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Chapter 266:  

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266 It’s Closer Than It Looks

The plants could mimic the scent of powerful Beasts to make other Beasts feel threatened. However, it was only a deterrence.

After Su Bai confirmed it, he went deeper into the canyon. Relying on his spiritual power, he could detect the Beasts that could attack the team at any time.

After that, Su Bai would send out Whitey and quietly solve the problem.

The entire time, it was completely different in the eyes of Xu Tian and the others. They followed behind Su Bai and found it strange that they didn’t encounter any obstacles along the way. They directly arrived near the stronghold of the Salvation Sect.

Xu Tian did not have the time to dwell on what had happened before when he looked at the sentry tower.

“Yes, sir!”

The two Beastmasters had Beasts that were proficient in assassination, so they immediately began to take action.

At the same time, Su Bai was not idle. He asked Whitey to sneak into the stronghold with him.

The strange thing was that there were very few people in the stronghold. Only two people standing guard.

There were also three Beastmasters sitting together, as if they were discussing something.

“Attack!” a Beastmaster whispered.

Immediately after, the two Salvation Sect Beastmasters standing on the sentry tower fell to the ground without even making a sound, losing consciousness.

On the other side, Su Bai asked Whitey to approach the three Beastmasters. It eavesdrops on their conversation, and Whitey would repeat it in its mind to Su Bai.

“How troublesome. Why did they leave us in the stronghold?”

“What are you complaining about? This operation is not simple. I don’t want to die, even if you want to!”

“Look at you. Aren’t you just as good as the envoy?”

“It’s just ”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. The information he overheard was useless. He already knew that the Salvation Sect was taking action. The only useful thing was that there was still the Salvation Sect’s envoy in the stronghold.

“Do it.” Su Bai ordered. Whitey no longer parroted and killed all three Beastmasters in one round!

Su Bai told Xu Tian what he had heard. Xu Tian wasn’t surprised.

When the Salvation Sect took action, it was normal for the stronghold to be empty. The only thing that troubled Xu Tian was the Salvation Sect’s envoy.

“That group of fellows is really difficult to deal with. I had a fight with an envoy before, and I almost died there,” Xu Tian said with a bitter smile.

“Is he very strong?” Su Bai asked.

“Not really.” Xu Tian shook his head. He said, “Rather than saying that they are strong, it’s better to say that they have unique abilities. The Beast of the envoy who fought me is very difficult to deal with. Once it comes into contact, its victim will immediately be petrified.”


“That’s right. Strange skills like this are the favorite of the Salvation Sect’s envoys. Be careful when you come across one.” Xu Tian reminded.

Everyone continued to move forward. They were very careful when they started to prevent the other party from noticing.

But soon, they realized that it was unnecessary. Because the Salvation Sect had a Spiritualist Beastmaster on their side. The moment they stepped into the stronghold, they had already sensed it.

More than ten Beastmasters rushed up one after another, trying to take Su Bai and the others down. However, the ten Beastmasters were all dealt with without exception.

Those Beastmasters were all at the Silver-level. In front of Gold-level Beastmasters, they couldn’t even withstand a single blow.

Not long after, the team arrived at an open space in the stronghold. Surrounding them were Beastmasters from the Salvation Sect, forming a circle, waiting for their arrival.

In the middle, there was a man with a skull tattoo on his face. He was the Salvation Sect’s envoy.

The Salvation Sect’s envoy didn’t feel strange when he saw Su Bai and the others.

Xu Tian was measuring the size of the Salvation Sect, while the Salvation Sect was also sizing up their strength.

In the silence, there were already undercurrents surging.

“Competing with my spiritual power? You don’t know what’s good for you!”

The Salvation Sect’s envoy narrowed his eyes and felt a wave of spiritual power.

“Spiritual Turbulence!”

With a cry, the Salvation Sect’s envoy immediately deployed his spiritual-type Beast and ordered it to use its skill. It was directed at Su Bai himself!

However, it was easily resolved by Dream Wing after Su Bai sensed it.

This kind of spiritual attack was completely vulnerable to Dream Wing. Not only could it sense it, it could resolve it as well.

“It didn’t work?” the Salvation Sect’s envoy was surprised to see Su Bai, who was still calm.

The Salvation Sect’s envoy was a Platinum-level Beastmaster, and he had secretly ambushed countless Beastmasters with his spiritual power. Then, he would slowly torture his victims to death.

The envoy had even killed a Spiritual Beastmaster of the same level before. That was because his Beast was the Dreaming Tapir.

With a powerful lineage and talent, it was judged to be a rare Beast among the spiritual-type Beasts!

The Dreaming Tapir was very small, only the size of a pinky. However, it could devour the other party’s spiritual power attack and then turn it into its own!

This was the most shameless part of the Dreaming Tapir. Not only could it restrain ordinary Beastmasters, but it could also restrain Beastmasters of the same type!

Su Bai didn’t care much about Beastmasters of the same type. His spiritual energy fluctuation was very weak. It was mainly because he was trying his best to expand the coverage area to find the whereabouts of Xu Qingshan and the others.

With Dream Wing’s current strength, it could expand its spiritual power to nearly 300 meters!

“You still dare to be distracted!”

The Salvation Sect’s envoy’s expression turned cold. He immediately ordered the Dreaming Tapir to devour the spiritual energy that was spreading around.

Su Bai still ignored him and kept a low profile at the same time.

“I know you’re here to find someone.” The Salvation Sect’s envoy waved his hand and laughed maniacally. “But this is not a place where you can come and go as you please!”

In an instant, dozens of Beastmasters surrounded Su Bai and the others. However, Su Bai had found Xu Qingshan and the others at the same time.

It was closer than Su Bai thought. Xu Qingshan and the others were in the room behind the Salvation Sect’s envoy!

Just by looking at their condition, Xu Qingshan and the others were fine. They were not even injured. Moreover, they had not been imprisoned by the Salvation Sect.

To put it simply, Xu Qingshan and the others were trapped in an energy ball by their own people. This was the skill of a Beastmaster in their team. A Beast that could only defend.

The shield created was extremely sturdy. Even if it was attacked by a Platinum-level Beast, it could last for a period of time.

“Reinforcements are here?”

Xu Qingshan and the others noticed the movement coming from outside and could not wait to open the window.


However, everyone was in an energy ball. If they wanted to get close to the window, they had to get out.

“Uh, Captain, please move aside. You’re pressing on my leg.”

“F*ck, Qingshan, don’t block the way.”

“Ouch, my head!”

In the chaos, everyone rolled the energy ball and approached the window. However, they discovered a cruel reality. It was impossible for them to reach out and open the window.

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