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Chapter 310: 310 The Crimson Core Mine

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310 The Crimson Core Mine

The more abundant the energy, the more energy veins, and other resources would exist in the lush environment.

At the same time, there were quite several Beasts in the surroundings.

As Su Bai and the others went deeper, the vegetation became denser and denser, and it was the opposite of the ground.

The air was filled with the smell of all kinds of Beasts, causing everyone to frown.

Soon, a group of Beasts blocked the way ahead.

The special feature of the Puffy was its fat body, especially its round belly, which was like a balloon. Its defense was extremely outstanding.

“Their levels are all at Mid-Gold. The hole ahead is a little small. If we don’t clear it, it’ll be difficult to move forward.”

The Puffies were not very aggressive and were very gentle beasts.

However, the more gentle a Beast, the more terrifying it would be when it was ruthless.

Although the Puffies were less than two meters in size, they weighed nearly five tons.

Anyone who wanted to attack a Puffy would have to consider before they act.

Su Bai said calmly, “Best to avoid conflict if we can.”

A Mid-Gold level existence was not something that they could not afford to offend, but it was not necessary.

It was unknown if the Puffies had sensed their existence or did not want to have a conflict. One of them directly turned over and made way for them.

Seeing that, Su Bai took the risk and crossed the path. The others followed closely behind.

After passing through the last section of the road, they arrived at an underground karst cave.

The space was as big as nearly ten football fields, and all kinds of Beasts lived there.

More importantly, the mineral veins on the ceiling and the walls were all exposed just as Su Bai had expected.

Many Beasts were very interested in the energy contained in the ore and would often take a small piece and put it in their mouths.

“There’s actually such a place!”

Paris took a deep breath and looked around in surprise.

The others were also quite curious about this place.

Only Su Bai was looking at a corner with a serious face.

In the bushes, the Beast that he had seen earlier was hiding inside. It seemed to be waiting for something as it hid its body.

“Captain, shall we get some ores to sell?” Lu Le asked with a smile.

There were so many ores, and although most of them were very ordinary, they could still make a small fortune.

Su Bai shook his head and pointed to the side, “No rush. That’s the highlight.”

Hearing that, everyone looked over. There was another cave in the direction Su Bai pointed.

However, there were seven Beasts standing guard at the entrance of the cave, and they were all of the same species.

Once any Beast approached, they would let out a sharp cry and chase it away.

Name: Rhodoape

Level: Upper-7 Gold

Potential: Lower-Platinum

Talent: Gold-Eater (Great)

Element: Metal

Nature: Violent

Skills: Heavy Strike (C-Level), Bite (A-Level), Fury (A-Level)

The Rhodoape was of a higher level, and its individual combat strength was also very strong.

Its fist was three times thicker than its arm. Its fangs were especially sharp, almost as hard as a diamond.

If one was bitten by Rhodoape, one would be in deep trouble.

“There’s something else in the cave! How do we get in?” asked Paris.

The appearance of the Rhodoape made Paris feel that it was the right decision to follow Su Bai here!

“Just wipe them out.”

Su Bai summoned his Dream Wing and used Nightmare Cage.

The seven Rhodoapes were trapped in an illusion.

After that, Whitey silently pierced their throats with its sharp legs.

The entire period was smooth sailing. There was not the slightest movement, causing everyone present to be terrified.

This was what a Spiritualist Beastmaster was like. They could make someone die without knowing they are dying!

When Lu Le and the others were about to go to the cave, Su Bai stopped them and made a gesture to keep quiet.

“Wait a moment.”

After saying that, Su Bai turned his gaze back to the strange Beast.

In the silent atmosphere, the strange Beast slowly walked out from the bushes. It realized that the Rhodoapes were dead and was no longer a threat, so it entered the cave.

Fifteen minutes passed, and there was still no other movement.

“Aren’t you going in?” Paris asked anxiously.

Paris could not understand why Su Bai was so cautious.

However, Lu Le and the others were very patient. After all, they were all Beastmasters who had been through many battles.

They had no complaints at all about the waiting time.

Even a young Beastmaster like Bing Qingqing would choose to trust Su Bai unconditionally.

At that moment, the strange Beast walked out. As it tiptoed, its gaze was uncertain. At the same time, there was a white stone in its mouth.

“It’s a Crimson Core!” Paris exclaimed.

The strange Beast was startled by the sound and immediately ran away.

Seeing that, Paris hurriedly said to everyone, “Hurry up and chase after it, that’s the Crimson Core!”

Looking at Paris’s anxious expression, it must be an extremely precious ore.

Lu Le immediately prepared to take action.

But Su Bai chuckled and said, “Let it go if it wants to. There’s no need to waste time on those leftovers.”

Paris was stunned for a few seconds before he reacted, “What do you mean? Are you saying that there is a Crimson Core vein here?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

Su Bai came to the entrance of the cave with a smile.

Just as Su Bai had expected, the mineral vein that was exposed on the surface of the cave was the Crimson Core!

Paris almost suffocated when he saw that, and his hands could not help but tremble.

At a glance, it was all Crimson Cores!

The Crimson Core was known as the all-purpose ore of alchemy materials. It can be fused with any material and has extremely high resistance to energy.

In Heavencraft City, only Diamond-level Alchemists like Anves could obtain an ore like the Crimson Core due to its rarity.

Moreover, the number of ways to use Crimson Core was also limited.

For example, the fist-sized Crimson Core could become a container for storing energy. It could hold up to 150 Gold-grade Beast-cores and 150 Gold-grade Beast-cores filled up a large box.

In comparison, the convenience brought by the Crimson Core was very straightforward.

Moreover, as long as there were enough of them, the Crimson Cores could be refined into Beast-core weapons. That would definitely be a destructive existence!

But now, with so many Crimson Core in front of him, Paris was so excited that he was trembling.

“I’m richI’m going to be rich!” said Paris.

Lu Le raised his voice, “Don’t move!”

Paris was about to rush into the cave when Lu Le grabbed him.

“We found this together. You guys aren’t going to keep it for yourselves, are you? I’m telling you, everyone saw me leave with you. If I didn’t go back, you would definitely be suspected!” Paris shouted with a red face.

“Keep your voice down,” said Lu Le as he rolled his eyes.

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