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Chapter 275: 275 Forming a Pact With the Dawn Queen!

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275 Forming a Pact With the Dawn Queen!

Bo Yang looked into the distance, no longer showing the frightened expression he had when he was running away. It was as if he already had something to rely on.

“Are those your last words?” Su Bai asked with a smile.

“Last words?”

Bo Yang revealed a ferocious expression, opened his arms, and shouted, “Use your spiritual energy to sense the powerful soul contained in this behemoth!”

Su Bai naturally wouldn’t do that. His priority was to kill Bo Yang.

As for what happened after that, he naturally had time to slowly investigate.

However, the moment Bearen was summoned. Bo Yang sneered, “You should have heard of it before, right? It’s rumored that the mountain is the top of a Primordial Giant!”

Su Bai found it interesting that a dignified elder of the Salvation Sect actually talked about strange things.

“Are you trying to say that the rumors are true?”

“Of course! It’s not a rumor. It’s just that it happened so long ago that the truth has been deceived by those useless people in the Great Wilderness City!” said Bo Yang as he put down his arm.

The useless people Bo Yang was talking about should be the officials of the Great Wilderness City.

Now that they were talking about this, Su Bai had a bad feeling.

This was exactly what Bo Yang wanted to see.

“You guys should have seen Liu Xing, right? That idiot actually thought that we didn’t notice him. What a joke, what a ridiculous idiot! From the first contact, the Salvation Sect already knew his identity. We also secretly sent one of our sectists to the Heavenstone Pavilion to steal his research. Guess what?”

Bo Yang’s hideous smile made Su Bai uncomfortable.

However, Su Bai could vaguely guess the secret plan that Bo Yang wanted to make public.

“That’s right. The spiritual vessel technique has been mastered by the Salvation Sect! All these years, I’ve been stuffing souls into the corpse of the Primordial Giant. As long as there are enough of them, I’ll be able to awaken this behemoth!” Bo Yang laughed wildly.

Bo Yang said sarcastically, “As for you, no matter how powerful your spiritual power is, can you still fight against these tens of thousands of souls?!”

“What a lunatic,” said Su Ba. He once again felt the madness of the Salvation Sect.

Bo Yang actually tried to wake up this behemoth that was nearly a thousand meters tall! If it was really awakened, the border of the Great Wilderness would definitely suffer a heavy blow!

The Primordial Giants was an extremely special race. Their huge bodies were enough to prove their terrifying destructive power. No one knew why the Primordial Giant had died here.

Perhaps it had fought against an even stronger opponent and eventually died here.

But no matter what, the Primordial Giant could be classified as a Diamond-level or higher-level Beast just by the size of its huge body.

“I’m a lunatic? Compared to us Salvation Sect, aren’t you guys crazy too?” Bo Yang sneered disdainfully.

Bo Yang added, “Look at the Beasts living at the border. They have lived here for more than a hundred years. It was your arrival that killed them all! And your reason is just for your selfish territory! Su Bai, you’re pretty strong. I’ll do my best to make you even stronger if you join the Salvation Sect! Everything is for revenge and to save this world!”

At that moment, Bo Yang had completely fallen into madness. It was as if he was enjoying the moment when his plan was completed.

Bo Yang had himself focused on the border of the Great Wilderness for decades to awaken the Primordial Giant one day and give the Great Wilderness City a fatal blow.

It was also possible for the Primordial Giant to attack the Royal City directly!

Su Bai ignored Bo Yang’s crazy words.

Using the cover of the snow, Whitey had already begun to move.

“Alright, I won’t play with you anymore. You can experience the power of the Primordial Giant!”

After saying that, Bo Yang’s figure flickered like a projection and then disappeared on the spot.

Su Bai immediately went forward. Only then did he realize that there was actually a hidden teleportation circle here.

Things had come to this and Su Bai’s priority had changed. He immediately released his spiritual energy and sank into the ground.

Soon, Su Bai could feel a chill in his spine. He immediately retracted his spiritual energy.

In just an instant, his spiritual energy touched the Primordial Giant and he could feel the wills of evil spirits surging crazily underground.

Perhaps those were the souls that Bo Yang was talking about.

Su Bai didn’t know how many people had been sacrificed by the Salvation Sect over the years, but he was sure of one thing. Bo Yang wasn’t talking nonsense.

As long as Bo Yang had the means of the spiritual vessel, he could collect enough souls and awaken the Primordial Giant.



All of a sudden, the ground shook violently, but it quickly calmed down.

Earthquakes were not rare in the snowy mountains. But at this moment, Su Bai was worried.

It was the wisest choice to rush back to the Great Wilderness City to inform Anqing Pu about what had taken place.

However, with Bo Yang’s confident appearance, he was probably not far from awakening the Primordial Giant.

“Of course!”

Su Bai smiled in his thoughts.

The spiritual vessels could forcefully stuff souls into non-living objects, but it was not only the Salvation Sect that could use this method. Su Bai had one too, which was the Dawn Bugs in the Third Heaven!

There was only an empty shell of the Primordial Giant. Obviously, the Dawn Bugs were not useful. However, as long as the soul completely awakened the Primordial Giant, it would be completely different.

At that time, the Primordial Giant would be like a newborn. It would allow the Dawn Bugs to parasitize it.

But Su Bai was not sure if it would work. He had to try.

Then, Su Bai’s consciousness entered the Third Heaven and found the Dawn Bugs in a corner of the region.


Sensing Su Bai’s white figure, the Dawn Queen immediately knelt down and said, “According to your instructions, our current fertility”

“Cut the crap. Let’s form the pact.”


The sudden request for a pact stunned Dawn Queen for a moment. It had never been expected that Su Bai showed up this round to take it as his Beast.

“Master, why is this? It was hard for me to accept,” said Dawn Queen.

As the leader of its kind, Dawn Queen felt a little wronged living under someone else.

But now, it was going to become Su Bai’s Beast, and it would never be able to make a comeback!

“You have no right to negotiate with me.”

Su Bai’s cold words made Dawn Queen despair.


The Spiral Realm was already under control. It had no strength to resist at all.

“Don’t worry, not only will I treat you well, I can even give you an opportunity.”

Su Bai put his hand on Dawn Queen’s forehead. The pact was formed.

Su Bai wanted to form the pact with Dawn Queen because he was afraid of unexpected events later.

Once the Dawn Bugs succeeded in parasitizing the Primordial Giant, they would be even more dangerous than the Primordial Giant in the form of tens of thousands of souls!

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