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Chapter 280: 280 Internal and External Troubles

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280 Internal and External Troubles

After running around for a day, the team set up camp for the night.

During this period, Su Bai attached great importance to intelligence. He sent out several scouting Beastmasters to gather information everywhere.

On the second day, the team began to advance at full speed after they set off.

Lu Le stared at the watchtower in the distance and said, “Captain, in less than half an hour, we will be entering the Great Peace’s border. Looking at the situation, I don’t think anyone will come to pick us up.”

In the camp near the border sentry tower, there was no sign of anyone. This proved that the Great Peace’s border was currently in a predicament of lacking manpower.

As night fell, the team quickly entered Great Peace City.

When the Beastmasters on the city wall saw Su Bai and the others, they immediately stopped them in front of the gate of Great Peace City. The Beastmasters then interrogated Su Bai’s men.

After Su Bai showed his certificates from the Great Wilderness City, only then did the city gates finally open.

An officer bowed slightly to the crowd and said, “Great Sirs, thank you for coming! Please, come in and rest!”

“Thank you.”

Su Bai led the team through the city gate. At the same time, he noticed that the Beastmaster soldiers here were more or less covered in bandages, with a lot of brown blood seeping out.

The officer led the way and revealed a bitter smile, “May I ask if there are any other troops on their way?”

“No, just us for now,” said Su Bai.

“I see”

Su Bai’s reply made the officer’s expression flash with disappointment.

After that, Su Bai arranged a place to rest for the team members. Su Bai, Lu Le, and Bing Qingqing got into a military jeep and headed to the governor’s mansion.

Su Bai looked at the scenery on the street. The civilians here didn’t seem to be living well.

Most of them were nervous. Especially when they saw the military jeep, they began to discuss.

“Who’s here? He seems to be an incredibly big shot.”

During this period, the entire city was sealed off.

The appearance of military jeeps was usually to welcome important people. Ordinary military Beastmasters would basically ride in vehicles like military trucks.

Although the situation at the Great Peace’s border was not good, at least the city was still stable. The shops along the way were all open for business.

Not long after, Su Bai, Lu Le, and Bing Qingqing arrived at the Great Peace governor’s mansion under the lead of the officer.

“Forgive me. It was not much but I had prepared something in a hurry for your arrival, Beastmasters of the Great Wilderness City.”

Lu Xingping, the governor of Great Peace City, opened the jeep’s door to welcome Su Bai and the others.

Su Bai couldn’t recognize him at first glance. Such a young man was the governor of Great Peace City.

Lu Xingping was wearing a competent military uniform. He had a buzz cut and his skin was a little tanned. One look and one could tell that he was a fine soldier.

As for his age, he was at most 30 years old.

On the way here, the officer did not stay idle and let Su Bai know the current situation of Great Peace City. Especially about the governor, Lu Xingping.

Due to the lack of talent, there were pitifully few young talents in Great Peace City. The number of Beastmasters from the various cities who came to support each year was very few.

Lu Xingping was born and bred in Great Peace City. His parents had died at the border when he was young, and he had grown up alone.

Heaven did not disappoint those who put in the effort.

On the day Lu Xingping came of age, he awakened his A-level talent and became an official Beastmaster.

The situation at the border was not as stable as the cities on the mainland. There was no school to speak of. Once the Beastmasters awakened their talent, they had to go to the battlefield to train and spend their novice period in the military.

Lu Xingping’s performance in the early stages was outstanding, and he was deeply loved by the previous governor of Great Peace City. Later on, he was groomed as a candidate.

However, Lu Xingping did not expect that the previous governor would die at the border six years ago. At that time, no one could uphold the position in the Great Peace’s border. No one was willing to take over the mess.

Therefore, Lu Xingping, who was only at Silver-level at that time, resolutely stood up. Su Bai was sure Lu Xingping was excellent based on his resume.

Lu Xingping was only in his twenties, but a Silver-level Beastmaster dared to take on the responsibility.

Unfortunately, this world was very cruel. A mere Silver-level Beastmaster wanting to pacify a border was simply like a fool’s dream.

Reality proved this point. Lu Xingping’s conservative governance caused the border to suffer losses every year.

But now, Lu Xingping’s Beastmaster path was considered smooth. He had already broken through to Platinum-level half a year ago. This was what Su Bai admired the most.

A person’s energy was limited. Although Lu Xingping’s ability in governance was average, at least he did not slack off in his cultivation.

However, Lu Xingping had been forced to take up the responsibility, after all. Although the civilians and the Beastmasters complained a lot over the years, they also understood him and would not be too harsh on him.

“Mr. Governor, there’s no need to entertain us. Time is of the essence.”

“Yes, you’re right!”

Lu Xingping immediately led everyone to the meeting room.

The size of the Great Peace governor’s mansion was not bad. However, it was empty, making one feel poor.

Soon, Lu Xingping took out a stack of documents that looked like a small mountain. He skillfully took out one of them and said, “There are many problems at the Great Peace’s border. What I’m most worried about is”

He laid out the name list and photos one by one. Su Bai looked at them but didn’t see anything.

An officer beside Su Bai said with a bitter smile, “These are the rebels in Great Peace City.”

“Rebels? Since they’re rebels, why don’t we just kill them?” Su Bai asked with his eyebrows raised.

Lu Xingping let out a long sigh, “That’s the problem. Although they’re all rebels, they’re all civilians in Great Peace City. They’re not Beastmasters.”

Internal and external troubles, this phrase was quite suitable for the current Great Peace border.

Due to the special situation of Great Peace City, Lu Xingping was already unable to hold on alone. Now, a group of rebel soldiers had appeared.

He really could not hold on any longer, so he asked for reinforcements from the Great Wilderness City.

“Then may I ask, Mr. Governor, what are your concerns? The order or benevolence?” Su Bai looked at Lu Xingping calmly and asked.

Lu Xingping gulped and said, “B-Benevolence.”

As a native of Great Peace, he couldn’t accept a Beastmaster pointing his gun at a group of innocent civilians.

Under his years of governance, no one knew better than him how this group of rebels was born.


Su Bai smiled, “I understand. In that case, why don’t we be frank? If we want to pacify the crisis at the Great Peace’s border, we must pacify the civil strife. What do you think, Mr. Governor?”


Lu Xingping looked at Su Bai, then at Lu Le and Bing Qingqing.

Lu Xingping’s expression became extremely terrible. As a governor, indecisiveness was a big taboo! He understood that principle, but he had never been able to harden his heart.

At this point, Lu Xingping could not shift the blame. He could only nod helplessly and said, “I understand. I’ll leave the matter to you, Captain Su!”

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