took a step back and opened up a path. Then, he silently raised his hands.

The surrounding personal guards who were still stubbornly trying to resist were all dumbfounded when they saw that.

Even their captain had chosen to surrender. What reason did they have to continue resisting?

Following that, more and more personal guards chose to lower their heads.

Lu Le sneered when he saw this.

The captain of the personal guards was a person who understood the situation. With him leading the way, the following work would be much easier.

Soon, the first and second floors of the governor’s mansion were all under control.

The third floor was where the governor was currently located, but after so long, the commotion was quite big. Hao Wanyang was still patient and didn’t show up.

“Captain, there might be a trap inside.” Lu Le said to Su Bai. “Let our team charge in first. Once there’s danger, we’ll call for help from the others.”

“Okay.” Su Bai nodded. He had no objection to this plan.

Su Bai sensed with his spiritual power, there was only one person in the room, a Platinum-level Beastmaster with boundless energy. It should be the governor of Black City, Hao Wanyang.

At that moment, Hao Wanyang, the governor of Black City, stood by the window and looked at the chaotic scene below. He frowned and there was uncontrollable anger in his heart.

Hao Wanyang had just found out that Bing Qingqing had escaped and cursed that idiot Bo Yang in his heart!

But now, even if Hao Wanyang cursed Bo Yan a thousand times, it would not change the current situation.

Rustling sounds came from the door. Hao Wanyang knew that Su Bai and the others had arrived, so he waved his hand.

The Human-faced Spider climbed from Hao Wanyang’s shoulder to the ceiling. As an elder of the Salvation Sect, Hao Wanyang was unquestionably passionate about the sect!

Even if Hao Wanyang had to die today, he would also drag a few people down together for the Salvation Sect! And the target was Su Bai!

At that moment, Lu Le kicked the door open.


“Everyone, get down! Anyone who disobeys will be beheaded!”

With a loud shout, a few Gold-level Beastmasters rushed into the room with their Beasts.

When they saw that Hao Wanyang was alone in the room, they didn’t relax.

Hao Wanyang was a Platinum-level Beastmaster. The Beastmasters only dared to charge in because they had the advantage of numbers.

“Why are you looking for me?” Hao Wanyang slowly turned around and smiled. “Such a large number of people, I’m afraid this matter is not small, right?”

“You’ll know later. On your knees!” Lu Le narrowed his eyes.

However, Lu Le suddenly felt a pain in his shoulder. He turned around and saw a Human-faced Spider approaching him.

The pain wasn’t very intense, but soon, Lu Le’s bitten shoulder felt a little numb.

Lu Le’s Beast immediately attacked the Human-faced Spider, but it was far less agile than the other party and missed.

“Lu Le, are you alright?”

“F*ck! Everyone, go!”

The other Gold-level Beastmasters began to command their Beasts to attack Hao Wanyang.

However, there was a huge difference between them. The Gold-level Beastmasters’ Beasts could not deal with the Human-faced Spiders at all.

One after another, the Beasts were defeated in battle, and some were even killed!

Some Beastmasters wanted to capture the leader first, setting their sights on Hao Wanyang. However, Hao Wanyang wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

Hao Wanyang’s Second Beast, the Great Earthen Drake, suddenly appeared and condensed an Earthen Shield beside it.

“Hehehe, look at your companion. If you don’t save him, he will die.” Hao Wanyang narrowed his eyes and sneered.

Everyone looked over and saw that Lu Le’s shoulder, which had been attacked by the Human-faced Spider, was already oozing pus. It was obviously a sign of poison!

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared. Hao Wanyang narrowed his eyes and a strong killing intent erupted from his heart.

“Su Bai, we have meet again.”

“Haha.” Su Bai sneered but didn’t say anything. With both hands in his pockets, he appeared very relaxed.

Bing Qingqing saw that and immediately whispered, “Don’t be so sloppy. Su Bai is not a hooligan! ”

Su Bai had a brilliant idea before entering the room. He used Dream Wing to create an illusion that covered the entire room. But he couldn’t guarantee that it would work 100% of the time on Hao Wanyang, so he decided to use bait.

That was to find a Beastmaster at the last minute and transform his appearance into a fake Su Bai with an illusion.

The real Su Bai had already entered the room. He entered stealth mode and stood at the side to observe the battle.

Hao Wanyang possessed considerable strength. He was able to do it flawlessly against the combined attack of several Gold-level Beastmasters.

If Hao Wanyang wanted to leave, probably no one at the scene could stop him.

Su Bai could see clearly why Hao Wanyang didn’t leave.

Hao Wanyang’s killing intent towards the fake Su Bai was enough to make others feel bone-chilling cold.

That was why Su Bai was glad that he made a fake Su Bai at the last minute.

Otherwise, Su Bai wouldn’t have been able to get close to Hao Wanyang.

“What, you have nothing to say? Since you have nothing else to say, then die!” Hao Wanyang said coldly.

With a thought, the Human-faced Spider quickly attacked.

At the same time, a few Gold-level Beastmasters were already prepared, calling out to their Beasts to fight the enemy.

However, the Human-faced Spider was too fast. It approached the fake Su Bai easily with just a shake of its body.

“Captain, watch out!”

“F*ck, stop it!”

“Captain, the Human-faced Spider’s sharp legs are poisonous. Fall back quickly!”

In the chaotic room, everyone knew how terrifying the Human-faced Spider was.

However, Bing Qingqing was prepared. She grabbed the fake Su Bai’s arm, summoned the Golden-eyed Lynx, and teleported back to the corridor.

Hao Wanyang was surprised. He did not expect that there would be a spatial-type Beast among this group of people.

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