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Chapter 301: 301 The Alchemy Genius of Heavencraft City

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301 The Alchemy Genius of Heavencraft City
The dwarf judge could not believe it and checked again. The result was still Gold-grade.

Taking a deep breath, the dwarf judge turned around and looked at Su Bai, shocked.


A long time ago, it was said that Bronze-grade weapons would be eliminated and the Silver-grade weapons would be examined.
The reason why the dwarf judge did not mention Gold-grade weapons was that the possibility of this was extremely low!

Only an Alchemist like Anves could turn something rotten into something miraculous.

And now, the young human had actually accomplished that. The disdain and dissatisfaction from before were completely shattered at this moment.

“Mr. Judge, can I leave now?” Su Bai asked.

There was also a light in the examination room. The moment the Beast-core weapon was tested, it lit up in green. It proved that Su Bai had passed the pre-selection.

The dwarf judge nodded and said, “Yes. You can go and wait for the notification of the ranking competition.”

Then Su Bai opened the door. He saw a large group of dwarves surrounding the door. He did not mind and left.

In the meantime, hundreds of contestants were staring at Su Bai with bloodshot eyes.

Since it was still early, Su Bai went back to Heavencraft Pavilion and had lunch.

Coincidentally, Lu Le and the others were also there. They immediately came over and asked, “Captain, did you pass the pre-selection?”


“Awesome, I knew you could do it! We haven’t been idle during this period. We got a list from Mr. Anves. Take a look!” Lu Le said cheerfully.

Su Bai took a look at the name list handed over by Lu Le and found that it was all the names of dwarves.

There was a star symbol behind the names.

“What does it mean?”

“Hehe, these people are the new generation of genius Alchemists in Heavencraft City. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win every battle!” Lu Le said proudly.

There were quite many dwarves on the list. From bottom to top, there were a total of 74 dwarven Alchemists.

Most of them were Gold-level Alchemists.

The dwarf that Lu Le had marked as the greatest threat was an Alchemist named Hubala. He was only 27 years old! It could be said that he was a young genius Alchemist in Heavencraft City.

“Five stars, you sure know how to play. What about the thing I asked you to do?” Su Bai asked.

“It’s almost done.” Lu Le immediately reported.

These days, Lu Le had come to Heavencraft City to attend the Alchemy Festival and study the alchemical products here.

According to the intelligence, all the regions in Heavencraft City were involved in alchemy.

Therefore, the level of technology far exceeded that of ordinary human cities.

However, it was worth mentioning that the overall strength of Heavencraft City could not match that of Great Wilderness City except for alchemical weapons such as Beast-core Cannon.

Su Bai had no other plans after getting this information.

Therefore, after chatting with Lu Le for a while, Su Bai returned to the venue and prepared to welcome the start of the ranking competition.

It had to be said that the dwarves were very efficient. In just one morning, 3,000 Alchemists had been selected from the tens of thousands of participants.

The ranking competition was equally cruel.

The 3,000 Alchemist contestants were like thousands of troops crossing a single-log bridge, and only ten people advanced in the end.

Moreover, this was only the pre-selection. The 10 people who had advanced needed to participate in the dwarves’ national election and compete for the final 10 candidates.

Su Bai understood the general rules and was waiting quietly. The competition was about to start.

At this moment, Anves suddenly appeared, along with his younger brother, Ampoc, and a young dwarf.

Anves laughed, “Su Bai, I heard that you gave the judges a fright during the audition! Let me introduce you. This is my brother’s disciple, Hubala.”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He had only heard this name from Lu Le in the afternoon. He did not expect to see him in person so soon.

In his eyes, dwarves looked almost the same. They all had a very tough style.

However, Hubala was different. His face was delicate and handsome, like a young master.

In terms of looks, Hubala was no less attractive than Su Bai, and he was more feminine. He could definitely charm a lot of girls.

The only regret was, Hubala was only a little over 1.3 meters tall.

With such a handsome face and figure, it was extremely strange.

“You are that human, Su Bai?”

Hubala narrowed his eyes slightly.

As a disciple of Ampoc, just like his master, he did not like humans.

But Su Bai did not care. The purpose of his visit this time was the Alchemy Festival. As long as it was not necessary, he would not have any conflicts with the locals.

Su Bai smiled and said, “That’s right. Hubala, I’ve heard a lot about you. You look more impressive than I imagined.”

“You’ve heard of me?”

“Yes, it’s this afternoon.”

Three sentences ended the conversation.

Hubala’s face was speechless. He clenched his fists tightly, probably wishing he could punch him.

Seeing that, Anves smiled.

After these few days, Anves had a good understanding of Su Bai’s temper.

Hubala said coldly, “You have a sharp tongue! It’s just as the rumors said, humans are all like that!”

“How do you know?” Su Bai asked.

“What, you don’t know what happened back then? Hmph!” Hubala snorted coldly. “Decades ago, the humans cooperated with dwarves to open up the wasteland in a corner of the southwest. In the end, because the humans lied about military intelligence, hundreds of thousands of dwarves suffered heavy casualties.”

Su Bai had heard about what Hubala said. No news of this matter had spread among the humans. In addition, it had been too long. There was no way to find out the truth.

Su Bai had nothing to say to Hubala’s aggressive attitude. After all, he had not even been born decades ago.

As for the problem left behind by history, it did not have much to do with Su Bai. After all, the Royal City was responsible for investigating this matter.

Seeing that, Anves hurriedly tried to smooth things over. Hubala was then taken away by Ampoc.

“Su Bai, don’t mind him. Young people are just a little hot-tempered. There are still too many mysteries about the matter that happened decades ago,” Anves said with a bitter smile.


“Yes, but I’m not too sure about the specifics.”

Anves stroked his white beard and said casually.

This matter happened between the Dwarf Kingdom and the humans’ Royal City. As for what happened that day, the answers given by the two sides were different.

Naturally, the relationship between the two sides deteriorated and the alliance was severed.

The answer of the dwarves was obvious, but the answer of the Royal City was unknown.

“It’s too troublesome.”

Su Bai shook his head.

“I know right? We shouldn’t be worrying about this matter in the first place. You’d better prepare for the Alchemy Festival!” Anves said with a teary smile.

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