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Chapter 28

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Swarmed by Demoths in the Catacomb

After surveying the surroundings, the terrain of the catacomb’s passage has been roughly mapped out.

The narrowest part of the front section was about 1.6 meters, and the widest part was more than two meters.

The height was also impressive.

Su Bai was more concerned about whether Bearen could exert its strength in the cave and was prepared for any sudden situation.

At the moment, it seemed like the catacomb would not be a big problem.

After some rest, the team was divided into two.

One team was preparing to return to the encampment to rest, and this group of students was injured.

There was no need to take the risk of entering the catacomb.

They could also escort Lu Chen back.

The other team was led by Liu Yiyi and Su Bai, and the rest in a total of seven.

They were in good condition and were ready to continue fighting.

Soon, Su Bai and the others entered the cave and explored the unknown space.


Liu Yiyi summoned Illucub and led the way.

Although the Illucub was a Beast that mainly played support, it had a skill, Night Vision, which could ignore the influence of the dark night and surroundings.

At the same time, Illucub could share its skills with Liu Yiyi if anything happened.

In the beginning, they only encountered a few Beasts with average strength.

Everyone took care of it without much effort.

However, some people gradually realized that something was wrong.

“Why are there only Demoths? How disgusting.”

“Although the Demoths are weak, they are numerous and can spew disgusting dust.”

“Let’s keep going. My Beast can deal with these Demoths easily!”

After walking for more than ten minutes, the cave’s entrance gradually widened.

But at the same time, the number of Demoths was more than ten times that of before. They were so dense that it was like a locust swarm.

“F*ck, what’s going on?!”

Everyone was shocked.

The Demoths were all at Lower-3 to Mid- 4 Iron level, which was at the bottom of the food chain in the Wilderness.

Their numbers, however, were sufficient to close the gap between them and the other Beasts.

“Quickly throw away the torches!”

Su Bai grabbed the torch, threw it to the ground, and stomped it out when he saw the swarm of Demoths approaching.

Moth-type Beasts were very sensitive to light.

The bodies of the mutated Demoths were dozens of times larger.

A palm-sized moth smashed into a person’s face may not be fatal. But it was enough to leave a small bloody wound.

Without the light source, everyone’s visibility was almost zero.

Only Liu Yiyi could clearly see that the Demoths had stopped in their tracks.

However, it continued to circle around them, flying erratically.

“What should we do?”

“The way is blocked by these Demoths, and I don’t think we can go this way,” the students in the team said anxiously.

Liu Yiyi agreed.

Because the moment the torch was extinguished, a large number of Demoths appeared in this place.

It was obvious that this was a place of trouble.

“Let’s go,” Liu Yiyi said.

Su Bai took the lead and prepared to return the way they came.


Suddenly, one of the students standing in the middle of the line had his arm bitten by a Demoth.

The pain instantly shot up to the top of his head.

However, his rationality told him not to make too much noise.

When Liu Yiyi saw this, she immediately told Illucub to attack Demoth without hesitation.


Illucub’s fierce attack directly killed Demoth.

However, the bite wound was bleeding continuously.

At the same time, the surrounding Demoths became restless and began to charge around.

“This is bad! The Demoths here have mutated before. They’re attracted by the smell of blood!” Liu Yiyi immediately reminded everyone.

Mutated and demonized Beasts would change their original nature.

As for how to change it, it was also affected by environmental factors.

That student who had been bitten had a wound on his arm, which was why the Demoths had chosen him to attack.

“Quickly run!”

Everyone realized that the situation was not right and began to speed up.

But flying was faster than running.

The sound of wings flapping was getting closer and closer.

Su Bai also stopped and stood in front of them.

“What are you doing in front? Run!”

“F*ck, those noises are making me pins and needles.”

“Hey, what’s wrong?!”

Being in the middle of the Demoths, everyone was under immense pressure.

This was especially true for the student whose arm was covered in blood.

If it weren’t for Liu Yiyi helping him kill the Demoths pouncing at him, his arm would have been crippled.

“It’s not that I don’t want to go, but there’s no way ahead.” Su Bai frowned and said to the others.

“How is that possible?”

Hearing this, everyone was slightly stunned.

They had clearly come from this direction, so the path couldn’t have disappeared for no reason.

But when someone came forward to check, they realized that Su Bai was not lying.

The path from before was really gone!

“Captain, what should we do?”

With no way out, everyone immediately panicked.

The surrounding Demoths were getting increasingly violent, and they had already attacked the students present.

The small wound it caused also attracted more Demoths to come closer.

“Shoot, let’s fight it out with them!”

Some people couldn’t stand it anymore and relit their torches.

They summoned their Beasts and began the battle.

The other students summoned their Beasts as well.

However, reality gave them a heavy slap in the face.

The difference in strength wasn’t that big, to begin with, and there was also the huge number of Demoths and their suicidal attack methods.

They were caught in a bitter battle.


An unlucky student was hit in the head by several Demoths and fainted.

The others immediately surrounded him to protect him.

However, that was not a solution.

“It’s over. We’re done for. I wouldn’t have come down if I had known.”

“How can this catacomb be so big? The largest catacomb discovered in this area was less than 100 square meters.”

“Why do we still care about this? We’re about to die now!”

With her team members fighting with their strength, the team leader, Liu Yiyi, was desperate to find an exit.

However, the densely packed Demoths blocked Liu Yiyi’s vision, making the matter even more difficult.

“Eh? Why is there a fragrance?”

Suddenly, someone smelled a burning smell, looked in the direction it came from, and was immediately stunned.

A huge Bearen was standing in front of Su Bai. The Lightning Strikes between its palms kept hitting the surrounding Demoths, electrocuting them all.


Bearen has killed a Lower Iron level Demoth and gained six experience points!


Bearen has killed a Lower Iron level Demoth and gained five experience points!


Bearen has killed a Mid Iron level Demoth and gained eight experience points!

Bearen’s kill was swift, and the system’s voice kept ringing simultaneously.

However, it did not help in their situation at all.

“No, it’s not efficient enough. Use Lightning Armor!” Su Bai frowned and immediately shouted at Bearen.


Bearen immediately roared.

The entire underground cave emitted a dazzling light in the blink of an eye.

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