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Chapter 273: 273 The Salvation Sectists Were Mysteriously Annihilated

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273 The Salvation Sectists Were Mysteriously Annihilated

A golden light flashed across the sky in the snowy mountains, where a group of Woolly Mammoths was moving.

Su Bai was searching for the Salvation Sect’s stronghold along the way. But, the environment here was too dangerous. From the sky, it was just a pale white field.

Su Bai had no choice but to let Golden Dragon land and walk on the snowy mountain. This area belonged to the deeper layer of the border of the Great Wilderness.

If Su Bai continued to go deeper, he would reach the forbidden area.

With Su Bai’s current level, he could enter the forbidden area. However, he had to go through the official application of the Great Wilderness City.

According to the intelligence, the Salvation Sect’s stronghold had yet to extend into the forbidden area.

Therefore, there was no need to go through so much trouble.


Su Bai sensed an unusual energy fluctuation while searching with his spiritual power. Still, he could not tell what was wrong.

As they walked, the roars of Beasts came from not far away. A group of Woolly Mammoths was currently fighting with the Snow Whiteape.

It created a huge commotion and the roars kept coming.

Su Bai looked into the distance and was surprised.

The environment of the snowy mountain was cruel, and the competition between Beasts was fierce. However, this time, it seemed a little unbelievable.

The Snow Whiteape’s arm was pierced by the long tusks of the Woolly Mammoth and a large amount of blood gushed out.

Logically, the Snow Whiteape should have retreated. It would not put itself in danger.

Yet, the Snow Whiteape endured the pain and actually grabbed the long tusk of a Woolly Mammoth without hesitation, using its ruthless strength to directly break it!

This action undoubtedly angered the Woolly Mammoths. They crazily attacked the Snow Whiteape.

The Snow Whiteape was under the siege of the Woolly Mammoths and was ultimately no match for them. The Snow Whiteape fell to the ground in the end.

“Why are the Beasts here so aggressive?” Su Bai wondered. He just took it as a show and did not care.

He continued to search for the Salvation Sect’s stronghold.

His S-level Penta-Elements Physique greatly increased his physique and shielded him in harsh environments.

Soon, Su Bai climbed a famous snow mountain in the Great Wilderness City, Mt. Prime Snow.

The origin of this name was a rumor. The Mt. Prime Snow was actually the corpse of a Primordial Giant. Before that, this place was once a huge lake. Such a huge scale was enough to imagine the size of the Primordial Giant.

Rumors were rumors after all. No one could guarantee the authenticity of that.

Su Bai wouldn’t dwell on this place. He just wanted to find the stronghold of the Salvation Sect.

However, the snow was so white that it was much more difficult to find the stronghold than before.

Su Bai’s spiritual power could not cover such a large area, so he could only rely on his eyesight to find it.

Fortunately, the mountain was huge. But with Su Bai’s strength, it would take him an hour to make a round of the mountain.

Thirty minutes later, Su Bai endured the harsh weather of the snowstorm and finally found a building that looked like a bunker.

He smashed open the iron door and entered. There were traces of other people living inside.

“The stronghold should be nearby. I should take a rest first.”

Su Bai lit a bonfire and raised the temperature of the fort. He rested for a while and then continued to search for the Salvation Sect’s stronghold.

Soon, he saw the hole dug by the Salvation Sect in the direction of the bunker.

According to his memory, the Salvation Sect’s stronghold was a cave.

The time spent this round was much more than before but Su Bai did not hesitate. He let Dream Wing cast Invisibility on him and then entered the cave.

Su Bai advanced smoothly. There were many forks at the entrance of this cave. If there was no one to lead, he would not be able to find the right path for a while.

Fortunately, the energy remnants along the way could provide some help to Su Bai. However, as he went deeper, he did not find any living Salvation Sectists. Instead, they were all on the ground, completely lifeless.

“There aren’t any wounds. Could it have been done by a spiritual-type Beast?”

Su Bai examined a corpse and was confused.

What bothered him the most was that this group of Salvation Sectists seemed to have died suddenly.

Some of them were still eating, with food left in their mouths.

Along the way, he was even more certain of his guess.

If it wasn’t for the sudden spiritual attack, there was no way they could have died without anyone noticing!

If it was poisonous gas, it was impossible not to leave a mark on the corpse.

Not long after, Su Bai arrived at the central building of the Salvation Sect’s stronghold. It was the same as before, the Salvation Sectists were all dead on the ground. Even their Beasts were no exception.

There were so many dead bodies. It was far more than any stronghold Su Bai had ever been to.

It was estimated that there were more than 300 Salvation Sectists!

Su Bai sniffed the air around him. He didn’t look too good.

This group of people had not died for a long time, which meant that the attacker might still be around, and he had been spreading his spiritual power along the way.

However, he did not notice anything.

There were only two possibilities. One was that the other party had already left the stronghold, but the possibility was not high because the time did not match.

The second possibility was that the other party’s strength was not weaker than Su Bai, but stronger. Only then could the other party avoid Su Bai’s detection.

At that moment, a Beast suddenly appeared beside Su Bai, its sharp fangs aimed straight at his neck!


Relying on its talent, Whitey reacted instantly and took the initiative to face the Beast.

The defense of a Gold-level Beast was not high. In an instant, Whitey’s sharp foot pierced through its body and accurately hit the edge of its heart.

The Gold-level Beast fell to the ground and into a painful struggle.

“Not bad.” a black-robed man suddenly appeared and sneered, “Since you’re here, what’s there to be ashamed of?”

Dream Wing’s Invisibility was only used to conceal one’s tracks.

Through a simple illusion technique. It could easily conceal the facial features of other Beastmasters or Beasts. However, it was not necessarily perfect!

As long as one was careful enough, he would have a chance to find Su Bai with one’s good insight and level.


Su Bai was able to attack Hao Wanyang because of the chaotic situation.

Hao Wanyang didn’t have any special precautions, which was why Su Bai was able to succeed so easily.

Su Bai was sure that the black-robed man in front of him was the elder of the Salvation Sect, Bo Yang!

But why Bo Yang seemed to be fine when the Salvation Sect’s stronghold was almost completely wiped out. There was a faint smile on his face, and there was nothing unusual about him.

Su Bai frowned. He didn’t dare to be careless and didn’t directly lift his invisibility.

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