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Chapter 268: 268 Su Bai Slaughters Like a Monster!

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268 Su Bai Slaughters Like a Monster!

The Salvation Sectists who had lost their envoy were instantly defeated. All of them lost their will to fight, and they were captured by Su Bai and the others in the end.

Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun and the others were overjoyed to have escaped the disaster, and they were also grateful to Su Bai. At the same time, they also noticed that Su Bai was hiding his strength.

Ordinary Beastmasters might not be able to tell much between each other, but once the energy fluctuations caused by a battle occurred, it was very easy to determine the other party’s level.

Without a doubt, the power they sensed from Su Bai was already at the Gold level.

“Are you a monster?” Xu Qingshan asked as he was shocked.

Su Bai was less than twenty years old, but he had already reached Gold-level. From Su Bai’s energy fluctuation, he was no weaker than Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun.

Su Bai laughed hoarsely. He did not explain further.

After the stronghold was cleared, everyone immediately rushed to another stronghold. The current stronghold was relatively large and had three exits.

The group split up into three groups and attacked from three different exits.

The exit Su Bai chose was on the right. As soon as he arrived, he found a group of civilians captured by the Salvation Sect and being escorted to the stronghold.

The Beastmasters of the Salvation Sect cursed, urging everyone to speed up their pace. The commoners’ eyes were filled with despair and grief!

At that moment, Su Bai suddenly dashed over.


Su Bai punched the chest of the nearest Silver-level Beast. It was caught off guard, and a piece of its chest caved in, and its bones were instantly shattered!


The Beastmaster from the Salvation Sect looked at Su Bai in a daze. They were completely rooted to the spot. They would never have thought that their Beast would be beaten to death by a young man!

Su Bai turned his cold eyes over and his murderous aura swept over the whole place. The Salvation Sectists finally reacted and ordered their Beasts to attack Su Bai.

A roar sounded from Bearen, and the group of weak Beasts was all killed by Whitey and Bearen!

At that moment, the captured civilians seemed to have seen the light of hope.

The Beastmasters who had just brought their Beasts over had bitter smiles on their faces. They thought it was a little redundant to be assigned to Su Bai.

A few Salvation Sectists were killed by Bearen and Whitey. They fell into a pool of blood and died. As for the rescued civilians, Su Bai had a Beastmaster lead them away.

The current stronghold was nearly thousands of square meters in size. There were buildings of various sizes, and nearly thousands of Salvation Sectists lived there.

If Su Bai could get rid of them, the Salvation Sect would probably suffer a great blow, and their hearts would ache.

Su Bai led the remaining Beastmasters and continued to push forward. All the Salvation Sectists they saw along the way were executed on the spot. He turned the stronghold into a slaughtering ground.


Soon, the last Beast fell.

“You guys stay here and guard. Kill whoever comes out!”

Su Bai looked around the building in front of him and asked the other Beastmasters to guard the door.

There were many Salvation Sectists hiding in the building. In order to catch them all, Su Bai needed to leave some Beastmasters at the exit.

At the same time, Su Bai did not leave the back door unguarded either. He assigned Bearen to stand guard.

Su Bai led Golden Dragon and Whitey into the building with his blood boiling. He ran wildly in the corridor. Every second, he could use his spiritual energy to detect the Salvation Sectists hiding around.

Su Bai opened a door. Whitey rushed in and killed three Salvation Sectists and seven Beasts in less than ten seconds.

This was the suppression of strength. The Salvation Sectists did not have the slightest ability to resist!

The building had three floors. The first floor was cleared, and the second floor followed.

As for the Beastmasters left behind at the exit, some of them had already begun to relax as time passed.

It wasn’t that they were arrogant, but there was not even a fly that had flown out during the period.

It could be imagined that all the Salvation Sectists hiding in the building had been killed by Su Bai. He did not even leave some for others.

Bearen at the back door was a little annoyed. It could sense the energy fluctuations coming from the building and wanted to rush in.

“Is Su Bai alright?” a Beastmaster subconsciously asked. He gulped and said, “When he looked at me just now, it was as if I was being stared at by a Beast. It made my hair stand on end!”

The others felt the same way.

Su Bai, who was killing non-stop, had no emotion in his cold eyes. He was also aware of his current state. However, he did not make any changes.

They were pressed for time now, and the true mastermind of the Salvation Sect had yet to appear. No one knew what crazy things they would do in the next moment.

Therefore, Su Bai had to hurry up and wipe out the Salvation Sect’s stronghold as soon as possible!

Soon, Su Bai met up with Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun and entered the main building of the stronghold together.

There were quite a number of Salvation Sectists who were already prepared. The strongest among them was only a Gold-level Beastmaster. They only resisted for a few minutes and were all destroyed.

The entire process was so smooth that it made everyone feel a little strange. However, they soon understood when they arrived inside the main building.

The reason this stronghold was so large was that it was mainly used by the Salvation Sect to imprison civilians. There were no less than 500 civilians imprisoned in prisons of all sizes and including the deceased.

All kinds of broken limbs could be seen everywhere in the prison.

Everyone frowned. Smelling the stench of rotting corpses, they felt nauseous.

They were all Beastmasters who had experienced hundreds of battles.

On the battlefield, it was common to deal with corpses. Especially the occurrence of Beast tide. The blood of Beasts was more than ten times thicker than that of humans.

Even so, they could not tolerate the actions of the Salvation Sect.


At that moment, Golden Dragon spat. Its action aroused Xu Qingshan’s curiosity.

“Su Bai, don’t you already have a Bearen? Why did you get another one?” Xu Qingshan asked.

Under Dream Wing’s illusion, Golden Dragon looked like a smaller version of Bearen in their eyes.


“I don’t mind having too many good Beasts,” said Su Bai. “Let’s not talk about this. Get someone to escort the civilians back. We still have to go to the third stronghold and get back to Black City before dark.”


The logistics work was handed over to the injured Beastmaster. Su Bai, Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and six Gold-level Beastmasters rushed to the next stronghold.

After two experiences, Su Bai and the others were already aware that the Salvation Sect had really begun to take action. Which was why the Salvation Sect had left behind a portion of their weaker Beastmaster Sectists in the stronghold.

Therefore, Su Bai and the others had to speed up and clear the next stronghold!

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