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Chapter 315: 315 The Soon to Be Awaken Chun

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315 The Soon to Be Awaken Chun
At daybreak, Lu Le and the others, who had been fighting for the entire night, continued to sleep on the bus.

When they set off, Anves sat beside Su Bai.

Regarding what happened last night, Anves had helped Su Bai a lot, so Su Bai decided to return the favor with some Crimson Cores.

But Anves had come for this matter.

Without waiting for Su Bai to speak, Anves said, “Su Bai, I’ll help you keep an eye on Paris. You have to pay more attention to this Alchemy Festival. Don’t cause any more trouble.”

“Mr. Anves, you mean…”

“It’s nothing. I just want to make Heavencraft City shine again. You might not know this, but Heavencraft City had always been the winner in the last five consecutive Alchemy Festivals,” Anves said with a bitter smile.

Although Heavencraft City was the sacred ground of Alchemists, it did not mean that all the powerful Alchemists were gathered in Heavencraft City.

Decades later, it was enough to cause a city to undergo earth-shattering changes.

However, Anves had witnessed the prosperity of Heavencraft City until now.

Other than the youthful and promising Hubala, the younger generation of the Heavencraft City could only be described as geniuses.

However, it was not enough. Geniuses could be found anywhere in the world.

Only those who could step on the heads of geniuses and reach the peak would be considered the true pinnacle!

Hubala was not the top, but Su Bai could reach the pinnacle!

Anves had never seen anyone who could fully comprehend the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell in just a few days. He even thought Su Bai was just pretending to be weak and confused!

But after repeated verification, Su Bai did not give himself away.

Anves was not a person who liked to dwell on a dead end. Since he could not see through it, he might as well believe it!

As he was old, he did not care about fame or wealth. He just wanted to see the glory of Heavencraft City once again.

Su Bai’s performance had proven Anves’s decision was right time and time again!

“I understand what you mean, Mr. Anves.” Su Bai nodded.

“Alright, your words are enough.” Anves laughed heartily.

The entire team traveled for seven days without encountering any problems.

When they encountered a Beast blocking their way, they would use the mobile Beast-core Turrets to open up a path. If they encountered rugged terrain, they would take a detour and continue advancing.

During that period, the other participants bought some Crimson Cores from Su Bai.

Another thousand Silver-grade Beast-cores had been transferred to Su Bai’s account.

In his spare time, Su Bai learned about the dwarves from Anves.

Long before the world changed, the place where the dwarves originally lived was quite barren.

In the endless desert, even the most basic resources like iron ore were scarce.

Therefore, the dwarves lived a hard life.

However, ever since the world changed, the dwarves could not get along with the path of Beastmasters, so they directly changed their minds and buried their heads in alchemy.

The effect was obvious.

The dwarves shone brightly in alchemy and gave birth to Legendary Alchemists. There were also ten Master Alchemists. This was the pride of their race.

At the moment, there were still three Master Alchemists left in the dwarves’ capital. It was their foundation.

Anves even had an idea to recommend Su Bai to be a disciple of one of the Master Alchemists.

But Su Bai tactfully refused.

After all, with the existence of the simplification system, no one in this world could become Su Bai’s master.

As for the distribution of the Crimson Core, Su Bai was having a headache. After all, he would become the second Paris if he kept the ten thousand tons of Crimson Cores for himself.

However, Lu Le and the others could accept it. They did not need the Crimson Cores at all. They only needed the Beast-cores.

Of course, Su Bai was happy about that. He gave everyone the elemental Beast-cores in the Fourth Heaven.

In theory, this was not enough to make up for the value of the Crimson Cores.

However, everyone was open-minded and knew how much they were worth.

If Su Bai had not killed the Mutated Rhodoape, they would not have been able to survive.

Second, their contentment could leave a good impression on Su Bai.

Su Bai was relieved. He did not have to worry about the distribution anymore.

At night, the bus stopped and began to set up the tents.

After patrolling the surroundings, they drank strong alcohol, ate roasted meat, and retired for the night at their tents.

They should be arriving at the dwarves’ capital tomorrow.

Su Bai immersed his consciousness into the Second Heaven in the tent. After looking around, Chun suddenly came to him.

“I want it too!”

“What do you want?”

Chun clenched his fists and hopped around in the air. She said, “That stick! We elves need an alchemical instrument to awaken our consciousness. It must be mixed with various elemental energies. The more, the better!”

“You’re going to awaken?” Su Bai asked in surprise.

“Hmph, something like that. I didn’t realize that my talent is so terrifying. I only need to make a small move to complete the cultivation of others for decades! ” Chun said proudly.

Su Bai was taken aback by Chun’s words. He said, “Tell me more about it.”

“Hehe. The energy here is very abundant. It can greatly reduce my cultivation time.” said Chun as she smiled and scratched her head.

“How long will it take?”

“Well… at least seven to eight years, at most fifteen years!”

Su Bai held his forehead and smiled bitterly.

‘How could this be called short? As expected, the elves’ concept of time was too different from that of the humans. Since Chun needed sufficient energy, she could be arranged to enter the Fourth Heaven.’ Su Bai thought.

These days, Su Bai had moved all the Crimson Cores to the Third Heaven, and the Fourth Heaven was back to normal with Beast-cores.

In terms of energy, over a thousand Beast-cores were gathered in one place. It would definitely satisfy Chun’s request.

Su Bai said, “Close your eyes.”

Chun asked, “Why?”


“I’ll take you to a good place. You’ll thank me later” Su Bai smiled.
“Really?” Chun said as she closed her eyes in disbelief.

Then Su Bai held Chun with both hands and moved to the Fourth Heaven in a flash.

Feeling the rich energy, Chun opened her eyes impatiently and looked at the Beast-cores all over the ground with a surprised expression!

Su Bai asked with a smile, “How long will it take you to complete your awakening?”

“About half the time!” Chun replied.

“Still too slow.” Su Bai shook his head.

Since Chun needed more Beast-core, Su Bai had plenty of ways to get one.

After all, it was already easy for Su Bai to create a Gold-grade Beast-core weapon or product after mastering the alchemy technology of the dwarves.

Moreover, Su Bai could also make a Beast-core Cannon.

The dwarves did not need this kind of thing, but selling it to a human city would definitely cause a sensation!

Su Bai had already planned that.

With Chun’s request, Su Bai would start preparing to promote the Beast-core Cannon to the humans after attending the Alchemy Festival.

Just as Su Bai was thinking about that, there was a sudden movement in reality, which made him withdraw his consciousness.

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